Shippensburg Senior Portrait Photographer: Lille

An avid reader & animal lover with a quirky side, you won’t want to miss Lillie’s senior portraits!
How soft does this horse look?  This photo makes me want to reach out and touch him 🙂
Whoever said “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” never had a horse ;).
Lillie and her family contacted me looking for a senior portrait photographer who would capture her personality, interests and individuality while approaching the process with creativity.
I met Lillie at her family’s home for her senior portraits.  The long winding road that you see her walking on is the same one that her mom would sled down as a child!
I like this next image because it shows a more grown up side to Lillie.  It gives a nod to the fact that she will be starting college in the fall.
Our photo session was on a windy winter afternoon.  She wore a pink wool peacoat and a scarf that brought out the vibrant blue of her eyes.  The wind whipped her hair and brought color to her cheeks.
So from the more sophisticated side, here you get to see a totally different side to Lillie.  One that is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and “muck some stalls” haha!
Lillie is an animal-lover at her core and cares for the various animals that they keep on their property– they have a few horses, dogs, chickens and sheep…
I like this photograph because it really captures Lillie’s spirit– she is such an open person with bright eyes and a warm, joyful smile.
She is almost laughing in this photo and the sunlight is hitting her blue eyes perfectly.  We also worked with the wind so that it was blowing her hair at just the right angle.
One of Lillie’s favorite places is in her family’s library.  I love the orange walls and her mother’s artwork framed between the window and bookshelves.  It has so much character and really gives you a feel for the sort of joyful, loving environment that Lillie was raised in.
Whenever she tries to read, Milo and Otis hop up on her lap to join her!  I was beyond pleased to catch them in action!!!
Lillie is interested in all types of books and is Vice President of the local book club, “Fiction Addiction.”
She really enjoys reading post-apocalyptic books like The 5th Wave.
I like her thoughtful expression and the multiple faces reflected throughout the photograph of her reading below.  It makes me think of the different characters that she must be envisioning as she reads a dark tale about the end of the world as we know it.  😉
Speaking of multiple faces, while she has a serious side, she is also incredibly light-hearted.  This image shows her sending her “positive vibes” and allowing herself to totally let go and even show some sass ;).
The photo-booth inspired collage was fitting because she collects photos of her and her friends in photo booths together…
I want to end with a photo that gives you a glimpse of Lillie’s quiet confidence and thoughtful nature.
She is drinking from a teacup from Williamsburg, her family has many happy memories there.
Lillie, it was such a pleasure to meet you and see your family’s beautiful home and land!
Thanks for opening up and letting me capture so many different sides of your personality and show your interests and individuality.
I wish you all the very best at SU in the fall :).

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