Hershey Wedding Engagement Photographers: Catie & John at Troegs

Bring on the hops with this fun, relaxed engagement session at Troegs Brewing Company
Catie & John contacted me because they appreciated my creative eye and as John put it, saw my photos as “works of art” that capture the personalities and fun-side of people.
While they aren’t the biggest fans of getting their photos taken (even at during their recent trip to Iceland the photos were almost all scenery), they were open to seeing what I would be able to do to capture their relationship, make the experience enjoyable and hopefully make them look good, haha.  😉
Catie & John’s first date took place at a brewery and they liked the fun, casual environment at Troegs Brewing Company as well as the beer there, too– so it really was a perfect place to photograph their engagement session.
I like the simple, relaxed, comfortable feel of this black and white image.  You can sense how comfortable they are together and how they just fit.
We took the Brewery tour which was fun.  Here they are at the kegging line– while this photo looks very sweet you better believe their was a good deal of teasing and friendly banter going on as well, haha.  If you know them, this will probably not surprise you one bit!
John and Catie’s personalities really compliment each other.
John loves that Catie is intelligent, independent and funny (but not as funny as him, hehe).  Catie loves that John is smart, laid back and funny (though not as funny as her, hehe).  If you don’t know them, now you are starting to understand that banter I was encountering and attemping to capture throughout their engagement photography session :).
They are both self-aware enough to know when to go to the other and draw from their strength.  They focus on each others strengths and lean on each other.  It is quite a nice arrangement.
Troegs was kind enough to allow us to sit in their private tasting room for a bit among barrels of bourbon and whiskey.  I liked the personal, open, laid back  approach that they seemed to have as a independently owed and operated company– such a nice place to have in nearby Hershey, PA!
Catie & John shared that most of their deepest conversations happen over a beer, so this was certainly fitting.
I was drawn to this location because it offered us shelter from the wind and I really liked the way the colors from the lobby reflected, bounced and became more intense through the window.
By the end of the session they were really getting comfortable in front of the camera and I love the expression on Catie’s face here and their body language, too.
I used a macro lens here to capture the intimacy of this moment.
I was focused on a single strand of Catie’s hair blowing in the breeze.
I like a photo with some edge and am a huge fan of shadowy silhouettes.   I captured this image through some chain link which provided interesting texture, as the setting sun illuminated their beverages of choice.
I like how they are both smiling and enjoying thier time together too.
I’ll end with this photograph of Catie’s engagement ring hanging from the chain link.
I like the pattern and texture of it.  It is simple yet casual with a bit of pluck and spunk that seemed to fit these two so well. 😉
Catie & John– thanks for inviting me to spend an afternoon with you at Troegs and for showing me a glimpse into both of your lives.  I am eagerly anticipating your wedding day and have my fingers crossed that even though you don’t like photos of yourselves that you will love these.  🙂

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