Creative, unique family portrait photographers: Wallace Family

A PAINT FIGHT and other shenanigans with this creative, fun, family of three…  Yes Kandon is in this photo, too– he’s doing his impersonation of *Flash* ;).  I used a slow shutter speed to capture his movement!
Laura is an artist and graphic designer.  We met a few years ago when I was doing some commercial work for one of her clients.  She has been watching my work ever since and has fallen in love with my artistic, photographic style and the way I capture people’s unique personalities and relationships.
The Wallace Family is incredibly close.  They are quirky and fun, happy and comfortable and an absolute pleasure to photograph.  Here you can see Kandon in his non-flash state.  😉
AJ is an architectural draftsman.  He shared that the skyline of New York City blows his mind.  They visit the city often as a family and though their hearts are in their small town, their minds and creativity spark when visiting NYC.
As AJ holds his son’s hand, you can see his sleeve, which is an artistic rendering of some of AJ’s favorite aspects of the NYC skyline…
Laura had mentioned loving my use of silhouettes and other creative techniques, so when I saw this opportunity to capture the Wallace family against the cloudy sky, I jumped on it.
I like how this image also captures their spontaneity and outgoing personalities.  It also gives you an interesting perspective– sometimes it is nice to be small, exploring a big wide world.
Laura & AJ have been together for nearly 17 years.  They grew up together, were married and have brought their son into that strong bond that they share.
I like the way the wind swept up Laura’s hair in this image and how AJ has a huge smile on his face.  It is them in their natural state ;).
I like the soft feel of this next photo.  You can almost sense how loved Kandon feels just by looking at the image.
The entire Wallace family has a fun, quirky sense of humor and Kandon is no exception.  Here he is hamming it up in front of the camera, showing me some of his silliest faces.
I was inspired by the flannel curtains that I saw hanging in the window the the train station and the reflection of the parking lot and the downtown Greencastle PA skyline that I could see reflected in the window.
It brought out a little of the Wallace’s rock-and-roll edge.  Yes, it reminded me of 90’s grunge and smelled like Teen Spirit, haha (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you probably did not grow up in the 90’s).  ;).  I was super impressed by Kandon’s air guitar, you are incredible little dude!
So this was my very favorite part of the photo session– painting!!!
Here is a little sneek peek of how messy they will be getting…
Yes, what started out as a simple art project became an all out paint war!  Again I used a slow shutter speed to capture the intensity of Laura’s painting technique.
Haaa love this!!!!
High five– to the neck!!!  Laura was such an incredible sport, too.  She said that she brought blankets to protect the car and that the paint was washable, so she was game for whatever.
One of my favorite shots of the set, it tells so much about this creative, free-spirited, fun-loving family.  What deep (and colorful) roots you have!!!
Laura, AJ & Kandon– thanks so much for letting me into your world to see and capture your family life!  What you guys have is pretty incredible and I hope that my photos do it justice.  🙂

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