Ranked as one of the Top 100 Wedding Photographers of all time!!!!!!

I am absolutely thrilled to share that Fearless Photographers has listed me as one of the “top 100 wedding photographers of all time.”     I share this honor with fellow photographers from all over the world– Indonesia, London, South Africa, Singapore, Brazil and many others.
Awards are given by a rotating panel of judges from all over the world.  They look for innovative photographs that creatively tell a story.  They want to be stunned, amazed or feel like your images are redefining wedding photography.
The 12 Fearless awards that I currently posses have been awarded over the past 4 years.  The top 100 list consists of the photographers who have earned the most Fearless Awards throughout their lifetime.  They are absolutely amazing photographers and I am extremely honored and absolutely awe struck to have my name listed anywhere near theirs!
Here are my photographs that received Fearless awards during the previous round of judging along with the judges comments…
sunglasses1ladybug1cheerleading2Here are my 9 other award-winning images…
Kyrie & Andrew’s Stormy Lehigh Valley Wedding:  2013-3
Geri & Nick’s timeless Philadelphia Wedding:
Khoa & Tina’s elegant Harrisburg Wedding:
Kyrie & Andrew’s Stormy Lehigh Valley Wedding: 
Lori & Thomas’ fabulous New Jersey wedding:
Eileen & Kevin’s artful Hoboken wedding:
Max & Julia’s sophisticated beach Wedding:
Angela & Sean’s Harrisburg riverside Wedding:
Ashley & Jake’s turkey farm engagement in the Lehigh Valley:
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To see the current Top 100 Fearless Photographers of All Time visit here.  If you’d like to see more and even give little hearts to your personal favorites please visit my Fearless Profile here.

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