Kings Gap Mansion Wedding Engagement Photographers: Steph & Will

Nature-loving soccer players enjoy an afternoon outdoors with their adorable pups….
Stephanie and Will were first introduced to my work at Green Grove Gardens.  Steph said they were impressed by Rachel & Jason‘s photos, and loved the creative way that I share each couple’s unique story.
They wanted photos that were fun, candid and expressed their personalities and interests.   Soccer is what brought Will and Steph together, so I thought it was fitting to start with this photo– it’s fun, candid and acknowledges soccer playing a role in their relationship.
They are also balanced at either corner of the frame which gives a nod to their relationship.  Steph shared, “We work so well because we balance each other out. I am the organized, 15 minute early type of person and Will is the laid back, 15 minute late type of person. :)”
Will organized pick-up futsal in Frederick.  They got to know each other over her senior year in college as they’d play soccer together.  Once she graduated he kept calling her to play.  Eventually they started getting closer and were pretty much inseparable– best friends.  That is when they started dating…
I used a slow shutter speed to capture this next image.  It allowed the ball to be slightly out of focus and show movement, while Steph’s shoe laces are in sharp focus.
Steph said she knew they were meant to be when she went overseas to Sweden to play soccer.  It was a challenging time for her.  The time difference made communication difficult, but Will would wake up at 2:00am just to talk with her everyday, showing his support for her and her intense soccer schedule!
While I love taking personalized, candid images, I also enjoy taking more traditional portraits as well.  I like this photo in particular because of how happy Steph and Will look and I also really think it shows off their bright eyes and smiles as well as Steph’s bling, haha…
For those of you who want a closer look, here is a photograph of just the ring.  I like the way the band twists in an organic way.  It reminds me of young branches, so I put it out in nature among leaves that had similar width lines that were not intertwined.  I also liked the dark leaves because it really made the ring pop against the background.
I used a macro lens to photograph this image, so that I could get the diamond engagement ring in sharp focus as well as some of the intricate veining in the leaf while filling the frame with other leaves that I kept out of focus.
Steph shared about her experience seeing Will after returning home after her time in Sweden.  “I still remember seeing him standing there all cute in his white t-shirt at the airport when I came back to the states. From that moment on, I knew I had found ‘the one’.”
I love the intimacy of this next image– you can see that they appreciate being close, no longer separated by the Atlantic Ocean and 7,000 miles!  I also like to get creative and play with reflections…
Steph and Will live very active lifestyles.  In their spare time they enjoy hiking, biking and just about anything outdoors.
They didn’t have a specific location in mind for their engagement photos, but I knew about their love of nature and suggested Kings Gap Mansion as a location where they could enjoy the outdoors and easily bring their dogs, suggesting that they bring an soccer ball as well.  😉
Steph shared, “We just went with the flow and trusted your instincts/guidance. Our goal was just to hopefully not look awkward :)”  I was able to do so much with their relaxed attitudes and felt like they were so much fun to be around and far from awkward.  They look especially comfortable here:
When Steph and Will got their own place, they wanted to get a dog.  They found a super-sweet Yorkie-Poo (Mia).   Here she gives will a kiss on the cheek :).
I captured Mia’s tongue in focus while allowing Will and the rest of Mia to be soft.  I think it helps to convey the emotion of this sweet moment…
They wanted to find a friend for Mia and discovered one in, Elsie, a Mini Australian Shepherd.  Here Will and Steph walk Elsie and Mia.
I like the forest and mountain view in the background and the balance and symmetry in the shot, as well as the way the wind hit Steph’s hair at just the right moment.
Elsie is so loveable and craves attention.  At this moment I was laying in the grass, calling the dogs and their personalities really came out.
Mia is more reserved while Elsie is pulling, full-force towards me ready to tackle me with kisses, lol!  It is a little difficult to tell who is walking who, haha!  I totally wanted to get a dog after this shoot!
As Will and Steph sat on the porch and took in the view I tried to get a photo from behind them.  I used a wide frame in order to capture the view and the tree branch above them and had planned to silhouette the couple.
Will put his arm around Steph, it was really shaping up to be a perfect moment,  then the pups popped up their little heads, so I quick zoomed in and caught this photograph:
They leaned in towards each other and the dogs leaned back behind them.  I went back to my original vision and silhouetted the couple against the stunning view.
I like how the wind is gently blowing Steph’s hair and light is passing through the edges.
Steph and Will, thanks for trusting me fully with your engagement photos!  I hope they are as fun, candid and unique as you wanted and also capture your personalities and important aspects of your relationship.  Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think!  I am eagerly anticipating photographing your wedding day in Greencastle!

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