DC Wedding Photographers: Courtney & Brenden

Hello cherry blossoms!!!  A sweet, romantic, Spring walk in Washington DC’s tidal basin with newlyweds…
Courtney & Brenden reached out to me looking for wedding photographers in the Washington DC area whose photos were artistic and unique.  They wanted an eclectic mix of portraits, candids and architectural/landscape photos where they would be an element of the photos and not necessarily the main focus.
I opened this blog post with a photo that captured the Jefferson Memorial, tidal basin and cherry tree.  In this next image, Courtney & Brenden are admiring their wedding bands and framed in cherry blossom buds.  If you look in the background you can see the Washington Monument in the distance!
Here is a more traditional portrait of the happy couple.  I used the cherry buds and young leaves as my background as the light was passing through the branches beautifully illuminating the details.  I found the most flattering lighting and angle and used a shallow depth of field to focus attention on Courtney & Brenden.
Courtney & Brenden met in law school.  Courtney loves to cook and Brenden loves to eat, so obviously they hit it off from the start!
Courtney shared, “I told him I’d make him the best French toast he would ever taste. He didn’t believe me, so I did, and it was!  A week later he said he wanted to make something for me and swore he could make the best blueberry cream pie I’d ever tasted– and he did!”
She continued, “I met his family during the holidays (a dozen or so pies later, haha) and his aunt pulled me aside to say that she was very excited to meet the girl that caused him to call her late at night after not being in touch since the last holiday season to request the blueberry cream pie recipe!”
Courtney & Brenden mentioned liking my use of creative photography techniques, her love of water and Brenden’s gentlemanly, outside-of-the-box way of thinking.  I sort of brought all of that together in the next photograph.
As they walked along the Tidal Basin they came to a large mud puddle.  Brenden gently took Courtney’s hand and helped her to cross the area unscathed.   Courtney shared, “He is the sweetest and smartest man I’ve even met.  I love how he always finds a way to create his own path rather than following the norm!”
What you see at the top of the frame is their reflection, their true selves are upside-down at the bottom of the photograph…
I just love reflections and the sweet, romantic feel of this image.  I like the muted spring tones and the way they are framed by the cherry tree branch:
Brenden shared, “I love that Courtney is so patient and understanding with me.  I can be myself around her. ”
He explained that they have similar interests and enjoy just relaxing and being in each others’ company.
Courtney and Brenden are both introverts and knew they wanted a more intimate wedding.  They also wanted beautiful photos that would capture their love and life together and to be able to share those with their friends & family.  Meeting me for an after-session was a perfect fit for them!
I loved the romantic Spring color palette so much that I hesitated to post any black and white images, but this one looks so dramatic and striking in black and white that I couldn’t help myself.
I took some time to capture more traditional portraits of each of them.
Looking good, Brenden…
Courtney you are absolutely stunning…
I really like the blue sky and the composition in this next photograph.  The cherry tree is in the center of the frame, which helps to split the image into four parts: the couple, cherry blossoms, water, and Washington Monument.   You’ll probably notice that I snuck in a bit of reflection again, too…
Courtney is an animal-lover and was hoping to somehow capture an animal in their session– she was thinking maybe there would be a rabbit or squirrel or something that would cross our paths.
She was so tickled when this officer congratulated them on horseback!!!
I like their reaction here, also with the interesting shadows and soft branches…
I knew that Courtney wanted to incorporate the monuments and liked creative focusing techniques.  When Courtney and Brendan leaned in towards each other I focused on the Jefferson Memorial in the back ground and blurred them in the foreground.  I like how it fit so snugly between them…
I snapped a photo of them holding hands, focusing on Courtney’s sapphire engagement ring.  She said, “I have always loved sapphires, he did a great job on the ring.  It is perfect!”
best-dc-wedding-photographers-cherry-blossoms-tidal-basin-monuments-iconic-washington-creative-unique-fun-friendly-artistic-8We ended their photography session on a park bench in West Potomac Park.  I love the colors, framing and perspective.  There is something so classic and timeless about it.  
best-dc-wedding-photographers-cherry-blossoms-tidal-basin-monuments-iconic-washington-creative-unique-fun-friendly-artistic-18Courtney & Brenden it was such a pleasure to work with the two of you at your DC aftersession!  Your dedication and commitment to each other is beautiful– I wish you many years of love and happiness :).

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