Creative Senior Portrait Photographers: Ava running in the country

A competitive distance runner who is a country girl at heart…
Ava contacted me after seeing senior portraits that I had photographed of her friends who were upperclassmen.  She wanted photos that were unique, artistic and colorful.  Her mother added that she has followed me on facebook for quite some time and loves how each photo draws you in and helps you to understand a person’s unique personality.
Ava is quiet at first, but opens up when you get to know her.  She is confident, determined and hard working, but not one to draw attention to herself.  She is gracious and enjoys cheering others on.  I like this portrait of her because I feel that it shows her softness and her confidence: avafranklin1fav-102-1
Ava wanted to get a photo with her horse, Winston.  He is 27 years old, he can be cantankerous so she doesn’t ask him to do a whole lot anymore, but she loves him and has such a deep rooted history with him.  You can see their closeness here and almost feel the the texture of his worn coat…

Ava may seem delicate at first glance, but don’t be fooled, she is incredibly strong.  She grew up on her parents farm and has been known to move 100+  haybales (50+ pounds each) from wagon to barn in 2 and a half hours!  I like the mystery, drama and quiet, inner strength that is visible in this photo:
Here Ava sits on the bed of the wagon that she loads surrounded by bits of hay.  Again, I played with the idea of her quietness and strength…
Here I silhouetted Ava in the barn as she looks out towards her father’s Holstein cattle holding her hair in a ponytail, I like the natural feel of it… avafranklin1fav-106
Their farm in Newburg is nestled in Cumberland valley, you can see Blue Mountain in the background as Ava walks down her family’s lane…
The cows were drawn to Ava– they followed her and were so interested in what we were doing!
This farm has been owned by Ava’s father’s family since being built in 1880!
I like the way the wind is moving her hair in this photo.  You can see the barn and silo in the background as well as the soft sunlight:
The sun started to set behind the mountain, I like how it is reflecting in the water below…
Ava loves to run!  She started running cross country in seventh grade and has been top female runner in cross country and distance track throughout all four years of high school.  She runs a mile in 5 mins and 45 seconds– this girl is fast!  I used panning and a slow shutter to try and convey her speed:
She has finished as first female for Shippensburg in every race she has run for Shippensburg High School!!!
Ava has competed in many cross country and track invitationals.  Here are a few of the bibs  that she has worn over the past four years…
Ava feels fortunate to be raised in such a beautiful area of the country and to be blessed with a talent for running.  This is the land that she has trained on since the beginning and will continue to train on through out her time at Shippensburg University where she will be joining their division two cross country and track team.  She will be studying environmental biology & ecology there.
Ava, it was a pleasure to get to know you through your portrait session!  You are an inspiring runner and an amazing person.  I wish you all the best with your future endeavors and thank you so much for choosing Rhinehart Photography!

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