Central PA Wedding Engagement Photographers: Samantha & Chris

A vibrant sunset and romantic full moon greeted this happy couple during their sweet apple orchard engagement…
Samantha shared, “While searching for the perfect photographer, your photos stood out to me right away. I love the warmth that surrounds your photos and the ability to capture such pure and joyful moments with ease. For us, candid photos are our favorite. They show our love towards one another in the moment. The entire process was so simple and comfortable and we can’t thank you enough for that.”
Chris added, “It was quickly obvious to us that you have a passion for photography and view it as an artistic expression, not just taking pictures. I also liked that you seemed equally comfortable with traditional posed photographs as well as more candid, natural shots.  We will want a good mix of each, especially capturing the genuine love and natural emotion that is cause for our ceremony in the first place.”
I opened with a photo that captures that softness and natural emotion in artistic way– I focused on the apples and allowed Samantha & Chris a little privacy while also keeping that gorgeous full moon in the frame.  The next image focuses on Samantha’s beautiful engagement ring, while keeping with the organic, rustic apple orchard theme.  😉
Chris shared, “Samantha and I have been together for 6 years!  I have always loved her unaffected, earnest, happy-go-lucky nature.  She is one of the most cheerful people I have met, almost always bouncy and playful. As I got to know her more, I discovered she is also incredibly trustworthy, loving, and respectful. She encourages me to be my best self but also recognizes how to be content in life.”
Here is a more traditional portrait of the happy couple!  I positioned Chris and Samantha to find their best angles and also wanted to catch the golden light of early evening peeking through the leaves and show the apple trees subtly in the background…
Samantha shared about finding the perfect location, “We knew we wanted something outdoors that was simple so we would be able to showcase our love for one another without too much going on in the background. Beechwood Orchards was so picturesque that we knew instantly it was the perfect location! The rows and rows of apple trees was simply stunning, something I never saw before.”
She continued, “The location really reminds me of our love for one another, vast and breathtaking, yet simply beautiful. Picking out an outfit was simple, we wanted to dress as we normally do for a ‘date night.’ We wanted our engagement photos to showcase our true selves.”
We met at the perfect time to really capture sunset in its fullness– I love how it is creating orbs of light in my camera lens and if you look closely you can see Samantha and Chris framed in the apple tress…
Samantha shared, “I knew that Chris was ‘the one’ since the beginning!  I love how we are completely opposites but complement each other so well.”
She continued, “I appreciate so many things about Chris, but one is that he is the most trustworthy person I have ever met in my life. He always pushes me to do better even when I don’t think I can push myself.  Chris is always knows how to make me smile.”
I really let the sun into my lens for this photograph– it gives it a light, warm feeling that gives the photo a truly natural, organic feel– how cute are these two?
Save the date 😉
Another more traditional portrait– again I wanted to show the apples and pretty light in the background and find angles and positioning that really worked well for the couple…
Samantha shared, “Our engagement was so romantic! Chris started the night picking me up and taking me to a nice dinner. We had planned to go see Beauty and the Beast at The Fulton Theater in Lancaster. During the car ride he had a very specific play list of classic love songs that he kept changing the CD for. I knew something was up at that point!”
She went on, “We had a delicious dinner at The Greenfield Restaurant and then went to his apartment to hang out before the show. He then got down on one knee and popped the question! I was so shocked and excited!”
Samantha shared her thoughts leading up to the engagement session, “At first, we were slightly nervous, especially about our session being outdoors, especially with the weather being so unpredictable. As the session began my worries went away. It was such an amazing experience!”
She continued, “Beechwood Orchards in Biglerville Pennsylvania was stunning and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect!”  Earlier Samantha had shared about the balance in their relationship– I think the symmetry in this next photograph captures that balance in a visual way…
Samantha laughed, “Chris and I really bring the best out of each other. When you suggested Chris whisper something in my ear, I couldn’t help but laugh the entire time listening to the funny things he was whispering!”
Samantha had brought along a few items to use if we had the time– the save the date banner and this “&” sign.  As I watched the setting sun, I thought a silhouette was definitely in order.  I love the intense, vibrant colors, it literally looks like it is a moment from a movie!
Samantha shared, “The end of the day was my favorite, the sun was starting to set and the moon was so gorgeous and full in the background. This made the overall experience so much more special and will be a day we look back on and tell our future children about.”
Chris added, “The moon was incredible, and the perfect surprise to cap off the session!”  Here they made a heart around it with their hands, hehe.  Wow!  It was just unreal!
Samantha & Chris, it was such a pleasure working with the two of you in Beechwood Orchards and I’m really looking forward to your Hotel Hershey wedding next year!

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