SteelStacks Wedding Photographers: Chrissy & Sean

An arch of actual *fire*, the steel stacks that created the Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Buildling a happy couple whose friends and family tore up the dance floor… you won’t want to miss this vibrant, modern wedding at the ArtsQuest Center at the Bethlehem Steelstacks!
Chrissy shared, “We chose Rhinehart Photography for our wedding day because she is simply the best! Lisa, you made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. The wedding day photography timeline gave me so much confidence and went off without a hitch!  Your vision and creativity go unmatched!”
I’ve opened the set with two more creative photos the opening shot above was of the *fire arch* that welcomes guests to the ArtsQuest building in the incredible Steel Stacks of Bethlehem, PA.  Shooting at the Steel Stacks was a total creative playground for me!  There was this incredible, vibrant blown glass sculpture on the way up the winding staircase to the ballroom…
Let’s not jump too far ahead of ourselves though, the day started out at Chrissy’s parent’s home.  Here Chrissy holds her wedding gown as her god daughter comments on how pretty it is.
I love to play with reflections and caught this one in the grandfather clock in the corner.  I like it because for me it symbolizes the passage of time– a little girl, a bride— there is something so timeless and classic about it as well…
Chrissy’s wedding gown was absolutely stunning!  I have many camera lenses in my collection and used on that could really capture the detail of all of those tiny buttons and lighting that really allowed everything to sparkle.
I couldn’t help myself– a little more bling… I thought this was interesting, too because there would soon and forever be a wedding band next to that engagement ring!
I love to give my clients a wide variety of images, this one is very timeless, classic… wow Chrissy!!!
Chrissy’s hair and make-up was completed by Nicole Lynn of Nicole Lynn Weddings (a feel beautiful salon) in Allentown, PA.
Sean shared, “Chrissy was the absolute most gorgeous bride!  She is such an amazing woman – I am so lucky to have such a loving, caring & supportive wife!!”
Cheers!!!   I love capturing a unique perspective and loved the vibrant colors and bright light!  Who doesn’t love mimosas?
Stepping out of her childhood home on her wedding day…
Chrissy shared, “My bridesmaids are some of the most important people to me. My bridal party was a mix between my sisters, friends from college, my cousin and best friend from childhood, and also two of Sean’s cousins and my future sister in law! Everyone in the bridal party has been so supportive of Sean and I and such a huge part of our life!”
Chrissy continued, “I fell in love with the navy, orange and silver color scheme when choosing colors for our wedding. Blue is definitely both Sean and my favorite color so having navy blue for the bridesmaids’ dresses was perfect for us. I also wanted to have some fun and vibrant colors as well and orange was the perfect complement! I loved how our bouquets looked on the wedding day.”
All floral arrangements were provided by Ross Plants and Flowers in Orefield, Pennsylvania.
Chrissy explained, “My niece is also my god daughter and she was beyond excited to be wearing a white dress and sparkly heels.”
Now it was Sean’s turn in the spot light!
Chrissy shared, “Sean’s positive outlook on life and how kind-hearted and caring he is are some of the things that made me fall in love with him.”
Looking handsome, Sean!
The gang’s all here…
Everyone gathered at Saint Joseph the Worker Parish in Orefield, PA.
Sean escorted his parents to their pews– his mother gave him the hugest hug!
best-steelstacks-wedding-photographers-bethlehem-pa-steel-stacks-artsquest-arts-quest-lehigh-valley-creative-unique-vibrant-modern-18-1Chrissy shared, “St. Joe’s was the parish I grew up in, I attended grade school there, and it was the only church I wanted to get married in. It was important for both of us to be married in the church and St. Joe’s not only has a lot of meaning to me, but is absolutely beautiful as well!”
Chrissy continued, “Having both my mom and dad walk me down the aisle was so special for me. They are the most supportive and loving parents and they absolutely love Sean.”
Sean shared, “I was pretty nervous at the church, but once I took Chrissy’s hand those nerves went away.”   Sean, are those tears of joy that I see?
I have to agree with Chrissy that the Church is stunning!  It also had so many unique architectural elements that I could really get creative with!
They were so happy together, it was just adorable– here is more of that stunning stained glass as well!
Chrissy shared, “Our wedding day went by so fast but the part that sticks out the most to me was saying our vows. The meaning behind them are so important and I can’t wait to continue building our lives and our family together!!”
I have several more “standard” photos of the vows, but I love the vibrant color and classic rim-lit silhouettes here…best-steelstacks-wedding-photographers-bethlehem-pa-steel-stacks-artsquest-arts-quest-lehigh-valley-creative-unique-vibrant-modern-31-1
I love how the groomsmen watch solemnly…
best-steelstacks-wedding-photographers-bethlehem-pa-steel-stacks-artsquest-arts-quest-lehigh-valley-creative-unique-vibrant-modern-24-1Another image that stands out to me during the vows is this one where Sean playfully squints as Chrissy slides the ring on his finger…
The elevation of the Eucharist is a significant part of a Catholic Wedding Service and I wanted to capture it in a unique way.  Here I captured the color of the stained glass along with the reflections of wedding guests’ silhouettes as they watched…
I photographed the groomsmen kneeling with the Stations of the Cross and cross illuminated in the background.
Their first prayers as a married couple…
As Chrissy and Sean returned from delivering their roses to Mary, the passed in front of a stained glass window momentarily.  The light was coming through just right and I anticipated their angle…
Husband and wife!
Sean’s father gave him a handshake of congratulations– he looks so proud!  Again that beautiful sunlight is passing through the stained glass at just the right moment!
I love to give my couples a wide variety of photographs on their wedding day.  More candid moments like those I showed above during the ceremony and some more traditional photos as well.  Here is the bridal party posted at the front of the church…
We moved from St Joesph the Worker Catholic Church in Orefield PA to The SteelStacks on the ArtsQuest campus in Bethlehem, PA.
Daylight was fading fast so we started with a few more traditional portraits of the happy couple…
Sean shared, “From the moment I meant Chrissy I knew I found a special girl. Her sense of humor, family values & determination are some of the many reasons why I fell in love with her. ”
Chrissy shared, “I just love spending time with him, he’s my best friend. I never stop laughing and smiling when I’m with him.”
I loved the unique shaded-blue color of the bricks and photographed Sean twirling Chrissy from above…
As the sun set there were a few places that really glowed!
There was one spot in particular with an amber colored autumn tree lit by a flame colored streetlamp and tall, soft, golden grass!
Sean shared, “Chrissy is such an amazing person, I’m so lucky!  I look forward to growing our relationship and starting a family one day!”
As the sun set I could see what caused the dramatic color varieties I was noticing through the shoot– both the warm tones and the cool…
We knew the Steel Stacks was the right place for our reception the first time we saw the ArtsQuest center. It has a fun and unique atmosphere which was exactly what we were looking for.”
We moved inside and I was absolutely floored by the winding staircase!
I liked the Nautilus shape of the stair when viewed from above and the lines that lead down to the bride and groom as well as all of the color and interesting flare of light in the distance.
Chrissy shared, “Sean always puts me at ease.  I am happy with him by my side.  He truly is my best friend.”
Chrissy and Sean shared, “Our favorite part of the wedding day was spending time with our friends and family! We had a blast dancing the night away!”
I love how Chrissy and Sean stand out among their wedding guests and the sparkle of the disco ball and exposed ceiling and interesting architecture of ArtsQuest.
I totally loved the lighting a space– here is one of the speeches…
Sean’s family members surrounded he and his mother all holding photos of Sean from when he was a baby and little kid.  It was such a sweet gesture…
Here a wedding guest wipes a tear as she holds two photos of Sean and watches him dancing with his mother…
Chrissy explained, “Family is the most important thing to us so getting the group family shots were so important!!”  They gathered on the dance floor during dinner to capture a few different large family groups– I loved the lighting and background!
The ArtsQuest Center is an amazing and unique venue!  Guests packed the dance floor from the very start with the help of Fine Tune Entertainment who traveled all the way from Boston, Massachusetts to provide a mix of live music, DJ and stellar lighting…
Chrissy shared, “We were so excited to have Fine Tune Entertainment at our wedding– they have been at multiple other family weddings on Sean’s side and they are amazing. It was really important to us to make sure the dance floor stayed packed at the wedding and we knew they were the perfect people for the job!”
I loved working with the lights– they gave such a cool, party vibe!
I absolutely love this photograph of Chrissy & Sean!!!!
Chrissy shared, “We loved how creative you were and how you were always thinking about fun ideas for us.  You mentioned us taking a walk along the sidewalk together near Levitt Pavilion at the end of the evening.”
She continued, “When you showed us the back of the camera with the SteelStacks and Christmas tree, we were totally blown away!  We had so much fun working with you!  We always felt like we were in very capable hands and liked that we could be totally confident in you and trust your vision.”
Here is the photo that I showed them… yes, these colorfully illuminated structures are the actual Bethlehem Steel Stacks that produced the Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building and so much more!
Chrissy and Sean, thanks so much for hiring me to photograph your Lehigh Valley wedding!  I absolutely loved working with the two of you and your nearest and dearest, and totally appreciated you giving me your full trust and confidence.  I am so excited to hear what you and your friends and family think of these photos!!!

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