Moonstone Manor Photographers: Loren & Josh

A romantic storybook setting, vibrant fall foliage and a pup that can *smile*: you won’t want to miss this sweet Moonstone Manor wedding engagement….
Loren shared, “After reviewing many other photographer’s portfolios, we took one look at Lisa’s work and were hooked! We fell in love with the authenticity and uniqueness in her photos. After our first chat, we knew she would be the perfect person to capture our special day!”
She continued, “It was important for Josh and me to find someone who would capture photos in a timeless and classic way that we will still want to hang in our home 30 years from now. Most importantly, Lisa has been such a pleasure to work with – she was responsive, receptive to our ideas, and made us feel at ease from the moment we met!”
I knew that Loren and Josh wanted a very timeless, romantic look for their photos and suggested the beautiful Moonstone Manor in Elizabethtown for their engagement session.  We had so much fun exploring the property there!  I also used a combination of lenses and camera settings that would bring out that soft, airy feel…
Loren shared, “I fell for Josh from the start!  He really brings out the best in me and is always keeping me laughing! In fact, I knew he was a keeper when he cranked up the radio on the drive home from our second date and we sang Will Smith’s “Miami” at the top of our lungs. I think that we would say what we love most about each other is that we can be perfectly imperfect together!!!”
I wanted to capture their laughter along with the vibrant roses at Moonstone and a little of that beautiful architecture.  I love photos with layers of emotion and color…
Loren continued, “I never imagined I would find someone as special as Josh. He is humble, kind, and compassionate –  I admire his determination at work and his devotion at home.  I’m unbelievably lucky to call him mine!”
Loren shared, “As soon as I saw photographs of Moonstone Manor, I immediately fell in love and knew it would be the perfect fall setting for our engagement session. We felt like we were in a story book with all of the natural elements: the lush greenery, and freshly fallen leaves scattered around the Manor.”
I love to bring an interesting perspective and thought that shooting from above Loren & Josh and capturing those scattered leaves would be a fun and unique point of view…
Talking about leaves, they found one that was gigantic!  I wanted to play with a shallow depth of field for this photograph– privacy please 😉
Josh shared, “Loren is bubbly– her enthusiasm for life and compassionate nature became evident from our very first date and is what I treasure most about her.”
Josh continued, “She helps keep me to be grounded and brings out some of the best qualities in me. We have shared many journeys together including our move to Harrisburg and starting our lives together there.”
He went on, “It is so enjoyable to have Loren and Penny, a family to come home to, it quickly became the highlight of my day!”moonstone-manor-best-wedding-photographers-creative-harrisburg-elizabethtown-central-pa-7
Loren shared, “Penny is the light of our lives! She is gentle yet energetic, eager but affectionate, loyal and loving. I honestly can’t remember what life was like before having her!”
Penny!!!!  Is it just me or is this dog *smiling*?
Josh said, “Give mom a kiss” and Penny planted one smack dab on Loren’s lips, haaa!
Loren continued, “Josh’s mornings are early and his nights can be long, but he always makes time for Penny and I.  I think it’s so sweet that he says we are the best part about coming home.”
Loren explained, “Josh and I were actually introduced by mutual friends and set up on a blind date.  We texted back and forth a few times prior and settled on a date to meet.  I went shopping for a new outfit and even thought about what I’d say to him when we met!”
Loren continued, “Josh picked me up at my apartment and I remember almost every single detail once we arrived. The restaurant was small and cozy, lined with white tablecloths and fresh cut flowers were placed on the tables.”
She went on, “We placed our orders and I don’t think there was another moment of silence between us! We talked about life, family, friends, school, work, hobbies, you name it – jumping from one topic to another!”
She concluded, “We just talked and talked and talked some more until suddenly, I noticed the staff sweeping the floors and turning the chairs upside down on the tables!  I left that night knowing that this was it!”
I love stories like that!
Loren stated, “I’m so glad Lisa suggested Moonstone!  It was incredible outside, but when we walked through the door and our jaws dropped. The amazing architecture and unique collection of artifacts was absolutely breathtaking!”
I had so much to work with creatively at Moonstone, interesting lighting, cool architecture, mirrors, control of the light, I loved it!
Check out all of the interesting colors, textures, silhouettes and reflections here…
Loren you are gorgeous!  I love her expression here!
As the sun set, I pushed my camera and lenses to the max, really trying to capture all of the beautiful details and color in the low light of evening.  I had to stay super-still for this shot, haha!
Loren and Josh, it was such a pleasure to photograph you two (and Penny!).  Thank you so much for opening up and sharing your story with me and for trusting me to do “my thang.”
I’m super excited to hear what you guys think of these (feel free to comment below) and to see you both again at your Omni Bedford Springs wedding in the fall!!!

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