Huffington Posts’ ‘most romantic moments’ include 2 of my photos!!!

Nick & Maggie, Kyle and Kaylan– I have some pretty crazy news for you…
The Huffington Post considers one of your wedding moments to be one of the most “romantic wedding photos” because it captured “pure unadulterated love”!!!  Thanks so much for being your awesome selves and trusting me to capture such an important time in your lives!
Falling for you… 
It happened: Maggie fell in her wedding gown!!!
What might have been a nightmare to some couples was a moment that Nick and Maggie embraced with love, laughter and anti-bacterial wipes, haha! *AND* Huffington Post recognized it as one of the most “romantic wedding photos.
All that gym time paid off as Maggie completely saved her dress by catching herself in a perfect yoga plank. Unfortunately this bloodied and wounded her hands.  Nick helped her up and joked about her ‘officially being a Staver.’
We grabbed our first-aid kit from our car and passed it to Nick, who shared that Maggie’s resilience is something that really attracted him to her — that Maggie is joyful, strong and someone who is able to roll with the punches.carlisle-ribbon-mill-wedding-photographer-118-3
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Defying gravity…
This photo was inspired by this couple’s love for classic literature, specifically the Peter Pan quote that Kaylan chose to engrave in Kyle’s wedding band: ‘Come with me and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land.
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Thanks again to the editors of Huffington Post for following my work, it’s an honor!

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