York PA Wedding Phtographers: JDK tasting at The Bond

Tasty treats, sunning decor and friendly, upbeat staff– you won’t want to miss this JDK tasting event at The Bond in York…
I love working at The Bond in York, Pennsylvania It has such a unique, industrial vibe and gives me so much to work with creatively!  I am proud to be on their preferred vendor list and to have been working with them since the venue’s opening in 2015!  When the staff at JDK reached out to me about photographing the event for them, I hopped on board.
Colton Staver of JDK events shared, “We chose Rhinehart Photography to capture the day because she has such a strong presence at The Bond, and we know her work is outstanding! She is able to photograph beautiful decor, but more than that, she is somehow able to capture the experience and feeling that is taking place. She’s also so lovely to work with and as flexible as can be!”
In the above I wanted to capture the upbeat personalities of the friendly staff of Weddings by JDK who were checking in the many guests.  And in the photograph below I wanted to capture the unique industrial space of the Ballroom…
The Weddings By JDK Group Tasting Event at The Bond offered couples a unique experience on the property.  They invited wedding clients to taste the varied menu options available at The Bond while also seeing the space with a wide variety of decor options…
I really liked the mirrored vase of hydrangeas below and liked how the vase complimented the light, bright lines of the windows and the hydrangeas had a more airy, golden feel similar to the chandeliers at The Bond.
I really appreciated what Colton and his team did with this centerpiece as well, it has the clean, modern lines of the venue and again utilizes glass while also allowing a romantic flower arrangement to cascade out onto the table…
Here is a simple centerpiece with a vintage inspired look that brings in greenery and antique books…

This arrangement was on a small cocktail table and really hit the perfect note– again I love the play on modern and romantic for this space!  You might want to take a closer look at the linens here– just stunning.  Each table utilized different linens to show the variety of looks…
3 West productions began singing and the doors opened to the many guests…
There were so many tasty samples, which really gave couples an idea of the variety of options that JDK catering is able to offer, and gave them a chance to experience everything first hand!
Just looking at these is making me a little hungry…
I appreciate the attention to detail and visual artistry that does into a JDK event.  Everything photographs so well!
If this young woman looks familiar, it is probably because I recently posted her colorful, creative, cheery engagement photos on my blog.  She and her husband to be will be tying the knot at The Bond very soon!
David Everett and Jay Varga of JDK were both at the event personally and welcomed guests and shared a bit about the event…
The room was bustling with people taking it all in– tasting, drinking, chatting, selecting their menus and making note of the different decor that caught their eye.
Icing on the cake– The Weddings by JDK group also invited several of their favorite vendors, which included Jasmine Clouser of The Couture Cakery.  I love working with Jasmine and the wide variety of sweets that she offers her clients and the designs she creates are just awesome!
bond-york-pa-best-wedding-photographers-creative-unique-artistic-fun-modern-cerntral-pennsylvania-15Colton stated, “In your photos, we’re hoping to see a variety of representation of what we offer! Various Linens, Centerpieces, Décor Options. We hope to use these photos to help promote our upcoming tastings, and show clients how the day will progress!”
I hope that they do that and more– thanks for inviting me to be a part of all of this and I’ll see you and the rest of the JDK soon as wedding season is just kicking off ;).  These are just a few highlights I’ll be sending more soon!
Here is a vendor list of participants in the event:

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