Central PA Senior Portrait Photographers: Braden

I was lucky enough to spend an evening in the mountains photographing Braden doing a few of his favorite things– fishing, archery and witnessing a pretty spectacular sunset!!!
I thought I’d open with him climbing a tree, bow in hand as the sun begins to set…  this photo just has Braden written all over it:
Becky, Braden’s mother, shared, “My boys mean the world to me and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have you capture both of their senior pictures.  The experience of working with you has been most enjoyable and you’ve given me lasting treasures in these photographs that I will cherish forever.”
I had the pleasure of photographing Becky’s older son, Tyler before he joined the Marine Corps– out on the football field and going off-roading with his Jeep, now it was Braden’s turn…
Braden shared, “I chose to meet on my grandmother’s mountain ground, it is where we like to spend our free time.  A few of my favorite things are fishing and archery.”
He continued, “I’ve been ‘country’ my whole life, really.  But I started wearing boots and a hat after a family trip to Wyoming.”
While I love to capture lifestyle portraits in the moment, climbing a tree, tipping a hat, etc.,  I also make sure to provide my seniors with a good variety of photos, some more traditional like the one below.
Braden’s boots looked typical at the toes but up the leg were completely one of a kind!
He said, “I bought the boots because I’m patriotic and I got the dog tags on Paris Island at my brother’s boot camp graduation.  I’m very proud of him for everything he’s accomplished.”
To say Braden is humble is an understatement.  To bring “proud brother” dogtags along to his own portrait session gives you a glimpse of his character.
He is incredibly down to earth, honest and has a good sense of humor.  He is thoughtful, patient and has a good head on his shoulders :).
Braden said, “I really enjoy fishing.  It’s a way to get away and relax.”
He really liked the tree in this photograph…
He continued, “I fish a lot with my family and friends.  I mostly catch-and-release trout and bass.”
His mom and I loved his smile in this photograph…
A few of his lures against the worn wood of the bridge…
Braden explained, “My grandfather got me into hunting and fishing.  He’d bring me along when I was only six years old, so I started way back then.”
I enjoy getting creative with my photography and really like to play with reflections.
Not only is Braden wearing his lucky hat in the shot, but he also looks like he *is* camo…  it kind of messes with your head a little, no?
As the sun began to set we moved deeper into the woods..
Braden shared, “I started archery when I was maybe twelve years old.  I’ve been lucky, gotten a buck and two or three doe…”
I shared about Braden being humble, his mom thought it was a 6 point and he corrected her that it was only 5– who does that?  This guy: humble and kind.
I love how the sun looks in this photos, you can literally see the rays against the tree line.
I also really liked how both he and Tyler wanted photos in the same tree stand, but both shots looks incredibly different.  If you want to see for yourself, check out Ty’s blog here.
Following the session, Braden shared, “For being somebody who despises having my photos taken, I have to admit that this wasn’t too bad.  I actually enjoyed it.”
Either Braden was just being polite or that may have been one of the highest compliments I have received :).
Thanks for inviting me to the cabin and into your world.  I wish you all the best in college and with all of your future endeavors!

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