Creative Senior Portrait Photographers: Dillon

From golfing at Rocky Springs to hanging out on his family’s slate bank, no matter where Dillon is, he is comfortable in his own skin.  He also happens to be nearly a newly minted graduate of the class of 2018…
It has been such a pleasure to watch this family grow and to have the privilege of photographing each one of the *six* LaBonte family members over the years.
Dillon shared, “Meeting up at Rocky Springs for my senior portraits was perfect for me as I really like to spend time out on the course.”
I used a slow shutter speed to capture the movement of Dillon’s cart and like how it shows both his driven and laid back nature in this photograph…
Dillon continued, “I really enjoy golf.  I think it’s because it is a pretty laid back sport and allows you to be outdoors, spending time with friends.”
While Dillon has a quiet, serious side, he can also be a total goofball… the crocks and striped socks are so him ;).
While I love capturing personality and candid moments, I also make sure to capture a few more standard portraits as well.
Oh yeah–  this one totally reminds me of Ferris Buhler’s Day off 😉 chicka chickaaaa…
Back to more serious and timeless…
While we spent the majority of our time at the golf course, Dillon also wanted to incorporate more nature and his family’s property.  They have this huge slate bank and a winding stream that has been in the family since the civil war.  Dillon shared that it is another favorite place to hang out for him and his friends.
Dillon has depth and is interested in academics, too.  He shared that following graduation he will be studying engineering in college.
There is something about this photo that really suggests depth to me.  I think it has to do with the compression of the lens that I used for this shot as well as the layers of trees and water and just the rich quality of light playing on his face.
Dillon’s mother added, “Dillon has an adventurous spirit.  He is truly fearless.  We took a family trip to Alaska recently, and he decided he was going to touch a glacier.  We could see one off in the distance and not sooner did he see it, than he headed off to teach his goal.  Over the years his tenacity has resulted in a few broken bones…”
Dillon smiled, “It’s worth it.”  For me this photo captures his confidence and fearlessness– I’m excited to see where life takes you, Dillon!
To check out more photos of the Labonte family you can click on: their 2013 family portraits on their family farm– Dustin is an adorable, Emilyn’s senior portraits, Dustin’s senior portraits.  Marnie- thanks so much for choosing to have me photograph your family for the last five years!

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