Longwood Gardens Engagement Photographer: Janelle & Ramsey

Janelle & Ramsey experienced a total explosion or color at Longwood Gardens!!!
Janelle & Ramsey shared, “We chose Lisa to be our wedding photographer because we liked her romantic style–  she is definitely able to capture the emotion and love between her couples! From our first meeting, we knew her professionalism and experience would be the right fit to capture a classic, timeless look for our wedding.”
I like to get creative and play with different elements, in this case shadows…
Ramsey shared, “I knew pretty quickly that Janelle was the person who had been missing in my life.”
He continued, “Janelle is beautiful, kind, caring, patient, she quickly became my best friend!”
The sheer amount of color present was unbelievable– I like the symmetry here as well…
best-longwood-gardens-engagement-photographers-philly-philadelphia-colorful-vibrant-unique-creative-fun-9-1Playing around with reflections and perspective…
Janelle shared, “Growing up in Pennsylvania, I knew Longwood Gardens was a beautiful place, but it was extra special getting to experience it with Ramsey during our engagement photo session.  We had such a great time exploring the different areas of the Gardens.  Even though we were there for hours, we barely scratched the surface!”
Ramsey shared, “I had heard great things about Longwood Gardens but I was still absolutely blown away by the amazing grounds.”
Here Ramsey & Janelle enjoy the view from the Canopy Cathedral which is a stunning combination of a tree-house and church!
Janelle shared, “One of the things I love about Ramsey is the way that he’s constantly kept me on my toes throughout our relationship.  He’s so thoughtful and clever and often finds ways to surprise me.”
Seeing double 😉
Janelle went on, “He’s always got something up his sleeve to surprise me or make me laugh.  On our first date, he wore a suit.  He played it off like he was just coming from the office.  I later found out that he worked from home that day, haha!   One of my favorite qualities about Ramsey, though, is that he truly is very selfless and thoughtful.  He always goes out of his way to do so many different sweet things.”
I liked so many things about this scene– the drama, the color, the funky angles… the way you can see the sky above and a green path below.  For me, it fit the quirky, fun ways that Ramsey keeps Janelle on her toes ;).
Here I gave them a little privacy, focusing on the flowers  :).  best-longwood-gardens-engagement-photographers-philly-philadelphia-colorful-vibrant-unique-creative-fun-13-1
Janelle shared, “Ramsey and I have always enjoyed seeing  & exploring new places together and this was such a beautiful place to enjoy together.”
I am a huge fan of scenes and architecture and love to really capture a space from different perspectives… I wanted to show just how expansive and grand this fountain was– it almost looks like they are in miniature…
Speaking of fountains, there were so many water gardens on the grounds…
While I love to capture couples exploring places together and getting caught up in the moment, I make sure to capture a few more traditional shots as well.  In this image, I wanted to show the rainbow of color that was present at Longwood, but focus on the happy couple…
Janelle shared, “By the third date, I knew Ramsey & I were meant to be together.  There’s no one thing that happened that made me feel like he was the “one”, but I think I just felt it right away.  Of course, I didn’t tell him that, but I realized that he felt the same way as I did after a few months when we went to a Spring Festival event at a local winery.”
She continued, “The weather was not that great, it was raining, but we ended up having an amazing time.  We were dancing to the band — at the end of the night, Ramsey told them that they would one day be our wedding band.  Unfortunately, they were booked for our actual wedding day, but I don’t really think it was about the band anyway.  I think it was more about us just having a great time together, no matter what situations we may encounter together.”
I love to play with shadows and silhouettes and was drawn in by all of the bold lines and vibrant green color…
Janelle & Ramsey, it was such a pleasure to explore Longwood Gardens alongside of the two of you and I’m really looking forward to your upcoming wedding at the Glasbern Inn!

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