Creative Senior Portrait Photographers: Sophia’s Moonrise Kingdom

“What kind of a bird are… YOU?” “I’m a raven…” You won’t want to miss this colorful, creative, quirky, Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom” inspired photo session…
Sophia shared, “My mom and I agreed that you would be the perfect photographer to capture my senior portraits– you are so creative and great at showing people’s personalities and interests.  I love vintage things and to have fun and be creative, I knew you would be able to bring that out in my photos.”
She continued, “Moonrise Kingdom has been my favorite movie, for like forever, since it came out really.  It is another universe entirely.  I wanted to live in it for a few hours, as if I stepped into the movie.  You helped me to do that.  It was so much fun.  I was hoping to see my personality in the photos, and definitely do!”
I freaking loved working with Sophie!  She is such a creative, unique individual and completely and fully trusted me and my vision while also totally bringing her own vibrant personality, personal style, and favorite vintage pieces along to her session… in short, she gave me a ton to work with, creatively speaking.
“Jiminey Cricket, she flew the coop!” I love playing with my camera and used this slow shutter speed to capture Sophia’s movement through the woods with her swinging suitcase…
Sophia shared, “I went for a 1970’s vibe because I love the style so much.  I knew I wanted the outdoors and nature and I love the colors and just it ties in so well to the movie theme as well.”
Sophie delved deep, “From the end of first grade to 8th grade, I was cyber schooled because I have a panic disorder, so there are no school pictures of me from second to eighth grade, so my mom really wanted to surprise me with this by having this super amazing senior portrait session.  So yeah, that’s when she reached out to you.”
I love the Alice in Wonderland vibe of this shot, a little touch of Through the Looking Glass– reflections and light are my favorite…
She continued earnestly, “I have worked very hard to overcome my panic disorder– for years I couldn’t even go to school because it was just too much for me.  It took a lot of work, and time and effort to get myself to a place where I was able to attend school, to be able to be out with others. ”
I moved behind Sophia and climbed in a tree, lol, for this shot.  She looked like a mermaid to me, with her long flowing hair.
Her looking back at this rough dark, jagged past and having a smooth, rich, deep lagoon ahead of her.  It felt right to me, visually.  Like where she’s at in this very moment.
Sophia continued, open-heartedly, “Now I’ve started college and live in a dorm on campus and have a roommate.”
She stated, almost surprised with herself, “I’m doing so well!  It’s interesting because I went from not being able to leave my house to totally being able to be independent and able to handle being on campus with new situations and be surrounded by several thousand other students on campus!  It’s kind of unbelievable, such a good feeling!”
For this shot, I wanted something that was sunshiny yellow, bright, light, open.  I think you can really see Sophie’s heart in this one, she is such a beauty inside and out!
She brought her record player and collection.  She pulled out one of her favorite albums.
She shared, regarding it’s French title, “It’s funny, I’m studying history and French, in the movie they play a lot of French music.  Its a really good album.”
wes-anderson-senior-portrait-session-1I love intense color but thought this one looked so classic in black and white.
I used the rule of thirds here and love the trees’  intense reflection in the water… there is something so classic and timeless about it.
Lol, Moonrise Kingdom…
Suzy: “I always wished I was an orphan.  Most of my favorite characters are.  I think their lives are more special.”
Sam: “I love you, but don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Suzy: “I love you, too.”
The suitcase made me think of it.  It has to be one of my favorite images from this shoot– the golden light, the movement…
Suzy: “These are my books.  I like stories with magic powers in them.  This is my record player.  It works with batteries.”
Sophie’s albums…
Suzy: “I want to go on adventures, I think.  Not get stuck in one place.”
I like how she’s teetering on the edge here, as she moved closer to the water it rippled beneath her feet…
I had Sophie’s mom hold a leaf and used it as a skirt for this nature girl.
I showed her the image, Sophia looked at it and laughed, “That is so freaking cool.”
Sam: “Why do you always use binoculars?”
Suzy: “It helps me see things closer, even if they’re not very far away. I pretend it’s my magic power.”
I feel the same way about my camera :).
I had Sophia stand in the branches of the pine trees.  Her eyes sparkled in the light, pretty blonde tendrils framing her face, but the part that struck me most was how it was almost this mother-nature kind of vibe coming from her– like she was one with nature.
For a moment the branches almost looked like antlers, haha!  I thought I’d come across better in black and white… Can you see it?
She wrote her name in the sand as warm light danced on the rippling water…
She twirled a bit in the fading, golden light.
The light went from gold to orange.  That combination with the dark shadows and chunky heels of her shoes made me think of the holiday that is just around the corner… Halloween.  We didn’t talk about it, but I’d predict it’s one of Sophia’s favorites.
Suzy: “I think you’ve still got lightning in you.”
Loving the ripples…
Suzy’s dad (played by Bill Murry of course): “I hope the roof flies off, and I get sucked up into space.”
The moon was so large and intense that night.  It was too dark and far away to literally get Sophia in the shot, but I think it still fits her so well.
Sophia thank you for choosing me to capture you, and for showing your true self to me.  You are such an amazing young woman and it has been my honor and privilege.  I cannot wait to see what is in your future.  It will undoubtedly include adventures, true love, magic and certainly more viewings of Moonrise Kingdom ;).  You will keep surprising yourself daily.  I know it. 🙂

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