Linwood Estate and Allenberry Resort Wedding Photographers: Olivia & Eric

A vibrant, romantic, woodland wedding at two gorgeous locations…
Olivia shared, “Linwood Estate gave us a referral for Rhinehart Photography, and when I checked out Lisa’s work it was lovely.  She was friendly and professional and I am excited to see how she captured memories from our wedding day.”
I love vibrant color and couldn’t get over the stunning blue sky and the way it complemented the red gown of her maid of honor and her daughter…
Eric shared, “I fell in love with Olivia because she is positive, calm, level-headed and caring.  She is also absolutely stunning!”
Here she stands in the field, with forests and mountains in the distance.    I think this shows her sweet, calm, gentle demeanor.
Eric shared, “Watching Olivia walk towards me on our wedding day was an incredible experience, over the top, she was stunningly beautiful!”
Eric shared, “The ceremony was beautiful.  I’m so glad we were able to share it with everyone in attendance.”
They married at mid-day and I loved the high contrast light and vibrant colors that the intense sunshine brought.
Wedding guests threw lavender in celebration at the end of the wedding ceremony.
Olivia shared, “I grew up near Linwood Estate, as a small child, I remember riding in my school bus past the farm.  I love the fields, the mountains, and the country setting that frames the estate.  To me, it is home.”
I wanted the fields and mountains to frame them in this photograph– Olivia is radiant, just beaming…
Olivia shared, “I fell in love with Eric because he has a huge heart, he is very affectionate and makes me laugh.   I know that I can trust him to love and support our family.”
I love to play with different architectural elements in photos, here I wanted to shoot through the gates of Linwood Estate and capture the golden setting sun.
For me, this photo gives a feeling of safety and security…
Olivia shared, “I am most looking forward to having Eric as my life partner– someone to share, laugh and talk with.  I think we really work well together because we understand each other.  We don’t have to agree about everything, we are patient with each other.”
Eric shared, “I look forward to watching our bond grow stronger now that we are married.  I like to make Olivia feel loved.”
She looks like she feels loved!  I liked the vibrant greens and blues in this country scene and the way that Olivia looks so supported and happy.
While I love capturing moments, I also make sure to capture a few more traditional portraits as well.
I kept this one fun by playing with color and the wide angle lens.
Olivia shared, “I love my daughters so much.  They are my rocks.  Jordan (the blonde) was my ring bearer and a huge help on the day of the wedding.  My youngest, Bella Ryan (white dress with a red sash) was the flower girl.”
She continued, “Honestly if it wasn’t for them, I’m sure we would have just eloped, but they too are transitioning into a new life.  What better way to celebrate that then to have a beautiful wedding?”
Olivia shared, “My maid of honor coordinated the shoe game and had our daughters help in reading us questions.  It was sweet and fun– who is the messiest, who is the better cook… everyone laughed and had a good time.”
Chocolate covered strawberries, yum!!!
A toast…  I love to play with reflections…
We moved from Linwood Estate for the ceremony to Allenberry Resort for the reception.  The grounds of both locations are gorgeous.
I have to say that Jorden was so excited, helpful and organized throughout the day.  She set to work, helping wherever she could, even with the beautiful place settings.
Everyone had a blast and I could see what a fun-loving person Eric is.  I loved the vibrant artwork depicting the local counties and how the dresses popped…
And they lived happily ever after…
Olivia and Eric, thank you for reaching out to me to photograph your wedding day!  I wish you all the very best that life has to give!
Wedding Venue: Linwood Estate
Reception Venue: Allenberry Resort
Hair and Make-up: Beautiful Dream Team

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