Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographers: Joanna & Ethan

Turkeys, sunset, a rowboat, puppy and tractor… you won’t want to miss this romantic, fun, vibrant Lehigh Valley engagement…
Joanna explained, “Ethan and I wanted a photographer who would be able to capture our personalities well and also include an artistic approach. Lisa did just that and MORE! Romantic, serious, goofy, unique and colorful shots – she captured them all! I also loved how she was up for anything and had so many different ideas.”
Ethan added, “She understood our vision right away and made the both of us feel extremely comfortable. I don’t particularly love have my photo taken but she made it easy. Choosing Lisa was hands down the best decision! ”
I love giving my couples an eclectic mix of shots, and opened with an intense romantic sunset over their lake and will follow with this playful shot at the orchard… I love to use a variety of lenses, angles and techniques to capture different emotions during the session…
Joanna shared, “We realized when trying to decide the location for our engagement photos that we couldn’t choose just one or two that meant a lot to us. The both of us knew that we would look back on these photos for the rest of our lives and it’s nice to know that in the future our children will be able to look at them too! We had to include the lake at our house which is where we’ve shared so many important memories, at my family’s farm where we both work and at the location of one of our first dates.”
Joanna laughed, “When taking photos on the farm we definitely wanted to include turkeys in some of the shots because our lives pretty much revolve around them!”
I photographed Joanna’s brother on their family’s turkey farm, too and I have to say it was just as much fun the second time around being surrounded by thousands of turkeys!
Joanna shared, “Ethan was adamant about getting photos with the tractor he uses (which he nicknamed Cheryl) and I was all about it!!”
Those two climbed up on this giant wheel like the pros that they are 😉
Joanna continued, “I have to say though – The fact that my soon-to-be husband made the decision to join my family and work with us every day is truly a dream come true. Ethan also comes from a farming family background and is one of the hardest-working individuals you will ever meet! I give all the credit to his amazing parents for raising such an incredible man.”
Ethan shared, “The first location we wanted to capture was our home on the lake.  It is our first home, where we watch the sunrise together, and where we spend many Sundays hanging around on our floating dock with good friends and beer over the summers.”
I like to play with reflections and noticed the trees and blue sky reflecting in the water…
Joanna shared, “Ethan is one of the most loving and easy going people you will ever meet. He’s the type of person who could walk into a room not knowing anyone and end up leaving with a bunch of new friends. His loyalty, big heart and personality is extremely genuine. Ethan’s sense of humor is what keeps me going and his way of understanding brings me so much comfort. As cheesy as it sounds… With Ethan, I am home. I wouldn’t want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else. ”
Sunset over the lake…
Their pup:
Ethan shared, “I think that Joanna and I are alike in so many ways. She’s not only my fiancé but also my best friend.  We both agreed that it was important for our engagement photos to tell our story and we felt so lucky to be working with you because you totally understood our vision.”
Row row row your boat…
In the rear view…
A-Treat Soda, a total must!!!
Ethan shared, “I love Joanna’s smile, sense of humor and her nose is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. The second we met… it immediately felt natural. It just felt right. After only a week or so of dating it had already felt like I knew her my whole life and after 3 years it feels like I just fell in love with her yesterday. She has a way of making me happy by simply being herself and trust is a big part of what makes us work so well together. There’s no one else in this world that I love or trust more then Joanna.”
Joanna laughed, “About a couple days after we matched on Tinder… yes, Tinder…  Ethan asked me out on a date. I was SO nervous but had a gut feeling that there was something special about him. He insisted on taking me to a fancy restaurant but I said I was more in the mood for a beer. I can still remember the smile on his face when I said that. We ended up going to a local bar and it just so happened to be “Bring Your Own Instrument Night.”  It was so loud and we couldn’t hear anything, so we had to yell into each others’ ears the whole time!! Needless to say, we both realized then and there that it didn’t take much to please us and that we could have fun doing whatever – as long as we were together.”
I make sure to take a couple of traditional portraits along with the more creative ones…
Ethan shared,” I knew from day one that Joanna was going to end up being a big part of my life.  After a countless amount of amazing times we’ve spent together, I decided it was time to ask her to spend the rest of her life with me. With her dad’s blessing and her mom’s advice on helping me pick out the perfect ring; I was as so excited!”
He continued, “Joanna was asked to compete in the Lehigh Valley Dancing With The Stars so I knew she would never expect a proposal because of how distracted she was from preparing for the dance and her nerves!  I like to keep her on her toes”
I love how they can go from seriously posing (in the photo above) to being total goofballs in like 2 seconds flat:
Ethan adds, “I decided to ask her in front of all of our family, friends and hundreds of other people! I’ll never forget the look on her face when I walked out onto the stage to greet her after her performance or the how my heart was literally about to jump out of my chest!”
Ethan smiled, “I’m so thankful she said yes!”
Joanna added, “I’m so thankful he asked.”
Joanna smiled, “On our second date, Ethan took me out to a field on his friend’s farm to look at the stars. You could literally see every single star in the sky! We actually ended up falling asleep laying on the bed of his truck. I remember waking up and wanting to pinch myself thinking this was all a dream! Ethan really knows how to work his charm!”
Ethan laughed, “Haha!  I am a charmer!!”
I knew that these two love color and I really wanted to bring out the blue of the sky at twilight and still get all the gold of the field.  I worked a little magic for this last shot…
Joanna & Ethan, thank you so much for opening up and allowing me to capture your story!  I am so excited to photograph your Lehigh Valley wedding next fall!

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