International Photography Award for 2018!!!

I am so incredibly humbled and honored to receive an international photography award in 2018!!!
I am absolutely humbled to be included in the winners for 2018 Fearless Awards, along with photographers from France, India, Australia, Turkey, Belgium, China, England, Brazil, Morocco, Indonesia, Spain and many others!!!  I could not help but include a few thumbnails of their work next to mine as I look up to each of them and am so inspired by their beautiful photography!
My winning photograph is very simple.  An authentic moment that occurred as the bride’s family watched the limo pull into the driveway—things had just gotten real!
central-pa-wedding-photographer-creative-best-authentic-award-winning-1-2My image was awarded 16 points by a panel of 9 judges from all over the world!  I’m so grateful.  Someone pinch me! 😆
To see more of my Fearless Awards through the years (this marks number 14 for me, and has ranked me among the top 50 wedding photographers worldwide for 2014-2016!!!) click here.

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