Omni Bedford Springs Wedding Photographer: Jackie & Mark

Waterfalls, stunning architecture and a joyful, fun-loving couple: you won’t want to miss this vibrant, Omni Bedford Springs engagement…omni-bedford-springs-best-creative-wedding-photographers-pa-1
Jackie shared, “I spent literally hours looking through your website and all your blog posts and fell in love with your work.  I would keep showing Mark all the different pictures I liked and told him we need to hire Lisa Rhinehart!”
She continued, “After meeting with you, it just reinforced our decision.  You were so down to earth, you took the time to talk with us and get to know us.  It made it much more of a personal experience.”
Mark added, “You made us feel comfortable throughout the process and planned everything to ensure effective use of time.  You were even willing to get dirty, literally getting in the mud to capture that perfect shot.  You incorporated the scenery and natural beauty of the area and brought all of that into our photos.”
From the full scene in the shot above that incorporates the unique walking bridge on the property, a passing vehicle and the couple silhouetted at sunset, to this next shot which is their engagement ring in a tuft of moss, I love to give my couples a lot of variety and detail in their photos.
Jackie shared, “I love Mark’s ability to make me laugh, and not a day goes by where I’m not laughing about something when he’s around.”
Genuine laughter and a waterfall– it doesn’t get much better than this 😉
Mark shared, “The Omni at Bedford Springs offered just what we were both looking for.  I enjoy the great outdoors and Jackie likes the finer things in life, the Omni had both!  Beautiful grounds with hills and streams and waterfalls, then the architecture and history of the Resort itself.
I love those elements too and must say that I enjoy being on the grounds as a photographer and as a guest and have been there often for both reasons!  This shot is actually one I envisioned as a guest at the spa, haha.  Notice their reflection in the pool water below?
Jackie shared, “I love how incredibly caring and thoughtful Mark is.  He has a huge heart and is always there for anything I need.  He is often thinking of others, especially me.”
I love the light in this photo, and that the orb hits him right in the heart is pretty awesome.  I love the way he’s looking at her, and from the way she’s looking back at him– this is love:
Jackie went on, “He’s super laid back, never lets anything get to him, which balances me out as while I am mainly laid back, I definitely have an uptight side too!   Mark helps me to let go and have fun!”
I love the way her hair was caught up in the breeze as mark whispered in her hear here and she beamed:
Mark reminisced proudly, “I have introduced Jackie to my ‘living the dream’ lifestyle, and our last two vacations have been such a hoot!”
He continued, “On the first one,  she overcame her fear of heights and went parasailing in Turks and Caicos and on the 2nd, I was able to sneak a diamond ring into Mexico and propose on the rocks overlooking the water at sunset.”
He teased, “This is quite the contrast to our previous two vacations where Jackie had me walk a *million miles* between the scenic walking tour from one end of Chicago to the other (Soldier field didn’t look THAT far away from Navy Pier), and a down to the minute planned trip from one Disney park to another, haha!”
She smiled, “Its good.  We balance each other out.”  Talk about balance…
Mark opened up a little more, “What made me fall in love with Jackie is that she is like a fine wine that gets better every day.”
He continued, “She’s so easy to get along with, she can go with the flow, like me.  We really enjoy spending time together.”
A side note hear, but the gardens and porches at the Omni are stunning and I really had to bring them in…
Another pool shot, I may have been floating when I dreamed this one up, hehe:
Jackie shared, “We chose to incorporate baseball into our engagement shoot as Mark still plays and coaches baseball.”
She continued, “At the last minute I threw in his old college baseball shirt with his name and number into our luggage thinking maybe we could use this somehow in the shoot and that picture with it in turned out great!”
I love that it has the ring and his last name.  Also burgundy is one of their wedding colors so this really works well.  A nice save the date option…
Jackie and Mark’s package came with a long engagement session, so we really could explore the grounds and a few different concepts (indoors, outdoors, baseball, etc).
Jackie brought along this ball as well with a save the date in mind.  I think this may have been the time I got down in the mud that Mark shared about earlier, haha!
Jackie shared, “We dressed like we would on date night.  I wanted to both incorporate burgundy as it’s one of our wedding colors, and something that would also bring out the blue of Mark’s eyes as they are one of my favorite features of his.”
After working with them for a while, I knew the perfect lighting and angle to bring out their gorgeous eye colors…
Jackie reminisced, “Our first date was to an Eagles game.  I had never been to one before and this particular game got flexed to a Sunday night game.  It was in December and the weather was freezing cold!  We met at a midway point between our houses as we lived about an hour apart, and when I got in his car, he opened the door open for me!”
She went on, “I don’t remember ever going on a date where the guy held the car door open for me.  My mom told me the next day that he was definitely a keeper for this.  To this day he still opens the car door for me every time we go somewhere.  It’s really sweet.”
She continued, “We started off tailgating in the K lot with a couple of Mark’s friends. The Eagles did lose that game against the Cardinals, and it took me the whole ride back home to begin to get warm from sitting in the cold for 3+ hours, but it was a still a fantastic first date!”
She smiled, “Mark later confessed to me that he didn’t think there would be a 2nd date because he didn’t get a good night kiss.  Little did he know that that first date would lead to many more dates and ultimately forever!”
At the end of the engagement shoot, they concluded, “During the session we were so comfortable!  We were able to just be ourselves and enjoy it.  There were times that you showed us a photo on the back of your camera and we were like, what???  How did you do that?  We had so much fun!”
Jacqueline and Mark I hope that these photos capture the love that you have for each other, your interests and personalities.
I am very much looking forward to photographing your upcoming wedding in Wilmington’s Hotel Dupont!

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