Omni Bedford Springs Wedding Photographers: Kate & Joe

Classic romance with a pop of color you won’t want to miss this beautiful Omni Bedford Springs wedding…
Joe explained, “As we searched for wedding photographers, it became clear to us that the quality of Lisa’s photos were really the best.  During our engagement session we learned how to work together and she applied that experience to her coverage of our wedding day.  The engagement session was really a great added value for us and we are really looking forward to seeing the wedding photos.”
I learn so much during engagement sessions about the couple, their personalities, their connection, which light and angles look best on them.  This is why I include an engagement session in most of my packages.  One thing I noticed was how much Kate and Joe appreciate a traditional portrait.  I am *obsessed* with this bridal portrait of the Kate– you are absolutely stunning!
Kate shared, “We wanted a classic look to our wedding. I wanted something very simple and elegant. I chose the black, white and red for our colors so that we would have  some traditional colors with bright pops of red. This is also why we chose to use red roses for pops of color just because they’re so classic.”
Kate shared, “It was a tangled web that brought my bridesmaids and I all together– from college to camp to a forensics tournament, somehow we all found each other.  We are a bit spread out right now (DC, Nashville, Pennsylvania) so it was a real treat to have them all at my side for my wedding day.”
Kate shared, “They were absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t have done this without them–  they kept me calm and were there at every turn to help.”
She laughed, “Right before the wedding ceremony, I noticed that a part of my bodice had come undone and there was a stain on my dress. We had four minutes until we had to be out for the ceremony. Grace and Sam got out the sewing kit and used their expertise to fix my dress. I asked them if it could be done in four minutes and Grace replied with confidence, “I only need two.” Allison ran to the room to get chalk to cover up the stain. It was  team effort. They were the best.”
In short, these ladies are bosses 🙂
Kate shared about her classic style, “I was going for the “Kate Middleton” look with my dress. Sleeves were not optional.  The cathedral veil and really completed the look.”
Joe shared, “I had to choose my twin brother, Alex, as my best man.  He did an amazing job with his toast and was a great help throughout the weekend! ”
Kate shared, “There are so many qualities that I love about Joe.  He is incredibly smart. He  is funny, charismatic and honest. He is someone that has always been there for me and I know will always be there for me.  I am so happy to call him my husband.”
Kate explained, “We wanted  a classic feel to our wedding so the beauty, decor and style of Bedford Springs was a perfect complement to that vision.  Even though it rained our entire wedding day, there were many beautiful locations to shoot photos all around us without needing to go outside.”
Kate shared, “When I say Joe has been there for me, I mean that in the deepest sense of the phrase.  The day before Thanksgiving in 2014 I shattered my left ankle in multiple places and dislocated it.  Joe was there for me every step of the way in my recovery. He came to every single physical therapy appointment and doctor’s appointment. He supported me at every turn and always believed in me.”
She continued, “When I couldn’t walk for months, he was there to encourage me and make me laugh when the best thing I could do was move my ankle up and down. When someone does something like that for you, it isn’t forgotten. Although that was a big thing that happened, he shows the same kind of love and support towards me every day of my life.”
Wow, what a beautiful story!  I love the leading lines in this image, they start at the bottom of the frame and climb up– it seems symbolic and fitting for this inspirational story and couple and their journey together.
Joe shared, “Simply put, Kate is the most incredible women I’ve ever met. She’s helped me become a better version of myself, I could never have become the man I am today without her by my side.”
Kate shared, “Joe and I balance each other out well. He is always an optimist, enthusiastic and positive. I know I can to be negative at times, but we both pull each other to the middle ground which is a good place to be.”
I wanted to capture the balance and symmetry in their relationship.  I also love to play with stunning architecture (thank you Omni Bedford Springs) and tilt shift.
Kate smiled, “I am an only child, but I sometimes think I have a sibling because my dad is so attached to Jack. He is a very important member of the family. Although he is ten years old now, coming to our wedding was his first overnight stay away from my parent’s house. I think he had a deep seeded animal intuition that he was at an important event. He was absolutely perfect the entire time we were there.”
The royal wedding party 🙂
Kate explained, “Along with the classic red roses, I also wanted to incorporate pops of red in my own look, like with my red lips and nail polish.”
I really liked the intensity of the red-black-white color combination.
We capture all of the bridal party and family portraits before the ceremony so that Kate and Joe would be able to relax and enjoy cocktail hour with their wedding guests.
Here is a classic portrait of Kate and Joe with Kate’s parents.
The strings began to play romantic classics, such as “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles.  It was a nice touch that really set the tone.
Joe was literally overcome with emotion watching his beautiful bride:
Joe’s vows were perfect.  He shared, “Kate is the smart, motivated, challenging titan of a woman that I always wanted as partner. She’s the fun, funny, goofy woman that I always wanted as a friend. And she’s the sweet, honest, unconditionally loving woman that I always wanted as a wife.”
They felt so personal and intimate and I wanted to capture that. I came close and used a macro lens that would capture Joe’s trembling hands and the gold letters illuminated on this book of vows.  I angled myself so that I would capture the pop of red roses in the background.
Kate’s vows were just as personal, authentic, and loving.  I love this moment when Kate clutched her heart and gathered her composure as she read them.  If you look closely you can see her maid of honor in the background looking very proud.
Joe watched, awestruck, proud and deeply in love as his best man watched on.
The wedding guests seemed to hang on their every word, tearing up, laughing out loud, their words were so beautiful!
High fives all around for the new Mr. & Mrs….
Kate shared, “I’m really decisive. I knew certain things about the wedding right from the get-go. I knew our venue would be Bedford Springs, the time of year etc.  I think I had pretty much all of our vendors booked within a week or two of the engagement. When it came to more intricate design choices for the wedding though Joe was often much better. He is more creative than I am and was really able to lead in that arena. He picked a perfect design for the menus, programs, etc. that really matched Bedford Springs and tied everything together beautifully.” – Kate
The wedding reception was decorated with classic white roses and hydrangeas…
Joe welcomed everyone with a heartfelt speech.
Kate spoke as well.  Here I wanted to bring the wedding cake into the shot as well, but keep the focus on Kate’s strong, kind expression.
The first dance:
Kate shared, “My maid of honor, Sam and I, went on a backpacking tour of Scotland in 2012 when I was studying in London. We drank an enormous amount of water from a waterfall on the Isle of Skye which was supposed to promise love for many years. Sam incorporated this into her speech. I guess it paid off because I met Joe the same year.”
omni-bedford-springs-best-wedding-photographers-bedford-creative-unique-31Glow Sticks!  Getting creative on the dance floor:
Put your hands up!!!
“Reflecting” on a wonderful evening, Kate and Joe allowed me to snap one last photo at the end of the evening and I’m thrilled with the way it turned out.  The golden light, Kate’s flowing dress, the sweet reflection.
Kate and Joe, thanks so much for inviting me to capture your wedding day!  I hope these are just the sort of high quality images that you were looking for!
Wedding Vendors (these are Kate’s sweet notes):

  • Hair – Kim Hughes  has been doing my hair for eight years. I couldn’t possibly have had anyone else do my hair for my wedding day. She is amazing. She even styles Joe’s hair and my mom’s hair now too.
  • Make Up – Claire Wesolosky for make-up and hair. She did a fantastic job doing my make up. She also did make up and hair for some of the bridesmaids.
  • Flowers – Peterman’s Florist
  • Bride’s Attire- Sorelle Bridal
  • Groom’s attire- Larrimour’s
  • Entertainment- Top Dog Productions Dustin has been a friend of Joe’s for a long time. He did such a good job to make the evening really personalized for us.

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