Liberty Mountain Wedding Photographers: Amber & Josh

Part of your world ūüėČ you won’t want to miss Amber & Josh’s vibrant, dramatic, Disney¬†inspired wedding…
Josh shared, “We loved working with Lisa and her assistant photographer on our wedding day! They were attentive, diligent and creative.”
Amber added, “From the first time that I met Lisa, I knew that she shared my vision for our special day.¬† I wanted someone who was artistic and could capture photos that were creative and abstract, we really were looking for something unique.”
Josh added, “We can’t wait to see Lisa work her magic with our wedding photos!”
Aw thanks, guys!  It was a pleasure to capture all the vibrant colors and moments from your wedding day!
Amber explained, “I have always wanted a fairy tale wedding.¬† While I didn’t set out to have my wedding be Disney inspired, growing up, two of my¬†favorite¬†fairy tales were Sleeping Beauty and the Little Mermaid and we had little nods to each throughout the wedding.”
Josh added, “Purple and teal were our colors because Amber’s favorite color is purple and she also loves various shades of blue.”
I incorporated the colors throughout in my work too, these colors and textures gave me that “under the sea” feel and fit so well.¬† This was all captured in camera using glasses and curtains that I found that seemed to support her vision well.
Amber you are beautiful!
“We fell in love with Liberty Mountain Resort from the first time that we saw it,” Josh stated.
Amber added,¬†“From the spectacular mountain views to the state of the art facilities specifically designed for weddings, we knew that¬†it was the right choice for us and our guests. Josh and I¬† knew that the layout of the Overlook Room would be perfect the perfect view for our guests to enjoy the fireworks display.”
The intense blue of the sky and green of the grass seemed to perfectly compliment her aesthetic, too.
Amber explained, “We bought in season, local flowers. A year before the wedding, Stephanie from Plasterer’s assisted me with handpicking all of the floral arrangements. That way, I could see what was in season at the same time my wedding would be the following year.”
Josh reminisced, “Amber and I met about six years ago in Vermont.¬† Amber had moved to Vermont to attend law school. We were at this block party with friends, and I saw a beautiful woman across the bonfire from me.¬† She was stunning, I couldn‚Äôt help but smile at her.‚ÄĚ
While I photographed Amber and the ladies my assistant photographer, Kris photographed the gentlemen.
Cheers!¬† The perspective light and color in this photo are pretty spectacular…
Amber shared, “Music has always been very important to me, which is why we went with a live band and a string quartet.¬† The Hanover String Quartet made our ceremony and cocktail hour absolutely magical.”
She went on, “As a child, I loved singing “Part of your World” from the Little Mermaid and knew that this had to be the song that I came down the aisle to.¬† ¬†The recessional song was the Sleeping Beauty waltz titled “Once Upon a Dream.”
Amber smiled, “As soon as I heard “Part of Your World, ” I started crying and subsequently cried through almost the entire ceremony.”
“I was just so overcome with joy,” she added.
Josh grinned, “I couldn’t wait to see her! I literally stood on my tip toes as she and her father walked behind the guests.”
He went on, “When I finally did, I was overwhelmed with how beautiful she looked in her wedding gown.¬† It was hands-down my favorite part of the wedding day.”
Amber’s mother wipes a tear from her eye as Amber’s father reaches to shake Josh’s hand with a smile.¬† I like how you can see some of the guests’ reactions as well.
Here is a more direct shot of the interactions of the father of the bride and groom… I wanted to bring in the vibrant blue skies and trees in the background, too.
I really let the sky take center stage in this next shot, capturing the whole dramatic scene on the balcony.
Amber explained, “Josh looked so handsome in his tuxedo and he couldn’t stop grinning ear to ear which made me smile, too,” Amber exclaimed.
Her parent’s reactions were the sweetest!
Aw more happy tears…
Husband and wife…
When we first met, Amber shared, “We were blown away by your portraits.¬† They felt much more interesting and alive to me.¬† Everyone wasn’t in a straight line, but posed differently and it had this classic modern feel.”
Here is one for you, lady:
I love to play with shadows and silhouettes and in this case silhouetted them against the blue sky.
Josh explained, “Amber and I are exact opposites. Amber is serious and extremely driven, whereas I am more calm and laid back I make sure to get Amber laughing and smiling as much as possible.¬† Life is too short to be so serious.”
Amber shared, “Josh is kind, loyal, and outgoing. He is friends with nearly everyone he meets and is such a joy to be around.¬† I appreciate this and so many other things about him.”
“I really started to fall for Josh when we went hiking for the first time.¬†¬†Once we climbed to the top of the hill, we sat down and watched the magnificent Vermont countryside below.”
This scenic outdoor setting seems similarly romantic, I really liked the dramatic colors and the reflection in the water, too.
Amber laughed, ‚ÄúIt’s funny to think that it all started at a bonfire.¬† When I saw him grinning from ear to ear, and didn‚Äôt really know what to think.¬† It struck me as odd at first, haha, (like who is this weirdo?) but then we started talking and I actually really liked him.”
Amber continued, “It’s funny, the hiking date was really in the middle of nowhere.¬† We had only went on a few dates at this point, even though I really liked him, I brought my pepper spray just in case. We now laugh about this!”
I love the light in this shot!¬† This was during “golden hour” they timed their ceremony to hit that right at the sweet spot…
Amber stated, “My father’s speech incorporated all of the Disney princesses, so it sort of fit with the unintended theme. It was very cute and heartfelt. It was also wonderful when he stated all of the different places in the US and Canada that our guests had traveled from to be present on our wedding day.”
I love to play with environmental elements in¬†the¬†foreground.¬† In this case, bubbles in the champagne and wine glasses are framing Amber’s father.
I went back to my “under the sea vibe” using the up-lighting and other elements in the room.
Amber commented, “I started crying all over again during my sister’s speech. Her words were just so touching.”
Here is Amber’s reaction when her sister says she believes Amber and Josh are soul mates…
By the best man’s speech I really had my technique perfected ūüėČ
Amber smiled, “My wedding gown was Alfred Angelo’s Ariel dress from their Disney line. The ruffles reminded me of ocean waves, and I absolutely fell in love with it! With its one strap, corset top, and several layers, I knew that this dress matched my personality. The dress, like me, is dramatic, complicated, and not for the faint of heart.”
Here she gives it a twirl on the dance floor during her first dance with Josh…
“Dancing with our parents was wonderful. It gave us a moment to reflect on how our parents shaped the individuals that we have become,” Josh stated.
Josh explained, “The Ethan Larsh Band was fantastic! We really wanted a live band that was high energy and talented. We were not disappointed!”
He elaborated, “We had the band play mostly classic rock songs because that is one genre that both Amber and I like.”
Amber added, “These guys were incredible! All of my guests have raved about the band’s musical abilities and high energy!”
Talk about high energy, haha…
Incorporating the lighted tree into the dance floor scene…¬† with the three women in turquoise on the floor, one of them with her skirt flowing in mid-twirl, it just worked for me.
They were excellent and really had the whole crowd going… it almost felt like a concert!
I love working with live bands!
Josh smiled, “Amber is an amazing woman and I’m lucky to have her in my life.¬† She makes me want to be a better man.”
Amber stated, “We both love fireworks (especially Josh) and knew that our guests would love them too!¬†¬†My favorite part of our wedding day was watching the fireworks, which for me, exemplified our passion, love, and dramatic flair. It was wonderful to feel the energy from our guests as they shared this special moment with us.”
Josh shared, “Crazy to think that a bonfire started it all!¬† When I saw Amber there, I knew that I had to get to know her.¬† I found out that Amber is an incredible person– kind, loyal, and faithful.¬†¬†I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her.”
Ending at the bonfire seemed like the perfect fairy tale ending for these two!
If you’d like to see more of Amber and Josh, check out their engagement session, here.¬† Amber and Josh– thank you so much for entrusting me to capture these special moments for you and your family.¬† I feel incredibly lucky to have been chosen to be a part of your day.¬† ūüôā
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