Caboose Farm Wedding Photographers: Garrett & Alex

He comes home from work to see that she’s adopted a puppy!  You won’t want to miss this colorful autumn day for this adventurous couple, their jeep and pup at the beautiful Caboose Farm…
Alex shared, “We chose you as a photographer after seeing my cousin’s wedding pictures.  We both loved how you were able to capture moments and emotion and were especially impressed with your ability to take such beautiful photos in the rain!   So many people are worried about it raining on their wedding day, but you made the best of it and captured a magical moment!”
She added, “Layla is a huge part of our lives, if we do something there’s a really good chance she is with us and I’m glad you were up for having us bring her, even if she didn’t cooperate for the camera.”
Aw thank you!  I remember that rain photo, and yes absolutely, I work with whatever!  As a young dog, Layla was constantly on-the-go, but I did grab a few sweet shots with her throughout our time at Caboose Farms, which I’m so excited for you to see.  In this one, it seriously looks like she’s smiling, haha!
Garrett added, “I’d say Lisa’s biggest strength as a photographer is her dedication to get a perfect picture.  She walks through mud and literally climbs trees to grab the shot…”
Alex laughed, “At one point she literally laid down on the dirt with sticks and leaves and I’m pretty sure I accidentally stepped on a stick that poked her in the face… now that’s dedication!”
Haaaa here is the “poked with a stick picture,” I’d do it all over again– check out the yellow birch leaves and white birch trunk, plus a super playful perspective, love it!
Garrett explained, “What I liked about Caboose Farms is it felt like we just belonged there.  It reminded me of our favorite places, the mountains, the cabin, the lake…”
Alex added, “We both love exploring and going on new adventures.  We love being outdoors whether it be hiking, fishing, going to the lake, camping.”
I love to show off a beautiful setting, here you can see the barn and get a peek at the 200-acre space.  Look closely and you can see Alex, Garrett & Layla:
Garrett smiled, “The jeep was my first  ‘adult’ purchase of my life and has taken us to so many new places already. I really liked that you wanted to incorperate it into our engagement photos!”
He went on, “Fall is my favorite time of the year– football, hunting, colder weather and the changing of the leaves, it definitely puts a smile on my face… then add Alex and my jeep, perfect.”
Alex shared, “One of the first things I noticed about Garrett was his personality.  He’s kind of reserved at first, but once he opens up he is absolutely hilarious.  His laugh instantly makes me start laughing, sometimes even more than whatever I thought was originally funny.  The more we hung out, it was clear that we had so much in common.”
She continued, “We have the same goals in life, we appreciate the same values.  When Garrett proposed he said to me “You’ve been there through the best parts of my life and the worst, and you’ve never left.  I want to do the same for you for the rest of our lives.” We really stick by each other no matter what.”
I wanted to layer a few different things in this photo, the fall leaves, Alex’s ring and the way they hold hands.  I may have been on the ground for this one, too, haha!
Alex shared, “What I love most about Garrett is that he will do absolutely anything for the people he loves.  He’s so forgiving and protective.  I’ve pushed his buttons in every way possible and no matter what, he is always by my side and loves me unconditionally.  I’ve never felt more secure with anyone in my life.  I think that’s what makes us work so well together.”
I love how secure Alex looks in this photo and how happy they both are.  The sun was getting lower in the sky and I let some of the golden glow into my lens, I think it really captures the feeling well!
Alex smiled, “Garrett LOVES his jeep.  It really adds to our adventures and travel life.  We went to the beach last summer and we got to drive around with the top off along the ocean- it was absolutely beautiful and made our trip even more memorable.”
She added, “It’s a stick shift, I’ve been begging him to teach me how to drive it, but I think he’s afraid I’ll never give it back, haha!”
I love to play with different elements, reflections are one of my favorites– here I caught them giggling in the driver-side mirror of the Jeep:
Alex and Garrett hit that autumn window right on the nose! Lots of couples try to plan for that day, and I can definitely stretch out “fall” for a long time, using lighting and angles to my advantage, but this day was I think the most fall of the year, especially for Maryland.
Here I placed their ring on a vibrant yellow-orange-red maple leaf against an old tree.  I love how the ring pops against the red and the contrast of the clean bright lines with the rich texture and vibrant colors of nature!
Alex shared, “On one of our beach trips, we went kayaking in the ocean.  I was scared because I kept thinking of everything that could go wrong (the kayak could flip, we could see a water snake, a shark could eat us, hahaha) but Garrett encouraged me to do it.  Not only that, but he stayed by my side and kept us close to the land until I was comfortable.”
She continued, “We saw so many fish and wildlife in their natural habitat and things that you’d never get to see from the shore.  We saw stingrays and crabs so clearly under the water.  It was one of the most thrilling experiences I’ve ever had.  Garrett really pushes me to be a better person and to enjoy life.  He encourages me to do things that scare me, and he stays by my side until I’m comfortable, which makes life so much more exciting.”
Garrett shared, “Our dog is our world, she’s pretty much our child.”
Alex explained, “When we first moved to Kansas, I didn’t know anyone and was pretty sad about it, then I saw there was a pet adoption event at the local shelter.  I went “just to look” and saw Layla cuddling up with one of her siblings napping.  When I went over to see them, she woke up, got up and put her little paw up on the glass at me.  We went to the playroom, and instead of running around she came right up, sat on my lap and licked my face.  I really think she chose me.”
She continued,  “Then we went home and Garrett walked through the door after work to find out we had a puppy!  You could see his heart-melting the second he saw Layla.  It’s funny, because now she can do no wrong in his eyes.  She really is a daddy’s girl.  Seeing how he is with her really makes me excited to have kids one day… I know he’s going to be a great dad.”
Garrett gave an overview, “So Alex moved to Kansas on a Monday, then when I came home from work on Friday I found out we adopted a puppy!!  As soon as I walked in the door I felt like we really started a life together with our new little family.”
Ummm how cute is Layla?  Very hard to say no to this adorable ball of energy:
Garrett: “For a while, I’d joke with her about not being able to leave her unsupervised for fear of her adopting some sort of animal.  But I honestly couldn’t be happier.”
Garrett laughed a little,  “So early on in our relationship, Alex came to visit me at college.  She decided to make a ‘high-class dinner’ for me and impress me with her cooking skills.  She spent about $50 on all this seafood to make me a ‘hibachi’ meal.  During the whole time, I’m laughing and joking with her saying we can just order Chinese for less than half of this.  She keeps saying she can do it and has confidence, which I liked…”
He continued, laughing, “So later on in the evening she’s trying to figure out how to cook these scallops, shrimp, and other items she got.  Well, she finally finishes up and brings me a plate.  I was super excited because I was hungry and it smelled delicious.  I try some and instantly I did not like it, but I know I cannot tell her that.  So we’re eating and she says ‘if you don’t like it we can get Chinese.’  I didn’t want to hurt her feelings because I know how hard she worked on this and the cost she spent on it so I keep telling her ‘no I like it’ or ‘its really good’ as I keep eating.
Alex laughed, “This went on for about 10 minutes before it got to the point where I finally looked over at him and said ‘we’re getting Chinese.'”
Garrett smiled, “Even though this was early on in our relationship I will never forget it.  Partially because of the overcooked seafood, but mainly because of how she wanted to do something so nice for me just because she can.  She does things out of the good of her heart.  She makes me want to be a better person.  She really is my best friend.”
Garrett continued, “Alex always makes me laugh. We get along so well, from our humor to our hobbies we just clicked instantly.  We can do pretty much everything we love to do, with each other (excluding shopping,  because I don’t like going at all).  Alex is always pushing me to be the best person I can be and is always by my side encouraging me to work harder for what I want in life.  Alex is always up for an adventure and to try new things, even if she needs a little push at the start.  She knows what I like, even when I don’t, and I’m the same way with her.”
So I told you I love reflections, well here is another from a pond!  If you look closely upside down you can see their actual legs and feet!!  I like how clear the water is that it’s almost not perceptible, yet it brings in a purple-blue that you wouldn’t normally see in the sky, those aren’t clouds they are lily pads.
One final photo, a shot of one of the many buildings at Caboose Farm in Sabillasville, Maryland (yes right next to Camp David!).  It is a gorgeous 200-acre space with 6 guesthouses on the property (each sleeping about 10, so you could have your closest friends and family stay on the premises for the rehearsal dinner and even a wedding weekend with hiking, wineries, golf, etc.).  It is so unique and absolutely stunning.  A big thank you to them for allowing us to use the space!
Alex & Garrett, thank you for allowing me to capture such an important time in your lives and thanks for following my work ever since your cousin, Calli’s wedding!  I am so looking forward to your labor day weekend wedding at Woodsgate in the Stroudsmoore Country Inn.

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