Harrisburg Engagement Photographers: Sarah & Matt

You won’t want to miss this cozy, authentic, Harrisburg winter engagement…
Sarah shared, “We chose you as our photographer after viewing your photography on the Rhinehart Photography website.  We loved the vibrant colors and uniqueness of your photos.”
I opened with a vibrant photo at dusk, here is a unique, black and white photo.  It’s soft, intimate and timeless– it really gives you a feel for these two and their “keep it simple” motto for their relationship…
While I love to get creative, colorful, unique images, I also value a good solid portrait and here is one of Sarah & Matt:
I met Sarah and Matt at their home.  They were in socks and t-shirts, cozy, comfy, natural.
I love to play with reflections, here is one I caught from the glass covering their fireplace:
Sarah explained, “Matt and I have similar interests and met through a mutual friend.”
She added, “I am more extroverted, and Matt enjoys his time at home relaxing when he’s not working or at the gym. We are alike and different at the same time.”
Sarah said that her two cats were in her life before Matt.
She added, “Matt loves animals and *claimed* them immediately.”
Sarah shared, “Matt and I are pretty simple when it comes to our relationship.  We don’t talk a lot about how we feel, we show it with our actions and enjoy the little things and each other’s company.”
I really wanted to capture that laid back, authentic feel, here I focused on their socks and gave them a little privacy…
The way they laugh together, though…
Warm hot cocoa– yes, please!  I love the rich color and ripples in the cocoa and all of the cool tones surrounding the warm drink:
Sarah shared, “We really enjoy the outdoors, especially hiking together, which is something we started doing early on.”
Sarah added, “We also love to travel together. Some of our trips include punta Cana, Antigua, Boston, and New Orleans.”
I love the understated, comfortable vibe of this and how cool is this trail?
Sarah shared, “I love having a real tree for Christmas, the whole Christmas Tree Farm experience. I know Matt is fine with a fake one, but it’s important to me.  I’ve grown up with the tradition of cutting a tree down with my family the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Matt saw his opportunity for his perfect proposal…”
She continued, “On Thanksgiving, he said he would meet me later, because he was going to talk to my family about Christmas gifts. (He was actually asking if he could propose!) The family kept it a secret all weekend!”
She shared, “When Sunday came, we walked around the farm and I chose a tree. Matt handed me the saw insinuating that I should cut the tree down. I laughed and said, “I’m not getting down there.” Matt said, “okay, I will,” and he knelt on one knee as asked me to marry him!
She conclueded, “My aunt and uncle brought champagne to celebrate while they cut down the tree.”
Their “forever” home…
Sarah shared, “We both enjoy relaxing at home, watching sports, especially the Steelers, and gardening.”
Cheers, guys!  Check out the bling: best-harrisburg-mechanicsburg-wedding-photographers-creative-engagement-authentic-artistic-carlisle-16-1
I know Sarah really likes color, and while the wintery park provided us a more natural palette, I was really able to play up the color at twilight and with my own lighting equipment once the sun went down…
Thank so much for entrusting me to capture these, I hope they are just as unique as your relationship is!
Majorly looking forward to your Linwood Estate wedding coming up…

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