Harrisburg Wedding Photographers: Brinley & Dalton

A joyful cooking engagement at home and the most delicious love story, too…

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Brinley shared, “I saw you photographed a friend of mine and just loved how beautiful your shots were, especially the sunset shots and the black and white images. I also really like the lighting you use rather than all the really bright light typical Wedding photos yours have more intimacy, color, and drama.”
Dalton added, “I really liked how much you worked with us and tried so many different things during the session.  I was happy with the whole experience.”

Engagement Photos at Home?  Yes Please!

Brinley explained, “We knew we wanted a really cozy intimate vibe for the session. We love being at home and just being together.”
Home was perfect, because it was so sentimental– this is actually where Dalton proposed *and* they felt so comfortable there, too:

In Their Element with Their Pups

Brinley continued, “Home is honestly where we spend most of our free time so it fits.”
She added, “We also wanted our fur babies, Ana and Apollo, included so home was the perfect place for them, too.”

Intimate Black and White Images

Brinley mentioned during our first meeting that she really loved the intimate feel of my black and white images, this one is so sweet and soft, I love that you can see her engagement ring and the texture of her jeans, also the print of Dalton’s favorite pineapple shorts!

The Spot Where She Fell in Love

Brinley said to Dalton, “I knew I loved you when I was sitting on the counter while you were making eggs. It was a few months after we were seeing each other. You had worked night-shift so you were tired but you still wanted to hang out with me.”
She continued, “You just looked at me with your big brown eyes and I just knew I really loved you.  Then you leaned in for a kiss and just kinda looked at me and smiled. ”

Flavors: It may not look pretty, but it will have a lot of flavor!

Dalton shared, “We both looove food. Brinley always treats me so well and I love a good surprise. It was Brinley’s birthday and I decided to surprise her with a restaurant in our home!   I created an entire menu of all her favorites. I then greeted her on the porch in my dress clothes wearing a ridiculous wig and mustache and her servers apron.”
Dalton went on, “I then led her inside to the candle-lit table (and freshly cleaned house) and changed into a suit to be your date. She loved it so much that it kinda became our thing.”
Dalton smiled, “The name is Flavors. The slogan is “It may not look pretty but it will have a lot of flavor.”
Dalton laughed, “I changed it up a bit and added cooking videos, just to keep it fun.”

The Wedding Proposal– in the Dining Room

Brinley added, “Fast forward 5 years later and he proposed with the same delicious Greek-style eggs in the same kitchen as the day that I fell in love with him!”
Check out that stunning ring!
Dalton confirmed, “Before I proposed, I had her friend have her take off work for a road trip.”
He continued to Brinley, “You had just worked night-shift and I made breakfast for you before you’d head out. I made a cooking video with one of your favorites. Greek eggs with feta.”
I love how you can see the chalkboard with today’s specials in the background!
He continued, “In the video, I said ‘you think you’re going to West Virginia with Jess, but you’re actually going to Philadelphia with me'”
He laughed, “You looked at me, mad, and said ‘You better not have signed me up for the spartan race too!’  I said ‘just keep watching’ then I said In the video you have one more surprise, turn around. Then I was on one knee and asked you to marry me.”
Brinley smiled, “I just couldn’t believe it was happening! Honestly, I kept staring saying ‘oh my gosh’ over and over, then I said YES!!”

Save the Date 🙂

Apollo wearing her bandana proudly:

Their Engagement Session Style

Brinley shared, “Since we were going for an intimate, homey vibe I liked the idea of ripped jeans and a lace top.”
She continued, “Also, Dalton and I have an inside joke about his pineapple shorts, so those were a must.”

Buffalo chicken pizza?  Yaaaas!

I used the bamboo dish drainer and gold window light to add a little bit of visual interest, that brought in the pizza vibe from a distance (triangular shape and warm cheesy color)

I Go Anywhere for My Couples

I love traveling all over for engagement sessions and customizing them to each couple. For these two home played such an important role in their story that I was happy to meet them in New Cumberland, just outside of Harrisburg, Pennylvania.
Over time, I’ve become good at finding the best light and most interesting backgrounds and foregrounds and using the most meaningful spaces in any location.
I loved this blue wall (in the dining room, Dalt’s proposal spot).  For this shot, I used a vase of flowers and candles that were in the foreground to add a pop of color and some warmth.

Dinner is Served!


Someone else wants a little love…


The Italian Lake

I was getting this Italian vibe throughout their session, it was probably the pizza, the colors, her outfits and then when we headed to the Italian Lake for sunset, I was like, wow, how perfect!
You can see the mountains the distance, the water in the foreground, and that beautiful sunset warmth!

What Dalton Loves Most

Dalton shared, “Well when we first really hung out we just talked for hours. Brinley was so down to earth and obviously beautiful. We just clicked and I wanted to keep seeing her and talking.  We also share the same passions (ahem, food!) and sense of humor.  We are both weird and embrace that together.  We do ‘us’ and it works.”

What Brinley Loves Most

Brinley shared, “I love how no matter what mood I’m in you can always make me smile.  Your hugs are the absolute best, especially after a long day.  You don’t care what anyone thinks and if it makes you and the people you love happy, then you go for it. You are my favorite person forever and ever.”
Brinley, I am so happy that you noticed your friend’s wedding photos and reached out to me!  I tried to give you the beautiful sunsets, intimate black and whites, and colorful images you were looking for!  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts or to photograph your wedding at Allenberry Resort in Boiling Springs this fall!

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