Shippensburg Senior Portrait Photographer: Alexa at Laurel Lake

I just blogged Alexa’s athletic photos that focus on field hockey, this shows a much softer side of her in the forest at the beach during sunset…

Why Rhinehart photography?

Alexa explained, “I initially chose you because I wanted unique photos that would creatively capture my personality and interests.  But once we worked together I realized what a truly incredible eye you have!  We passed by this area that looked abandoned and overgrown, but you saw it as a field of wildflowers!”
Yes, I have a way of seeing things a little bit differently 😉

You Belong Among the Wildflowers

Yeah Tom Petty!  And Alexa I know you are probably way too young to know that song, but maybe your parents do?  Here she picks a wild daisy…

Her Eyes Though!!!

So from the first moment I met Alexa, (for those of you who didn’t read the first blog post, that was when she was in *preschool* thanks for making me feel old, Alexa, haha) I noticed her eyes.  Her eyes are absolutely stunning.  I knew capturing them in their glory was my main mission (aesthetically) and I think this photo really does that– wowza!

An Outdoorsy Beachy Vibe

Alexa explained, “I knew I wanted to be surrounded by nature, particularly by the water, because I wanted to have an outdoorsy and beachy feel to the second part of the shoot.”

Polka Dot Splashes

Alexa was game for anything I suggested: sitting on a rock, splashing water, stopping at a spot that looked like an overgrown place on the side of the road, and because of this attitude, I think she got some pretty fun photographs, as I could really let my imagination run wild!

Sunset Landscapes are Her Favorite

Alexa shared, “The lake was a great setting for me because pictures of water, especially at sunset, have always been my favorite landscape shots.  Peaceful and stunning, including this just made perfect sense to me!

Things that Make Her Smile

Alexa shared, “I try to be a very positive person, and there are so many things that make me happy. Some of these things are being with my family and friends, playing field hockey, and going on runs. I have been running at rail trail a lot lately because it is so nice to run past all of the beautiful nature. Being outside in God’s creation never fails to make me smile.”

An Eclectic Mix of Photos: Traditional to Creative

I love to give my seniors a good mix of photos, from more traditional shots like the one above to something more unique and creative.  This shot shoes Alexa dipping her toes in the water.  For me, this symbolizes her stepping into adulthood, and the impact (ripples) she will make when she steps out and follows her dreams.

Capturing Her Spiritual Side

Alexa is a pretty deep person, who hasn’t just developed herself athletically and academically, but spiritually, too.  This shot is my attempt of trying to capture that…

Making a Splash

This girl is going places!
Alexa explained, “I think that plants and nature are so pretty, and I always have fun hiking and taking walks through the woods.”
Her dress was so light and airy that it fit the setting perfectly!

Athletic and Soft

We all have so many parts of ourselves.  Who would think that the tough athletic girl from the opening shot of the last post and this girl are the same.  But they are.  Aren’t we all like this?

Again, so soft and natural…


Love her style…


A Few Words From Her Parents

They shared, “Alexa is such an amazing person. She is easily the hardest working person I know. She strives to do her best at everything she does and she works non-stop. She is kind and caring. I have heard so many people describe her as the nicest person they have ever met.”best-chambersburg-shippensburg-carlisle-senior-portrait-photographers-creative-natural-athletic-field-hockey-116
They continued, “She always wants to help others and tries to make everyone feel good when she’s around. Sometimes she may not say a lot, but she lets her actions speak for her. She smiles all the time and just keeps everyone at ease. She loves being with her friends and her family and when she is with you, your day is better. She just makes people happy.”
And with that the sun went fully down and the sky turned to an indigo blue… lots of love to all y’all 😉
Alexa, It was such a pleasure to work with you!  I’m looking forward to meeting with you soon to select images for your album, announcements, canvases, and more!  If you didn’t check out her field hockey session, you don’t want to miss it, just click here.

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