NYC Intimate Wedding Photographer: Viviana & Kyle

An intimate Catholic wedding ceremony for this sweet couple that met in NYC traffic!


Why Rhinehart Photography?

Viviana explained, “We wanted a wedding photographer whose work was vibrant and full of life.  Someone that could capture natural moments in a colorful way.  We wanted someone we could trust, who is kind and takes pride in their work.”

They added, “Thank you so much for working with us despite the current pandemic situation we are living in. We really are so appreciative of your efforts!   You came highly recommended by our wedding venue, and our interview with you sealed the deal.  We are looking forward to working with you again when we can celebrate with all the wedding guests!”

A Church Wedding…

Viviana shared, “Church and family are so important to us.  Kyle loves history and architecture,  so St. Peter the Apostle, which is incredibly beautiful and historic, was definitely the perfect place for us.”

I arrived early at Saint Peter’s church in New Brunswick, home of Rutgers University, where Viviana is finishing her degree.  The church is stunning.  I got a few different shots of it, but this one is my favorite.  It feels so massive and you can almost feel the texture of the stone, and that sky– wowza!


Team of Teams

Viviana shared, “We enjoy each other’s company so much.  We love enjoying outdoor activities and partying together and really are the team of teams– everything always.  We unquestioningly support each other.”

Awww I love how happy they are here… I focused on them and allowed the trees to fade into the background.  And how sweet is her dress?


Family is Key

Viviana explained, “The people that were present for this ceremony (both in person and in heart) are very important to us. They are our backbone. Thanks to them we are a great and strong team. We were touched by how our family and friends were willing to still join us despite the pandemic.”

She continued, “My mom is very strong and equally loves both Kyle and I.  She is very supportive and loving.”


Moments and Traditional Portraits

While most of the day was spent capturing candid moments as they occurred, I photographed several traditional portraits as well.


Kyle’s brother, and best man…


Time for Mass…

Here Viviana holds her rosary, I love how you can also see so many other subtle details in this frame, too.  It feels very intimate.


Father of the Bride

Viviana’s father was able to attend the wedding via video chat.  It wasn’t what either of them had envisioned, but they were both grateful to have a window to view each other on the wedding day, even if in person wasn’t feasible.


Misty-Eyed Groom

Here Kyle watches as Viviana walks down the aisle towards him.  I of course snapped the traditional shot of the bride walking down the aisle, but this one of his first look really packs a punch.  he looks so proud!


I also made sure to see what Viviana’s father was up to, he took a facetime photo as he watched the wedding procession and seems to be a little misty-eyed, too!


Acknowledging Friends, Family & Loved Ones

They explained, “The most important thing for us was that we had each other and we were able to get married and all the important people in our lives were there either in person or remotely. The party will still happen, together we will enjoy this special festivity in presence of our friends and family.”


Stunning Architecture

I climbed up to the choir loft using my wide lens to capture all of the beautiful architecture of the church.  It was only me at this event, and I was a ninja ;).


Awww dad…


The Wedding Vows

It was important to me to capture many different vantage points for Kyle and Viviana, so that all of the guests who could not be there in person, would still be able to feel like they were there, seeing the emotion, the architecture and all the things that came together to make this event beautiful and unique.


Music and Art

There were several musicians present for the ceremony, it was beautiful and a lovely touch.  here you can see a trumpeter and some of the incredible church frescos, stained glass and columns along with the happy couple in the background.


A Sign of the Times, Literally

Viviana shared, “We have to be patient at this moment and remember that we are celebrating: Love. Appreciation. Life. We know we are lucky to have someone to spend our life journey as best friends, partners, and a team, in the presence of God. All that we needed was Kyle and I to be there to be married, it was a blessing to have a few of our closest friends and family there, too.”

Hand sanitizer, masks & video participation.  The sign is taped on a delicate marble table.  It’s a behind the scenes look at what weddings are like during the pandemic.


Kiss the Bride

I ducked low to catch the sunlight shining through the stained glass window and underexposed the scene to get the most vibrant colors possible– I know Viviana loves color!  So romantic…


Husband and wife!

Kyle shared, “Being married in the church was so important to us.  On top of that, to have Father Jay there, this was simply a gift.  We were blessed even though somewhat restricted, it was still a dream come true for both of us.”


Just married!

I love the tradition of throwing rice!  (or birdseed, or confetti, or anything exciting really)



Supportive Mothers

They shared, “Our mothers have always been there and are also so much fun to be around and so happy for us.”


Awww the way Kyle’s mom is looking at him…


They met in NYC Traffic– what a love story!

Kyle explained, “The day we first met was in November, it was snowing lightly, we were in New York City traffic, on 34th street, about 6pm. Viviana and I were on our way to different destinations, but God must have wanted us to meet…”


Viviana continued the story, “An ambulance was parting the traffic. As cars moved out of the way to let the ambulance through, Kyle’s vehicle was right next to mine.”

She laughed, “He witnessed a hot dog cart hitting my car. As a gentleman that he is, he stopped to help and waited for the police to come. He also gave me his card, just in case I needed anything.  We went on our separate ways…”


She smiled, “I decided to call him to say thank you for stopping. Our conversation ended, but he called me back. That’s when our journey started… we both can’t be more grateful for that night. It is a crazy story, but it has always felt like it was meant to happen.”


Kyle and Viviana, thank you so much for trusting me to capture these important memories for you!  It was such a pleasure for me to be there for your church ceremony this year, and I’m so excited to see you and the rest of your friends and family and capture your incredible celebration next year at The Palace at Somerset Park!

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