Gettysburg Engagement Photographers: Sheri & Tom

Scenic sunset views, lots of laughter and a stunning engagement ring, you won’t want to miss this sweet Gettysburg engagement session: best-gettysburg-wedding-photographers-colorful-creative-york-country-club-101

Artistry, Moments, & Variety

Sheri & Tom shared, “We love the artistic quality of your photos.  You capture the couple “in the moment” and use different angles and get a wide variety of shots.  We knew we didn’t want the typical  ‘”stand here, look at the camera and smile” pictures and are looking forward to seeing us through your eyes.”

Aw thanks so much!  Yes, I love getting artistic shots from interesting angles like the opening shot.  I do get an eclectic variety of photographs throughout all of my sessions.  This one really captures the two of you “in the moment” like you were hoping for 🙂


Their Love Story

Sheri shared, “Tom and I first met at work.  It all began with one text from me, I wrote him,’Hi.'”  After that one text, we spent every day after that getting to know each other.   One day, about six months after we met I knew Tom was the one…”


His Laugh

She continued, “While we met in the most conventional way  at work, we endured many ups and downs outside of our relationship, but stuck together and helped each through the challenges.  We just work well together, it is hard to explain, but you know when you are meant to be with someone.”

She added, “I fell for his laugh first, it is just so contagious!”

I love to capture couples being themselves.  Here they are laughing together as they take in the beautiful scenery together… those mountains though:


She Caught His Eye

Tom explained, “First day I saw Sheri she caught my eye.  Once I  got the  text “Hi”  I had a big smile on my face and our story began.”


Their Pittsburgh Wedding Proposal

Sheri explained, “Our relationship was long-distance initially.  I lived in Pittsburgh, PA and Tom lived in Littlestown, PA, so we were 4 hours apart.  When I decided to move to be closer to Tom, it was a hard decision for me, to move away from my family and friends.  He understood what a big step it was for me, and proposed just at the right time.”

Tom added, “For four months I searched for the perfect ring for Sheri.”

It looks pretty perfect to me, Tom 🙂


Sheri explained, “My parents invited us out to dinner during one of my last weekends in Pittsburgh.   We enjoyed our dinner out together and my dad kept saying he wanted dessert. I didn’t think anything of it. The dessert tray arrived at the table and the server explained the different desserts…”

Sheri laughed, “I was looking for chocolate and didn’t even notice the ring box under a red rose on the dessert tray!   After the server explained all the desserts, she took the rose off the box and said, ‘He will have to explain this one.'”


Tom smiled, “Sheri was so surprised, she had tears in her eyes.”

I love how the sunlight is catching the ring here:


Sheri continued, ” Tom’s proposal felt like such a grand gesture to me, because he proposed during one of the last weekends prior to me moving and my involved my parents in the planning of it, which made it very special.”


Their Gettysburg Engagement Session

Sheri explained, “Oftentimes our unplanned trips are the most romantic and Tom usually tries to surprise me in some way.  One of my favorite surprises is a beautiful view.  Tom and  I spend a lot of time in Gettysburg and love all of the incredible scenes there.”


She added, “Another surprise of Tom’s is picking wildflowers for me.”


He placed it in her hair tucking it behind her ear… so sweet:


An Artistic Perspective

I typically give couples a good mix of photos, everything from more traditional portraits to really artistic ones.

Though obviously nowhere near the caliber of this work of art, the colors and lines in this photo remind me a little of Henri Matisse’s piece, Icarus.  Check out out here.


In the Moment

They agreed, “For our engagement session, we wanted us to be in the moment, enjoying one another.”

Tom added, “I’ve always loved the outdoors and am happy to introduce and experience more of this with Sheri.”


Traditional Portraits in a Non-Traditional Way

Here is a more posed picture of these two.  It started out with me finding great light and a great setting and just having them do their thing.

While it is a more traditional portrait, I love the authenticity of their expressions here:


Black and White Options

A common question I get about black and white photos, is how I choose which ones to convert to black and white and what happens to the color version.

When I make black and white photographs, I capture a color shot first and convert it to black and white, so the color one still exists in your set.  That way, you have two options to pick from.

This really comes in handy when I’m designing albums and the entire spread is black and white.


Sunset at Devil’s Den

Sheri shared, “Devil’s Den in Gettysburg has the most beautiful and romantic sunset views.”

I have to agree.


Thank you so much Sheri and Tom for reaching out to me and trusting me to capture your love story!

I’m so excited for your Country Club of York wedding *this weekend*!  Please feel free to share this with your family and friends and I’ll see you (and some of them) in a few days!

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