Virginia Family Portrait Photography at Silver Brook Farm

A life-sized chess board, incredible treehouse, and a fun-loving family of *eight,* you won’t want to miss this…


Why Rhinehart Photography?

Stephanie & Bill shared, “We chose Lisa as our photograph for her creative style and her ability to capture moments. We also appreciated the fact that she was so responsive and easy to talk to.”

Steph added, “Lisa made us feel so at ease, like we had been friends for years. We are looking forward to seeing our special day documented in a very special way.”

Pure joy… Mattison:


My goals: An Eclectic Mix

I photographed several portraits of Steph and Bill throughout all of the action shots and portraits of the kids.  It was my goal to photograph each kid solo at least once and grab a couple cool posed shots of the entire family.



Steph shared, “Having our photos captured on Silverbrook was so perfect!  The treehouse and chessboard provided hours of fun for the kids. The views are amazing with the sunset in the sky. These memories will last a lifetime.”


The treehouse!


AJ found a super cool spider web!


The family

Stephanie explained, “We have a large blended family. Bill has six kids, four of which are still in the house. I have two kids to complete the group. The younger children are Mattison, A.J, Isaac, An Tu, Joshua, and Joseph (nickname of Roo). Grown children are Eric and Matty who live out of state.”


Their First Date: His Perspective

Bill shared, “Our first date was absolutely amazing. Stephanie is bright, sweet, and beautiful. I loved her voice. The date was simple we had dinner and talked for hours. I think there was definitely a mutual attraction. We just clicked. At the end of the night, I just didn’t want to let her go. If I had to pick I guess I love her smile and sassy attitude the most.”


Portraits of Each Kid

Kids are a lot of fun to photograph and challenging myself to get a portrait of each of the six of them during their photo session was a success!


Treehouse Time

In the Treehouse…


It even has a stained glass window!best-family-portrait-photographers-creative-va-pa-md-wv-silverbrook-farm-purcelleville-11

Their First Date: Her Perspective

Stephanie Shared, “When I met Bill, it was like we had known each other for a long time. He made me feel like I was home. On our first date, he knew I was nervous but he did everything he could to make me comfortable. What I love most about Bill is his easy-going attitude and how he cares about the ones he loves.”


I took the girls portraits in the garden, An Tu was all smiles…


AJ is a real charmer and into Tae Kwon Do…best-family-portrait-photographers-creative-va-pa-md-wv-silverbrook-farm-purcelleville-14

Swing meeee!best-family-portrait-photographers-creative-va-pa-md-wv-silverbrook-farm-purcelleville-16

Strike a Pose!

Vogue called and wants their models back;) best-family-portrait-photographers-creative-va-pa-md-wv-silverbrook-farm-purcelleville-17

They Are a Team

Steph shared, “I think we work well together because we communicate, we listen to each other and we work together.”

Bill added, “Yes, we work well as a team and she keeps me focused. At the end of the day, she makes me happy, she is so sweet.”


Joshua shining like the rock star that he is:


Roo found the perfect place under the treehouse steps.  I think it fits him well because he is more shy…


Haaa how heavy those chess pieces are:


Isaac was so sweet throughout the shoot, he was always up for trying anything, even sitting in this beautiful light that didn’t look like much– Mr. Photogenic for sure!


Why Silverbrook?

Stephanie shared, “We chose Silverbrook Farm as our venue due to the beautiful rustic setting and views. The woods remind us of camping in the Redwood forests in California. This is an annual event that brings the family together for relaxation and reunion. Lots of great memories.”


Bill’s Proposal

He started, “We planned a trip to California for our annual family camping trip. Each year we camp at Richardson Grove in the redwoods. This year I invited Stephanie and her two kids to meet my extended family, I also wanted her parents to attend so I could ask for the hand in marriage.”

He continued, “I  proposed to Stephanie under a large redwood tree on and private path. I didn’t even have a ring for her but I improvised with a rubber band and later with a $15.00 costume jewelry ring. This was later replaced with something a little nicer. I will never forget that day, the breeze, and the cool shade. Most of all the look in her eyes when I asked her to marry me.”

Awww I love how happy they are here!



The Mountains Do Look Purple!


Thanks so much for entrusting me to capture your family portraits and your upcoming wedding day at Silverbrook Farm in Purcellville Virginia!

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