Grant Street Loft Wedding Photographers: Rebecca & Brady

A Romantic wedding for a beautiful, family-oriented couple in a chic wedding venue.  You won’t want to miss the candid emotion, incredible decor, their personal sentiments and stories, & all of the elements that came together to make Rebecca & Brady’s wedding day so unique…


Why Rhinehart Photography?

Rebecca smiled, “I’m not joking at all when I say I had a spiritual connection right from the start with Lisa!  I mean, let me explain how things went down.  As a bride planning during covid, nothing was easy, but how Lisa just fell into my lap was remarkable!”

She continued, “Lisa had initially been booked for our wedding date, for like a year, leading up to the exact day, when I called her.  The couple that had booked that date initially, moved their wedding out a year because of Covid-19.  It had *just opened up* the day before I called!  Pretty crazy, right?”

She concluded, “Lisa and I connected and that made working with her such a wonderful experience.  She was professional and patient with not only Brady and I but our entire wedding party and guests.  It felt comfortable to have her there, even during sunset which was a really intimate time with just Brady and I.  It ended up being my favorite part of the day!”

She smiled, “I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the photos because I have no doubt in my mind that Rhinehart Photography was able to execute our vision for lots of candid photos of moments of our loved ones (especially family) and each other that will allow us to re-live this day for many years to come!”


What Brady Loves Most about Rebecca

Brady joked, “I love that even though she was late to our first date, she never stops trying to make me happy.  She lets me pick on here and call her out when she messes up cooking rice.”

He became more serious, “Rebecca has a huge heart for both people and animals. You should see how she treats our dog, it’s adorable.  I love that she is so close with her family and mine. I knew the minute she met my family and they gave me the thumbs up, that she was going to be my wife.”

He added, “In all seriousness, Rebecca encourages me, supports me, and challenges me. I cannot wait to see her be a mother.  She will be an incredible mom.  I am a lucky man!”


Finishing touches & An Incredible Artist!

Rebecca shared, “Let me just say that all my vendors did an AMAZING job leading up to the day, on the day, and days after. And might I add that all my vendors were females! All my vendors deserve the highest of shout-outs and praise but I want to make sure I hight-light Pretty Faces By Sasha.”

She elaborated, “Sasha wasn’t my original make-up artist, but through circumstances out of my control, I was left searching for a make up artist two weeks before my wedding. Sasha pulled some major strings and made it work.  On the morning of the wedding, Sasha brought a sense of calmness with her while applying makeup to all the girls and the bride. My mom still says to this day that she can’t thank Sasha enough for making her feel so beautiful.”


Rebecca, you are Gorgeous!


Tears are Words Your Heart Can’t Say…

Don’t make your mama cry!  Just kidding, tears are beautiful, and one of my favorite things to capture on a wedding day!

I’ve heard that tears are words your heart can’t say, I really think there is truth to that!

As a photographer, you have to be quick, because tears are tiny and clear and quickly hidden away, but I did catch Rebecca’s mom as she quickly wiped hers away!


Why the Grant Street Loft?

Rebecca explained, “Initially our wedding was not going to be held at The Grant Street Loft, because our guest list was too extensive to fit in the venue.  Like many brides, when the pandemic hit, we had to make some tough decisions. One of those being, do we postpone or cut our guest count down.”

She continued, “Fast forward to the middle of the story, we decided we didn’t want to postpone so we would try and find a way to cut down our guest list. Brady so sweetly said he wanted to get married in 2020 because he couldn’t wait any longer to start a family.” (Rebecca again had a really big smile on her face).


First Look With Dad: Pure Joy

Rebecca smiled, “Over the past years my Father and I have become very close.  It’s funny how when you get older, you start to realize how amazing your Dad is!”

She continued, ” I admire him so much, and not just because he raised four girls but because of all the amazing values he instilled in me.”

I captured the entire first look, the surprise, the humility, and then this, the pure joy:


No Maid of Honor, all Beautiful Bridesmaids!

Rebecca explained, “I did not have a maid of honor. How could I? I have three amazing sisters and a new sister-in-law, who all mean so much to me. There was no way I could pick one over the other!”

How beautiful are *all of these women?* wowzer those are some good genes 🙂


Vogue Called, They Want Their Models Back



Mama!  Back to Reality

It was fun being a supermodel while it lasted, haha, the mom life 🙂



So Many Kiddos!

Rebecca shared, “Family isn’t just important to us, they are everything to us. Having our family have such a big presence in our wedding and surrounding us with so much love still brings tears to my eyes. There was never a question in my mind that all of our nieces and nephews would be involved in the wedding.”

She laughed, “I am crazy, maybe, because that is a lot of kids, but Brady and I just love our nieces and nephews and we wanted all of our guests to experience firsthand, how adorable each one of them is!”


Wow, Amazing Decor from Peachy Keen Events

Rebecca smiled, “I can’t even begin to describe the decor at my wedding, because everything was too perfect for words! Peachy Keen Events took my vision and made it come to life. I said I wanted a romantic, intimate vibe and wow, did she nail it! From the candles lining the stairway, to the smilax scaling the brick walls, every single detail was crafted with so much love!”


When are the Boys Photos?

Hold your horses, little dude 🙂


Right Now!


What Rebecca Loves Most About Brady

Rebecca shared, “I love so many things about Brady!  His heart, his sense of humor, his faith, his confidence, he’s pretty handsome, too!”


Wedding Guests Arrive in the Stunning Ceremony Space


Live Music Plays as Guests Gather


Rebecca’s Entrance, Having Two Wedding Photographers

Rebecca and Brady chose to have me and my assistant capture their wedding day.  This meant that we could be two places at once, so when I was photographing the ladies in the morning, my assistant, Jim was photographing the gentlemen.  As Jim was placed at the front for the straightforward processional shots, I was capturing creative shots like this one:


Brady’s First Look…

He shared, “When I saw Rebecca for the the first time on our wedding day, I couldn’t believe she was going to be mine. I thought I was at the wrong wedding because she looked absolutely beautiful, it was hard to believe she was walking towards me!”

Rebecca added, “There was no doubt in my mind that beside him was exactly where I needed to be!  He was so handsome, even though he was shaking like a leaf.”


Friend of the Groom as Wedding Officiant

Rebecca shared, “A good friend of Brady’s was our officiant, it didn’t take me long to realize why they are so close. He has a way of making people feel so special. He takes time to really listen to people’s concerns without judgment. Brady and I are so thankful that he made it despite the pandemic!”


This Was Their Rain Plan

It was crazy, it rained literally *just during the ceremony.*  As soon as it started, downpour, as soon as we were ready for post-ceremony photos, sunny skies!  Just like that!  It was great that they had such a stunning, Plan B at the Grant Street Loft and that Peachy Keen and the rest of the team was 100% on it!  I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a last-minute rain storm situation run so smoothly!


Unity Sand


Wink and a Smile…

Rebecca and Brady don’t like to take things too seriously and that was apparent throughout the day where jokes and laughs abounded!

She shared, “Making our vows to each other was very special because we wrote personalized vows. It was a joke leading up to the day that I would write Brady’s vows because I was much better at writing than he is so when I heard his vows I was in tears because they were so beautifully written.”

She laughed, “Even if Brady did tell all of our guests that I can’t cook rice!”


Black and White

Some photos look great in black and white… especially ones with intense emotion and great contrast.  While I love this image in black and white I always take the photo in color, and make a copy in black and white, this way you’ll have both color and black and white options…


Grant Street Loft: A Chic, Blank Canvas

Rebecca explained, “By the looks of my Pinterest board, I should have married in a barn setting or outdoor venue but the nice thing about the Loft is that it provides such a beautiful foundation to build any style of wedding!”

The natural light and elegant chandeliers with clean simple lines provided the perfect backdrop for Rebecca and Brady.  As the rainclouds loomed overhead there was this intense dramatic light reflected inside that was so beautiful paired with the gold tones of the chandeliers!


Husband and Wife

Brady smiled, “I just loved how she put so much of her heart and soul into our wedding just like she does with everything in her life.  Everything came together so beautifully.”

He added, “I can’t wait to see Rebecca as a mom. She is going to be such a caring and loving mom, I just hope she still takes care of me, too, haha!”


Party Bus & Marriage License: It’s Official Now!

The officiant fanned the couple with the official marriage license everyone cheered and kissed… a sweet moment:


Wilson College Campus

Rebecca explained, “Having photos at Wilson College was an obvious choice.  I’ve seen beautiful pictures taken there from other weddings so I knew it would be a nice place to capture outdoor pictures, plus it was close to the reception location, The Grant Street Loft in downtown Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.”

She smiled, “Brady didn’t have many requests when it came to wedding photography; however, he did make sure I knew that no matter what he did not want to see me until I was walking down the aisle. This meant we’d need to fit all of our group photos and romantic pictures into cocktail hour!”

We had to hustle, but pulled it off for sure… here is a candid of everyone walking to a spot we found on campus:


Bridal Party: A Light, Airy Look

Rebecca explained, “I knew I wanted a light and airy vibe overall for our wedding. The bridesmaids’ dresses were a sea-glass color and made out of chiffon which paired so nicely with the blue suits the men wore. I’m not a huge fan of multiple colors so I knew right away I wanted simple colors with the smallest pop of color. I chose white flowers of all sizes with eucalyptus and smilax.”


He Didn’t Give Me Another Option, haha!

Rebecca laughed, “What made me fall for Brady? Well, for starters he wasn’t going to give me any other option. He told me he wasn’t going to let me turn him down on the first date because he took one look at me and said “I’m going to marry that girl”

She said with a smirk, “And I’m pretty happy that he didn’t let me get away.”


The Flowers, One in Memory of Her Grandma

Rebecca’s planner, Mandy, from Peachy Keen Events shared, “Rebecca really liked an old-world, romantic look with some modern glam touches.  When Megan and I worked out her floral design we focused on using mainly white and tones of Greenery.  We wanted the greenery to emulate the vines you see growing on old buildings.  We were also able to incorporate a little bit of blush pink, too.”

Rebeca added, “A very special touch that Blooming Occasions Florist made sure to capture was a dedication to my late Grandmother who loved the color pink. In the ceremony arrangement, there was the most delicate pink flower that only I knew was there because it was a subtle pop of pink. When I showed my mother we both instantly teared up because we knew how much my Grandmother would have loved the simplicity of the pink flower.”


Rebecca Fell for His Heart

Rebecca shared, “Brady has such a caring heart. He is always the first to ask, “What can I get you?”

She added with a smile, “His love for his mother was the first sign that I knew he would also take care of me. And when I saw how he interacted with his nephew, I knew he was the one for me. He is a gentle soul who has such much love for his family and friends!”

She concluded, “I am so blessed to officially be a part of his family now!”


A Variety of Photographs: Details, Scenery, Candids & Portraits

While most of the day is spent capturing candid moments, especially with a bride like Rebecca, who is adamant about that being the main focus, I also make sure to get a wide variety of photographs.  Everything from capturing the tiniest of details to the epic locations and even a few standard “smile and look at the camera” sort of shots, too:


Prayer, the Importance of Their Faith

Rebecca shared, “Faith has always been and will forever be the most important thing in our lives and now our marriage.”

She continued, “We don’t believe in coincidences but rather acts of God. So many things happened leading up to Brady and I meeting. We believe that everything happens for a reason and so many times things that happen in our lives that cannot be explained are best summarized as God working on something pretty awesome.”


She added, “What captivated me the most with Brady was his faith in the Lord.  Our families instilled that love for the Lord into our hearts and we hope that one day we pass that same love and desire onto our children.”

She concluded, “It’s very empowering to pray as husband and wife. To come together in agreement and thank the Lord together for all our blessings as well as ask him for strength during difficult times and continue to build a strong bond between us as husband and wife. Our faith gives us the courage to keep going each day.”

grant-street-loft-wedding-photogrpahers-chambersburg-creative-best-38Valuing Eachother’s Emotions & Challenge Eachother as Opposites

Rebecca shared, “Brady and I work so well together because we value each other’s feelings, time, and emotions. We value the time we have together as well as the time we have apart.”

She giggled, “We challenge each other because he is not afraid of adrenaline and I stay as far away from thrills as possible. If I say jump, he says how high? If he says jump, I say is there something soft at the bottom?”


Gold Geometric Table Decor with Elegant Candles on Wooden Farm Tables

Mandy, Rebecca’s planner, owner of Peachy Keen Events shared, “Rebecca was looking for an old-world romantic look with some modern glam touches.”

She added, “We focused on having tons of candlelight, gold tones, and neutral elements.”


I loved the gold chargers with succulents at the place settings…


Everywhere is a Playground!

With *seven* children involved in the wedding, everywhere was a playground.  I was there to document it all!  grant-street-loft-wedding-photogrpahers-chambersburg-creative-best-44

I couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, but it seemed like kids were racing to see if the elevator or stairs were faster– so freaking cute!


Who turned the world upside down?


High-Fives for Cocktail Hour


Everyone had such a blast!  I loved seeing all the emotion present, from moments of laughter…


To moments of tears…


Reception Traditions– Mood Music


First Dance

Rebecca glowed, “When we shared our first dance it was as if time stopped. I forgot that we have anyone else in the room with us. I just remember  thinking to myself, ‘I hope this feeling never goes away.’  The thing I look forward to the most with Brady is to watch him evolve from husband to father.”


Creative Photography: An Eclectic Mix

I take a wide variety of photos throughout a wedding day, as you can see from these first dance photographs.  The first one is relatively straight forward, capturing a moment with the couple in focus, I framed it with some of their beautiful wedding decor.  This next one is a silhouette that I grabbed as Rebecca reached over and pulled Brady close to her, I changed all of my settings and silhouetted them against the window at an angle so that you would see a single flame between them– a little artsy and symbolic 😉


For this shot, I focused my camera on the angle itself, what started out as a candle has become dripping wax throughout the night.  For me, it says something about time passing and their lifelong commitment to each other…


Father-Daughter Dance

I captured so many moments throughout their dance, but their hug at the end, surrounded by all their friends and family was one of my favorites.


Mother-Son Dance


Happy tears…


Wedding Toasts

Rebecca smiled, “Maybe it was the drawing of straws that had my sister Emily give a speech but I’m really glad she did. She so eloquently made us laugh, cry, reminisce  but then again, when you ask a mom to be, to give a speech, the tears are expected.”


Let’s Get The Party Started!


Hitting the Dance Floor, Literally!


Floral Collars are HOTTT!

Brady’s Tuxedo from Lyons was so on-point!  I have their link below with all of the other wedding vendors 🙂


Cigar Bar

To say that these guys were pampered is an understatement– there were two victorian couches, and some pretty awesome smokes, too…


Ask these guys:


Bearing in mind that there were a lot of kiddos at the wedding there were treats that we a little more their speed offered as well:


How Sweet it is!


Sealed with a Kiss

Sealed with a kiss under the staircase and florals at the Grant Street Loft

Sunset Photos– Rebecca’s Favorite Part of the Day!

Rebecca smiled, “My favorite part of the wedding day was when Brady and I were taking sunset pictures on the rooftop. It was just the two of us, just thinking about the life we just vowed to each other and the future that we have to look forward to. It was such a surreal moment and one I will never forget!

Knowing how important their faith was them, to have a church silhouetted in the background really was the icing on the cake!


Grant Street Loft Staff Are Incredible!

Rebecca shared, “I have a very strong connection with The Loft, because I’m fortunate enough to help with Weddings there.  I have a unique perspective of being an insider who was able to see first hand how much they care about their couples, and to have an idea of which vendors and decor would look best!  It was a curse and a blessing, because I got too many great ideas, ideas that I would change for my wedding all too frequently. Again, here is where I humbly thank my husband, family, and vendors for being so patient with me!”

She added, “The Loft made the day so effortless from the smallest to biggest of details. I had a lot of insight into what was occurring during the day, given my work experience at the Loft, but had I not had that experience it was like the staff at the Loft were magicians. Details just happened and in a blink of an eye the day was over and I didn’t have to once ask for a single thing.  I could go on and on about how great the staff is but I should mention that apart from the staff, the venue in itself is absolutely breathtaking!”

I feel so lucky to have such a unique, modern venue just 20 minutes from my home!  I absolutely loved my experience there and hope to be back very soon!


She added, on a personal note, “Being on the receiving end of a wedding was such a memorable experience. I can hardly find the words for how incredibly easy the day flowed for me. Karin Fitz (my spirit warrior) sat down beside me, grabbed both my hands and said the most beautiful prayer over me and the wedding. (start the waterworks)! The owner of the Loft, Anne, wrapped her arms around me in the biggest hug and told me that today a member of her family was getting married. Talk about feeling loved!”


Rebecca and Brady, thank you so very much for including me on your very special day.  From the moment I received your inquiry,  I had a feeling that we would be a great fit!  I hope these are just the sort of mix of mostly candid photos that you wanted to be captured on your wedding day!  Please share them with family, friends, etc.  Your full set, several hundred photographs, should be ready within a week!  Until then, please share this with anyone and everyone who would enjoy hearing your love story!

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