Country Club of York Wedding: Sheri & Tom

A vibrant sunny day at the beautiful Country Club of York with the most stunning tree I have ever seen and a loving, authentic, joyful couple… does it get better than this?


Why Rhinehart Photography?

Sheri explained, “We met with Lisa, she was very friendly and showed us many samples of her work that were astonishingly beautiful.  We were blown away.  Sure enough, she was able to re-create that amazing experience for Tom and I, too.”

She continued, “Lisa led us on an adventure, roaming the golf course, stopping in unique places, making our wedding day even more romantic and special.  Tom is a golfer, and we got married on the 18th, so we brought up the idea of getting some photos on the 18th hole and Lisa was all about it.  She was eager to incorporate our story into the photos and is somehow able to make everything look incredible.”

Thank you so much!  Here is a shot from the 18th hole…


Sheri’s Wedding Gown

Sheri explained, “When I started dress shopping I didn’t have a style in mind, with one trip I found the dress and it bought the same day without even knowing our wedding venue. I knew Tom would love me in my dress with all the detailing.”


In the moment

So many moments in a wedding day a fleeting, literally a split second.  Photography pauses those moments forever and that is why I love it so much!  I also like to play with angles lighting etc to really tell a story.


Beautiful Bride, Beautiful Venue

Sheri smiled, “The Country Club of York, in York, Pennsylvania is absolutely gorgeous from every angle.   After leaving the first meeting with the wedding planner, Tom said, ‘We don’t need to look anywhere else.'”

She joked, “I knew one way to get Tom to the wedding was to have it at a golf course, haha!  Seriously though, we knew it was the perfect place that our guest would enjoy as well. The atmosphere was perfect for our wedding.”


So much bling in this unique Boquet!

Sheri explained, “For our bouquet and boutonnieres, we wanted something unique that we could display in years to come. I found this brooch bouquet on Etsy.  I loved the bouquet with all the sparkle.”


First Look

I’m sure their nerves are racing as they prepare for their first look…

Bride & Groom's First look at Country Club of York

Sheri shared, “When I first saw him, with his back to me, I thought can’t believe I will get to call him my husband. He turned around there were so many thoughts, but excitement for our future stands out the most. He looked so handsome all dressed up for OUR DAY. My happy place, seeing him smile because of us. I’m looking forward to all our adventures and sharing them together.”

Country Club of York Wedding

Tom added, “When I saw Sheri for the first time in her dress I was lost for words, my eyes were watering, and when they cleared, I saw the most beautiful women in my life.”

Groom crying after first look with his bride at Country Club of York

She was right, he loved the detailing in her dress:


Sheri explained, “Tom calms me and always reminds me not to worry and helps me through all the good times and bad. Finally, the day came that Tom and I would be husband and wife.  We were both so incredibly happy.


Candid Moments & Traditional Photos

While I spend most of my time capturing candid moments, I also sprinkle more traditional photos throughout the day as well, depending on the individual couple’s taste.  I try to keep them feeling natural and authentic.


His Laughter is Contagious!

Sheri noted, “The day Tom and I met we instantly hit it off with conversation and laughing. Tom’s laugh is so contiguous that it brings a smile to my face.”


Tom shared, “Sheri’s beautiful smile brings so much happiness into my life!”


An Italian Villa or The Country Club of York?

Sheri explained, “When we first chose the Country Club of York, it was because of the location of the golf course and its significance to Tom. The gorgeous grounds including the tree and open fields are just amazing!”

She added, “And then there is the view from the suit’s balcony– it almost felt like we were in an Italian Villa or something!”

I have to agree…


Shadow Play

I love to play with shadows and silhouettes with my photography.  Tom and Sheri’s wedding day was no exception, with intense blue skies and sunlight warming up the space there was plenty of room for me to get creative.

This shot was actually captured seconds after the one that opens the blog post, it was as easy as moving them a few steps away into the shade.


Best Friends

Tom shared, “As our relationship grew, Sheri did little things that meant a lot to me. She would go out of her way to make sure I was happy and never gave up on our relationship. We hang together like best friends and like to share the same things in life.”

You can see the dappled light on the ground, again I took this shot at almost the same place as the previous one and in the same light with totally different camera settings.


Let the Sun Shine!

One of the many comments I get on a wedding day is how a cloudy day is better for photos.  I say any day is great for photos.  A bright blue sky day with intense sunlight is by far the toughest to work with, but when you know how to handle it, can produce the most stunning results!


Not only did we have vibrant colors and intense contrast to play with but that shadows were out, too.  I think Tom will really like this as it screams “golf” 😉


Blue skies and green grass, and perfectly timed for the American flag waving in the wind, this photograph of Tom was taken by my assistant photographer, Richard:


Parent Photos = Important

Sheri explained, “Our wedding day isn’t just about us, it is about celebrating with each of our wedding guests, they are so important to us.  Of those guests, our parents were very important.”

She added, “My parents are my role models for marriage. They have been married for 54 years (in good and bad times), but are always by each other’s side.”


Sheri explained, “My mother-in-law is so happy for both of us and loves to see her son happy. She is always there for us.”


Sheri added, “Tom’s siblings and sibling-in-laws welcomed me as soon we met. It is amazing to be a part of a large family that encourages and loves to spend time together laughing and having a good time.”


Wedding Ceremony Ready!

Sheri explained, “Wedding Coordinator at the Country Club of York was so organized and worked with through all our changes at the last minute due to COVID. The day of the wedding, Shannon made the day run so smoothly and if there was anything that was not right, Tom and I were not aware because she was on top of it all.”


Live Music is Always the Best, especially with Dan Maguire!country-club-of-york-best-wedding-photographers-central-pa-creative-high-quality-artistic-unique-26

Deep breath here we go…


All the emotion and the key players…


Sheri explained, “Our Officiant, Randy Summers, was so helpful with the direction of our vows. Tom and I spent an afternoon in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, outside talking about what it really meant for us to be married.”


Their Wedding Vows

She continued, “We chose our vows to fit us, the best vows: ‘I will forever be there to laugh with you, to lift you up when you are down and to love you unconditionally through all of our adventures in life together…”


She went on, “I will listen to you with compassion and understanding, and speak to you with encouragement. I vow to be patient and to be kind and to give you respect, love, and loyalty.”


Tom shared, “I thought the wedding ceremony was going to be a breeze. I was totally wrong, as she stood across from me, all of a sudden it hit me. Her dad was crying in my view and I couldn’t talk. I tried to get my composure but it was tough. The moment was real, I was finally getting married to the one I love. I managed to get through it but not without showing her all the passion that I thought I could hold back.”

Sheri explained, “My parents were very emotional, especially my dad the day of our wedding. Their daughter is happy with the man she loves.”


Sheri smiled, “The most memorable part of our ceremony is when we started laughing with “I vow to be patient.


Exchanging Their Wedding Rings

Sheri and Tom were so emotionally present throughout their wedding ceremony, it was so beautiful to witness!

I’ll also add that they were married during the golden hour so the colors are incredible!


Wedding Ceremony Support

Sheri explained, “My parents were very emotional, especially my dad the day of our wedding. Their daughter is happy with the man she loves.”

Here I focused on the parents, arms around each other as they watch their daughter partake in the wedding ceremony.  Sometimes they are the focus 🙂


They wrote each other letters to open on their anniversary


Kiss the Bride

While my second photographer was in the aisle getting the standard “kiss” photo, I climbed up a little wall to get this shot to pull in the full atmosphere :).  Sheri and Tom will have both images to remember this moment and a painting as well, more on that soon :).


Tom shared, “After the I kissed the bride, whew, it was time for a cocktail! I am fortunate to have such a caring wife and look forward to a long healthy relationship.”


York County, Pennsylvania

The view from cocktail hour— just incredible!


Cocktails began and I was able to catch more of that stunning tree!


Unique Cocktail Entertainment- an Artist!

Sheri smiled, “Len captured our first kiss through painting while entertaining our guest.”


And what an incredible job he did!


Smiles all around at cocktail hour…


The Reception Space

Sheri explained, “With Covid changing our initial plans, our reception was ultimately outdoors under a tent with drapery (Thank you, Tom, for the surprise), which turned out amazing with the flowers, the table designs.”

Yaaaas!  The drapery and lights added so much to your tent!


Sheri explained, “The overall feel we were going for our wedding was elegant and fun with a splash of colors with two favorites purple and lime green. Our florist, Angel on Wings, helped select the perfect colors of purple and green flowers with gray/silver spreads to make the perfect combination.”


Once District DJ added their lights and I added mine, wow, the space really popped!!


Luggage Tag Mementos

Sheri explained, “We love to travel so we chose to gift each of our guests with luggage tags with the phrase …And So the Adventure Begins. We chose this because Tom and I love to travel and it fits our personality. You never know where we will end up when we start our travel plans.”


Haaa looking for a travel buddy?  I’ll tag along! 😉


Wedding Reception

Sunset, party time!


Jon Smithfield, of District DJ, got the party started, everyone was ready for the bride and groom to arrive:



Sheri explained, “My dad got a little choked up during his speech when he talked about being a small family, and now joining Tom’s very large family and saying “we are all family now.  It touched us all so deeply.”


Another quick posed shot throughout all of the candid celebrations:


Visiting tables…


A (Young) Old Friend

I need to mention, that when Jon and I met several years ago, when we were both starting out in the wedding industry, he met me over coffee and showed me how to use social media to promote my fledgling business. It was awesome to catch up with him and hear all of the ways his business has been growing!


Their first dance…

Sheri explained, “Surprising everyone with our first dance “I Would” by Connie Talbot and choreographed by our friend Bonne Frock, Wow, we did it. Our song was found by Tom with some of the best lyrics. While we practiced our first dance for weeks, on our wedding day in front of all our guests it was only about Tom and I and in the moment with just us.”


The guests were riveted during the first dance, something you really can’t tell from a close-up.  During the first dance I was all over the place literally trying to really capture the full moment, here I am in among the guests showing the entire space, while I stationed Richard close to the couple to get the more straightforward shots as I moved around.


Sheri explained, “The anniversary dance was so special for my parents for many reasons, one of them being that “their song” was playing when they were the last ones on the dance floor.”


Dancing the Night Away

Speaking of the dance floor…  gotta love the vibrant purple uplighting in the tent!


Sometimes black and white captures all of the energy, textures, and emotion so well!


Sheri smiled, “Our DJ, Jon, was on point the entire day with our guest and knew when to switch up the music!”


For those not out on the dance floor, the Country Club of York provided a cozy outdoor space to enjoy…


A Moment Alone…

With all of the guests occupied, Sheri and Tom escaped for a moment alone… Sheri changed out of her wedding gown into another stunner…country-club-of-york-best-wedding-photographers-central-pa-creative-high-quality-artistic-unique-65

Sheri smiled, “When I’m with Tom he makes me feel like I am the only woman in the world. We are truly best friends and partners in life.


The Photographs Will Last

With all the celebrations coming to an end, Sheri and Tom will have these beautiful moments captured in photos and hundreds more to look back on for years to come…

Outdoor tent wedding at the Country Club of York, in York PA at night

Thank you Sheri and Tom for inviting me to be by your side on such a special day.  I wish you all the very best and am so excited to see which photo you choose for your canvas!

  • Venue: Country Club of York  Shannon  Seitz, our Wedding Coordinator at the Country Club was so organized and worked with through all our changes at the last minute due to COVID.  They day of the wedding  Shannon made the day run so smoothly and if there was anything that was not right, Tom and I were not aware because she was on top of it all.  Thank you Shannon!!
  • Music: Dan McGuire Group:    Dan McGuire, our guitarist, and Jon Smithfield were easy to work with and were so professional .  They catered to the Bride and Groom and continued to make sure we  were happy.    Jon was on point the entire day with our guest and knew when to switch up the music!
  • Composer: Jeremey Birdsall Music: Jeremey outdid himself with composing our music for the ceremony processionals and recessionals.  He made everything so perfect for Tom and I.
  • Jeweler: Garrick Jewelers:  Thank you to our sister/sister-in-law Lois  Smeak, who was so patient choosing our rings, gifts, and keeping the secrets!
  • Florist: On Angel Wings:  Our florist was so great to work with!   Loved everything about the flowers and wouldn’t change a single thing.
  • Artist: Len Garon Art:  Len captured our first kiss through painting while entertaining our guest.
  • Salon: Lush Salon and Spa:  Carly was the best the day of the wedding and made my mom and I feel so special getting ready for the big day!
  • Paper Goods: Jessica Smith Designs:  Jessica designed our Save the Dates and Wedding Invitation collection.  She did an amazing job and took all the ideas and created a unique collection for us.
  • Attire: Simone’s  Unlimited
  • Dance Instructor: Bonnie Frock  We can’t thank our friend, Bonnie Frock enough for all the talent working with us on our first dance, ideas for the reception décor, and being there for us the day of the wedding for anything we needed!
  • Photographer: Rhinehart Photography  Lisa did an amazing job capturing our day with an artistic view.  We love working with her!

If you’d like to see more of Sheri and Tom check out their Gettysburg engagement blog here.  The full set of photos including many many guest photos, will be coming in the next week or so.

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