Pennsylvania Senior Portrait Photographer: Zeke

As a Pennsylvania Senior Portrait Photographer, I love capturing what makes each student unique!

This photography session showcased Zeke’s personality, the creative way that he sees the world, his love of sports and the arts, even his spiritual side… We played with so many unusual photography techniques: forced perspective, reflections, silhouettes, motion blur, and more!

Here I envisioned Zeke time-traveling **through a porthole** to save humanity in some way.  He just strikes me as that kind of kid.

kid climbing through portal as part of his senior portrait photos in pennsylvania with a blue sky and jeans jacket

Creative Vision

Zeke was literally game for anything I wanted to try and even had some of his own ideas up his sleeve.  I’m hoping to collaborate with him on a gallery exhibit at Shape downtown if we can figure out how to make that happen ;).

This dude has an incredible creative vision– see what I did there?

high school senior holds clear glasses with hair in his face and blue t shirt

Why Rhinehart Photography?

The Lyman family and I go way back! I have had the pleasure of photographing all of their children’s portraits, as well as a few family portrait sessions, and even a wedding of theirs, too.

Zeke said, “My mom has always liked your photography and was proud of the fact that we were kind of your first customers.  You have always been our family’s favorite photographer. When my mom told me that you were going to be taking my senior photos, I was extremely confident that they were going to be awesome.”

silhouetted reflection in a puddle as a colorful and creative senior portrait photography idea

Amy (Zeke’s mom) added, “I knew Lisa would “get” Zeke. She would understand his vision and creativity, and just be really fun to work with.”

Did someone say fun??  I’m in!!

black and white upside down high school senior portrait photography in pennsylvania

Photography that Pops!

He shared,  “I really think with my creative interests we could make these photos really pop in their own way.”

Yes, his interests and creativity were paired with the intense sunlight and blue sky day, too! POP for sure:

blue sky high school senior portrait photography in Shippensburg Pennsylvania

Traditional Portraits, too

Of course, we had to get a couple of traditional portraits for mom!  Don’t worry, we kept them cool :).

high school senior with blue eys and shirt in shippensburg pennsylvania


Zeke shared “I really wanted my portraits to be creative I had the thought of making them unique to the point of being unrealistic, very different than your standard senior portrait photos.

He continued, “I love dramatic shadows, I really think that this could be a very impressive group of pictures.”

Zeke likes to play with photoshop a lot, I do not, haha!  If this shot messes with your head a bit.  It’s bc I pushed myself in the photoshop department to do something playful that I could see appealing to Zeke– do you notice what it is?

soccer shadow creative portrait photography unique

Un-focused Design

Amy explained, “Ezekiel has always been labeled as “unfocused.” And he is, but as I have watched him grow up, I realize he is really just “other-focused.”

best creative senior portrait photographer in central pennsylvania black and white classic artistic

Amy continued, “He sees things we don’t and understands people and situations that others completely miss. He has a focus all his own and it is one of his greatest gifts that we have tried to keep traditional schooling from crushing. It’s what I love and celebrate about him!”

I love how Zeke’s image is blurred here in the reflection of the water.  It’s almost like his head is in the clouds or like we are peeking in on his dreams:

reflection artistic creative portrait high school senior

Zeke shared, “My unfocused shirts have always been an idea swimming around in the back of my head. The name came to me when I realized that I needed to make something that resonated with me.  As a child growing up I lacked focus.  Unfocused–It just fit perfectly with the type of designs.”

Amy smiled, “He loves designing. He has a quirky style, and enjoys making his own shirt and shoe designs.”

This is an “unfocused” shirt he designed, do you like how I played with my camera focus, too?

unfocused image showing motion blur from slow shutter speed


Zeke grinned, “So the location that we picked was from the first photos you’ve ever taken of us. This is really cool because a lot of the pictures and the places I took were where my brothers and sisters took their pictures. I thought I could do integration of their pictures, into my pictures and somehow also be in their photos at the same time just to make it look cool and time travel. ”

While I am primarily a Pennsylvania Senior Portrait Photographer, I do travel a lot for work.  It was cool to photograph all of the Lymans senior portraits in Shippensburg, as it is the place we both call home!

forced perspective in highschool senior portrait photography

Forced Perspective

Zeke described, “I think we nailed it when it came to unique and different poses. Nothing like a “typical’ senior session…anything but!

“I’ve always been able to see a different outcome and creative artworks or designs. I really think that’s going to help me make these photos look cool & fit my personality.”

Pegleg shadow play, no photoshop needed here, just old school forced-perspective making Zeke’s shadow into a caricature…

high school senior juggles a soccer ball with a unique shadow

From Soccer to Art

Zeke explained, “So I grew up playing soccer for about 8 years, then transitioned more into music and theater in middle school, which was really really fun.”

Here he uses the blue paintbrush to “paint a portrait” of himself.

artistic pennsylvania high school senior portrait photographer unique painting on an easel

Ezekiel’s Eyes

Mom described, “Ezekiel sees the world differently than most. Not just his aesthetic “eye,” but his natural compassion towards others.

high school senior peeks through his hand with a yellow strip in the background

She added, “He understands things deeply and is fearless when it comes to that. “

glasses missing different type of vision symbolic portraits


Zeke shared, “A big part of my designs and creativity come from scriptures and my spirituality.”

Here I wanted to bring out Zeke’s spiritual side, and the setting sun created this orb of light that hit him right in his heart, I thought that was perfect!

gold orbs of light spiritual side senior portrait photographer creative unique personality

Uniquely Zeke!

It takes some people their whole life to know who they really are…at such a young age, it’s amazing how much Zeke has accomplished!

forced perspective black and white senior portrait photographer

It All Lines Up

I love how the stripes from the gate along the wall almost intersect with the stripes on Zeke’s shirt, even with similar thickness, spacing and color as if they are transferring.

Love the action and motion that was created by slowing down the shutter and getting the cool blur effect in-camera.

For me, this spoke to his design work, too!

running stripes motion blur photography techniques for unique senior portrait photographs

Time Travel

For this photograph, I was picturing Zeke pulling himself through a porthole to save the world from calamity…

He is particularly interested to see this one!  Yes, I agree, Zeke, these are not your typical Pennsylvania Senior Portrait Photographer concepts.  🙂

portal time travel creative photography for unique highschool seniors boy in jeans jacket against concrete wall

Zeke smiled, “My senior portrait session with Lisa was so much fun!!  The environment and the place we took the photos were amazing. I’m extremely excited about these photos’ outcome and truly think there’s going to be the best ever! Especially better than all my sibling’s photos (haha!). The vibe was amazing!”silhouetted at sunset unique high school senior portraits in Pennsylvania

The session ended with a silhouette portrait and colorful sunset! Zeke, thank you so much for an epic session! I appreciate your family choosing me again and again. Really enjoyed bringing who you are on the inside to life– your passions, interests, and personality.  I hope you like these as much as I do!  🙂

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  • I travel all over photographing high school seniors.  While I am a Pennsylvania Senior Portrait Photographer, and reside there, I have been known to travel for creative portraiture.  Even to North Carolina for this very family 🙂


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