Stevensville Maryland Wedding

Sara & Tom’s Stevensville Maryland wedding was filled with happy tears, laughter, and so much fun– wait until you see their dance floor!  It took place at Camp Wright, along the beautiful Chesapeake Bay

Stevensville Maryland wedding photographer creative Chesapeake bay at sunset bride and groom are silhouetted

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Tom shared, “One of many reasons we chose you was because Sara had seen firsthand how talented you are at Rachel & Tommy’s Baltimore wedding at the Four Seasons. As Rachel’s Maid of Honor, not only did she appreciate your easygoing and creative direction (particularly when organizing a large bridal party), she really loved the final product — your photos from Rachel’s and Tommy’s wedding were gorgeous. The black and white photo of them under the umbrella has always stayed with her.”

Sara added, “Tom is an artist and he appreciated some of the artistic, creative photos on your website gallery; he thought you could create some really unique shots of us beyond typical cookie-cutter wedding photos. We’re both interested in more candid photos to really capture the joy of the day, but want a couple posed photos, too. We talked it over and decided a photographer was a good vendor on which to splurge a bit, because photos are one of the most lasting things you want for on your wedding day. We figured it was worth it to work with the best!

Sara & Tom share, “We loved working with you guys for our wedding! We felt like you were literally everywhere, capturing every moment and fit right in at the same time!”

artistic photo of groom in Stevensville Maryland pouring glass of bourbon in suit

Creative Shots for the Artist 😉

Having my second photographer take the more traditional shots allows me to take fun photos like this with Tom reflected in his groomsmen’s sunglasses.

fun candid of groom reflecting in groomsmen sunglasses in black and white

Groomsmen Connection

Sara says, “Tom and the groomsmen go way back, most of them to childhood. Tom met our officiant Mike when they were both living in North Carolina. He flew in all the way from Alaska to be a part of our wedding!”

I love incorporating solar flare into shots whenever I can, and loved going through the files and seeing this shot from my second photographer, Jim!

groomsmen in navy tuxes with sunglasses and solar flare at camp wright creative stevensville maryland wedding photographer

Lovely Bridesmaids

It’s really important for me to find the best lighting that makes every bridesmaid feel gorgeous throughout the day.  I so appreciate the way people trust me with this– in front of the doors?  Ok!  This was an easy sell with having worked with a few of these women previously :).

bridesmaids in pink robes outside smiling with best Stevensville Maryland wedding photographer

Artistic Reflections

I love to take a step back on wedding days to take some photos from a unique perspective, like this reflection of Sara getting ready with the dogs watching!

artistic photo of mom helping bride get ready with dogs reflected in door

Tom’s First Look

Tom shares, “The first look was incredible. Sara was stunning and just beaming with energy. I couldn’t wait to say I do. I’m glad we did the first look, otherwise, I would have been even more teary and smiling even goofier than I already was.”

emotional waterfront first look with bride and groom at Chesapeake bay wedding in a stevensville maryland wedding

Sara’s First Look

Sara shares, “When I saw Tom on our wedding day, all the little details that had consumed the morning — getting ready, making sure everyone was where they should be, pictures, etc. — just fell away.”

bride smiling during first look with groom outdoors at camp wright in Stevensville Maryland best photographer

She continues, “He looked so incredibly handsome in his tuxedo, and I couldn’t stop beaming at him all day long.  I saw Tom and instantly relaxed. He is always able to make me feel grounded and excited at the same time.”

camp wright wedding stevensville Maryland first look black and white outdoor nature background

Scenery is Key

For me, it is important to capture the landscape along with the couples and even allow it to take center stage sometimes.  Something so beautiful about a Stevensville Maryland wedding, and any of the areas adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay, is the stunning combination of forest and bay.

Here I moved to frame them in tree branches and put them against the brightest part of the sky.  I under-exposed slightly to really bring out the blue of the sky, green of the leaves, and intense shadows of the tree branches.

wide angle photograph of forests of trees lining Chesapeake bay at camp wright during first look

All in Good Fun

Having such fun groomsmen always makes for lots of laughter on the wedding day!  These guys were pretty much the best.  🙂

groom making silly faces wearing suit with bowtie in black and white

Haaa these gues were pretty freaking adorable, too.  Tom was so great with the kids!

ring bearer holding on to grooms leg before wedding ceremony with best Stevensville Maryland wedding photographer

A Pandemic Puppy

Tom & Sara say, “Summer, our seven-month-old golden retriever, is the sweetest puppy in the world – of course, we had to include her in our big day!”

They continue, “A true pandemic puppy, she wouldn’t let us out of her sight to take photos, and in fact, insisted on being front and center in most of them. When you include a puppy in your wedding, you never know what’s going to happen!”

Wedding gown, not dog bed, lol!!

golden retriever puppy laying on bride's dress at camp wright wedding ceremony in black and white

Down the Aisle

Tom shares, “It was important to Sara that both her parents walk her down the aisle.”

bride carrying bouquet being walked down the aisle by both parents outdoor ceremony

A Beautiful Ceremony

Camp Wright was the perfect location for a Stevensville Maryland wedding photographer like myself. The scenery was so beautiful!

stevensville maryland wedding photographer captures the trees along the chesapeake bay at this photographic wedding venue of camp wright

All the Feels

My main objective on the wedding day is to capture authentic emotions and real-life moments like this.  I can almost feel what is going on internally for Tom just by looking at this photo as he composes himself during his vows.

emotional photo of groom crying during vow exchange

Authentic Moments

The best photos often happen when no one knows they’re being photographed.

One of the first things I try to say to a couple and their closest family and friends when I arrive on the wedding day is: I know I have a camera, and we’ve all been conditioned to look at it and smile.  Today isn’t about performing, it’s about being here with the couple and truly enjoying the day.  Ignore me, go about doing what you are doing.  If I need you to look and smile I’ll let you know.

The most important thing today in real life is being emotionally present and enjoying it and that will look best in the photos, too.

emotional guests reaction in black and white to couple exchanging vows

Their Favorite Part

They share, “Both of us were so freaking happy for the entire day, it’s hard to name a favorite part.”

You can see the groomsmen were, too!

groom grinning from hearing bride read vows during wedding ceremony

Harry Potter Vows

They continue, “But making our vows to each other is definitely one of the highlights. Somehow Tom managed to work Sara’s love of Harry Potter into his vows.”

bride and groom at outdoor altar with officiant in black and white with guests in background

Why Camp Wright?

Sara & Tom say, “When we first visited Camp Wright, we knew it was the place for us. We both grew up boating on the Chesapeake Bay, so finding a venue on the water was important to us.”

They continue, “Pair that with the laid-back vibe of a summer camp, the gorgeous waterfront chapel, and all the outdoor space for our guests to spread out and enjoy the party – it was a winner!”

I totally agree! This Stevensville Maryland wedding location was a photographer’s dream!

camp wright in stevensville maryland wedding best venues bride and groom first kiss with guests clappingReuniting with Friends and Family

I love this sweet moment Sara and her mom shared immediately following the ceremony!

mom hugging bride post ceremony in black and white while groom smiles

Sara shares, “We chose spring colors -pinks, yellows, and oranges -and a “down the shore” aesthetic.”

She continues, “The colors were not only perfect for May; they truly reflected the bright and cheerful feeling we had finally reuniting with so many friends and family.”

pink and orange bridal bouquet with father of the bride kissing on cheek

Starting the Night Off Right

They say, “Bachelor Boys Band included a cocktail hour jazz trio in their package, which really started the night off with a great vibe.”

How cool was this?  I love live music and also the intense colors offered by a blue-sky day like this!

jazz trio performing outside during cocktail hour with saxophone drums and cello

Summer Crush

They share, “The fresh-squeezed orange and grapefruit crushes (the “Summer Crush” signature cocktail by Bayshore Bar Services) were the hit of the night — our guests were raving about them!”

It was so fun to see one of my past brides, Rachel, at Sara & Tom’s wedding. The greatest compliment I can receive is when past couples refer their friends and family, and I’m so happy to say that it happens *a lot*. 🙂

summer crush signature drink bridesmaid holds bride's train

Fun & Games

Sara & Tom share, “We borrowed yard games from friends and family – we’re at a summer camp, why not play some games?”

wedding guests playing outside games corn hole during cocktail hour

Stevensville Maryland Wedding Party

I took several more traditional shots of these guys, the candid ones were really some of my favorites.  I love the classic, relaxed feel and how it fits the overall wedding vibe.

fun wedding party walking together in front of camp wright sign black and white

Dancing Fun

Sara shares, “Tom and I have always loved dancing together, even alone in our apartment during the pandemic.”

bride and groom singing and dancing during sunset outdoor tented ceremony

She continues, “We took a few lessons to get prepared for our moment in the spotlight, and practiced A LOT. I think it paid off!”

groom dipping bride during first dance in black and white

Tug at the Heartstrings

Sara says, “So many people were crying during the speeches, and it’s obvious why. My dad, my sister, and Tom’s brother really know how to tug at the heartstrings.”

sentimental wedding toasts during tented reception from sister of bride

I loved capturing this moment of Sara’s dad giving such a sweet speech.

father of the bride giving speech during wedding reception outdoors best Maryland photographer

While there were many tears, the speeches also brought tons of laughter!  Tom’s brother had everyone in stitches. 😉

wedding couple laughing during toasts at reception under tent

Blur of Excitement & Activity

Sara shares, “In the blur of activity and other people, it was nice to slow down and enjoy the fact that we just got married!!!.”

husband and wife riding on golf cart creative motion blur photographer Stevensville Maryland wedding

Haaa here I am hanging on the back of a moving golf cart getting this photograph!   Lol, yes I’ll do almost anything to get a great photo!

best creative photographer riding on the back of a golf cart taking the perfect shot of the newlyweds at camp wright

Quiet Moments

They share, “We loved the few quiet moments we got to spend together throughout the day: the first look, dinner at our sweetheart table, sunset photos on the beach.”

bride and groom during sunset at Chesapeake bay waterfront stevensville maryland wedding

Looking into the Future

Tom says, “I think we are both looking forward to traveling together and taking way too many pictures of our dog.”

black and white photo of couple standing facing Chesapeake bay with tide coming into shore in a stevensville maryland wedding

Cake Smash

Haaa so fun, I also love the string lights and incredible color of the sky during twilight.  Blue hour is a great time for photos, just like golden hour!

Position, lens choice, camera settings, and anticipating this moment all came together to make this shot possible!

bride smashing cake in groom's face during cake cutting at Stevensville Maryland wedding venue

Dance Floor Highlights

Sara says, “There was the crazy moment when our friends lifted us into the air during “Shout.” We’ve never had so much fun.”

bride and groom lifted by wedding guests during reception song in black and white

When Limbo gets Competitive, haha!

These guys take competition and partying pretty seriously, so it made for a perfect match for limbo out on the dance floor!

wedding guests doing limbo during reception fun photographer black and white


Sara shares, “We’ve played the “Thunderstruck” drinking game at all my friend’s weddings. It’s always fun, but this time Tom’s sister Julie truly stole the show as she did a full split while chugging her beer.”

bridesmaid doing splits while chugging beer during thunderstruck at wedding reception black and white wide angle

Top Priority

They share, “Our number one priority when planning our wedding: a killer band and a rocking dance floor. Mission accomplished!”

wedding guests dancing photojournalistic approach black and white

Glow Stick Tunnel

They say, “We opted for glow sticks instead of sparklers for our exit for safety reasons, but it was just as fun to run through the tunnel. What an awesome sendoff to the most perfect night! We haven’t laughed or smiled so much… ever!”

glow stick tunnel wedding exit at camp wright stevensville maryland artistic wedding photographer

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Stevensville Maryland Wedding Vendors

They smile, “We loved every one of our vendors! So many amazing people made our day what it was, and we couldn’t have done it without them.”

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