Pennsylvania Family Photography: Herb Family

For the Herb family, childhood is made of Harry Potter Wands, tree climbing, trampolines, fingerpaint, pets (named Albus, Luna, & Minerva of course)… you won’t want to miss this high-energy, authentic, Pennsylvania family photography session for the Herbs:

girl walking on log wearing vibrant green converse sneakers during pennsylvania outdoor family session creative angle

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Brownwyn & Greg share, “We love everything about your photography! We were absolutely blown away by our last set of family portraits from you. Just the way that the kids’ personalities really shined through, even Nora giving some side-eye shade for example.”

They continue, “It didn’t feel rushed or like a show, you were able to get so much of just us being us.”

best pennsylvania family photography photographer girl carrying brother on back while siblings laugh in the background

Trampoline Fun!

Brownwyn shares, “The kids decided they wanted a trampoline and it went against every bone in my body to buy them one, and they knew it, so they pooled their money and sold their case to us. We agreed and even paid for a little bit of it. They spend hours playing on that ‘broken bone bouncy house’!”

creative candid photo of girl jumping on trampoline wearing under armour socks and striped shirt

Wardrobe Inspiration

They share, “As far as wardrobe, we let the kids choose what made them feel most like themselves.”

It’s so important that everyone is comfortable in their outfits for portrait sessions!

brothers and sisters hugging outside during pennsylvania family session

Harry Potter Inspired Pets

They share, “We love Harry Potter so much that our pets have all been named after Harry Potter characters: Luna, Minerva, & Albus.”

kids petting Harry Potter inspired dog laying in grass wearing converse

Authentic Childhood Moments

The Herb family explains, “The Overall vibe of the session was real-life, authentic childhood.”

three kids jumping on trampoline in back yard with house in distance fun angle Will in a Tree!

Brownwyn shares, “I really wanted Lisa to capture all of the real-life, authentic moments happening.”

I loved having the chance to capture authentic moments like this one below of Will in a tree!


Dad to the Rescue

Dad helped will down from the tree. Such a fun, real-life moment to photograph during this Pennsylvania family photography session!

dad helping son from tree climbing laughing fun outside

A Floral Crown for a Little Princess

It was so fun to watch Nora picking the perfect flowers to make a crown out of.

child in pink floral shirt collecting flowers to make crown during family session

This pic just makes me smile.  At this point, I believe Rowen was trying to convince Nora that the crown looked beautiful.

I love how her little teeth show here:

mom pinching daughters cheeks as she smiles with hand made flower crown outdoors

The Boy Who Lived! (Yes I love HP, too!)

Greg smiles, “I have planted nerd seeds, starting by introducing them to Star Wars.  Now they are into Marvel & Harry Potter.  We Nerd out.”

Brownwyn adds, “I totally approve.”

boy holding wand creative depth of field Harry Potter session

Wand Fun

They say, “The kids LOVE Harry Potter and don’t waste a moment when given the opportunity to play with their wands!”

girl with wand pretending to cast a spell like Harry Potter fun outdoors

One Crazy Year

They share, “It was one crazy year filled with so many not normal things that I wanted to make sure all the new traditions and routines we implemented into our crazy lives were documented.”

Running around in the woods was such a fun tradition to capture!

creative wide angle shot of brother and sister running through woods outdoors in their backyard

Parent Photos!

During family sessions, I always make sure to capture a few more candid photos of the parents, too.

couple laughing and smiling during candid portrait outdoorsTraditional Portraits, too!

I loved getting a chance to photograph the Herb family again. The last time I photographed them was a few years ago and the kids have grown so much since then!

Love that everyone was wearing Converse too. 😉

traditional posed family photo of four kids with parents outside with trees in background in pennsylvania

Everyone was all smiles during the time we spent taking some traditional portraits.

The kids are too darn cute and make my job so easy! 🙂  Here is handsome Will:

boy smiling at camera for portrait traditional authentic natural

Nora stunning in her floral crown:

portrait of girl with homemade flower crown wearing pink shirt with flowers outside

I like this shot of Maeve, I think her spirit really shines through:

solar flare during portraits with girl in woods wearing striped shirt

Rowen, beaming, beautiful inside and out!

traditional portrait of girl smiling at camera

Painting the Night Away

They say, “Our kids are super creative and often find ‘projects’ of their own. Anything from designing their own cupcakes, playing with our dogs, and creating plays, painting everything in sight.”

artistic framing of girl with paintbrush in hand with trees in background outside backyard pennsylvania

Artistic Expression

With such a fun, relaxed session I had plenty of time to get creative with angles, like this photo where I was actually laying on the ground!

girls hand with paintbrush painting outside with sky in background

I liked the idea of layering to almost make it look like face paint.

I had so many interesting ideas for the Herb family and I’m so glad they were open to them!

fun angle of girls painting on acrylic outside during family photography session

Family Fun

The Herb family shares, “The craziness of a big family of 6 living in close quarters during a pandemic really does make things interesting.”

Haaaaa here is a visual for you, guys!

unique perspective of family painting during outdoor photo session in Pennsylvania

Watch Out For the Paint Zombies!

Greg shares, “Our twins Nora and Will live for making art.”

This statement was so on-point.  They were the last two painting at the end of the night!

boys hand covered in paint while making silly face at camera

Greg & Brownwyn share, “We are into letting our kids get messy and be themselves.”

They add, “We say yes to the things that we can now.  That’s how they learn, they make and experiment.”

girl sticking tongue out with hands covered in paint outside

Why Your Current Home?

They smile,  “We definitely wanted places that were bright with natural light and green. Most of us love being outside. Next time we will definitely be able to get our photos taken at our FOREVER home.”

I’m so excited for their next Pennsylvania family photography session in their forever home that’s currently being built!

pennsylvania family photography session creative silhouette photo at sunset in the woods with couple

Herb Family Slideshow!

See more fun photos from the Herb family’s session in the slideshow below!

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