Mount Hope Estate Wedding: Andrew & Jamie

Andrew and Jamie had the entire grounds of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire to themselves for their Mount Hope Estate Wedding in Manheim, Pennsylvania!  Not only was it gorgeous and romantic, but fun, tooHarry Potter wands & “Unbreakable Vow” craft beer in hand, led to an all-out Hogwarts Battle! Such a unique wedding!

A sunset kiss at the mansion… the tree branches created two highlights.  I angled myself to frame the couple and statue in the bright spots and played up those firey colors….


Why Rhinehart Photography?

Jamie shares, “We knew that the wedding day would likely be a blur so we decided to invest in a fantastic photographer!  We immediately loved your style. Your pictures are clear, crisp, and vibrant and you play with light in such interesting ways! We also loved that so many of your pictures were candid – we really wanted to have the majority of our pictures to be informal instead of perfectly posed pictures.”

candid natural Pennsylvania black and white wedding photographer

She smiles, “We felt so comfortable with you, and had such a natural connection from the start!  Working with you on our wedding day was fantastic. You blended into the background most of the day, and also spoke up to help guide us, to get a better angle or a fun shot!  You made everything SO EASY!!! Neither of us are comfortable in front of the camera, but you found ways to make it so much fun! We never felt like we were being “posed” for formal pictures and like we needed to have a stiff smile plastered on our faces. It truly felt like we had a friend taking our pictures for us!

I played with the sunlight here, I thought the setting sun kind of looked like a Patronus, so I suggested that Andrew and Jamie summon theirs :).  I love how much fun their bridal party had with this Harry Potter theme.  More to come!!

fun Harry Potter inspired wedding party photo with wands outside patronus

Jamie continues, “For our wedding pictures, we’re hoping to see two things: joy and love. When we decided to have a small wedding, we knew that we wanted it to be really fun and intimate and special. We were so happy to see that our sneak peek pictures completely captured the vibe we were hoping for!”

Andrew adds, “I totally agree, we felt like we meshed from day one.  We are so happy and feel incredibly lucky that you were available to photograph our wedding day!”


Creativity is Key

I love to play with light and reflections, color and silhouettes, and who doesn’t like sunglasses? As the men opened up their beers I was really vibing with the location

creative silhouette photo of groom and groomsmen opening beer in front of stained glass window

Inspired by My Couples

I take the time to get to know my couples, so I can capture the things that are most important to them and really allow their personality to shine through in their wedding photography.  I loved these windows and capitalized on Andrew’s love of Star Wars here.

Andrew laughed, “I used ‘The Force’ on Devin and Justin.”

groom and groomsmen Star Wars force photo in front of stained glass windows during getting ready

Her Wedding Gown

Jamie smiles, “I think I had this look in mind ever since I was a little girl.  Disney movies were totally my thing, haha!”

I love showing off gorgeous wedding attire so this staircase caught my eye, pair that with this reflection, and wowza, I was in heaven!

black and white photo of bride walking up staircase smiling and looking back with dress train behind reflection in mirror

Portraits, too

While I focus on photographing all the important moments of the wedding day, I always make time to take some traditional bridal portraits as well!

Jamie, you are stunning!!traditional bridal portrait of bride smiling and looking at camera with round wedding ring and dangling earrings

Sister Love

Witnessing this sweet moment between Jamie and her sister was one of my favorite photos from this Mount Hope Estate wedding day.  Sister bond, for sure!

emotional black and white photo sister wiping tear from eye at bride's wedding

First Look with Dad

I love to layer stories together, so here you can see both Jamie and her dad all in one shot. I like concise visual storytelling.

bride and father first look dad smiling while looking at daughter on wedding day in wedding dress

First Touch

Jamie says, “On our wedding day, I got to see Andrew before he got to see me.  During the “first touch,” I walked up behind him and got a minute to hold him and just relax for a minute before the wedding.

black and white bride and groom first look bride looking at camera while walking up to groom outside at mount hope estate

Why Mount Hope Estate?

Andrew shares, “We love going to the Renaissance Faire at Mount Hope Estate. My first time there was with Jamie and ever since I’ve really enjoyed going there every year with her. The Renaissance Faire shows a bit of our interests and personalities.”

They share, “We knew we had to check out Mount Hope Estate’s Micro Wedding Package.  Being there took our breath away.”

I can see why!

mount hope estate wedding photographer creative best award winning fountain photograph with mansion and bride and groom

Mount Hope Estate Wedding Ceremony

Andrew shares, “My favorite part of our wedding day was seeing Jamie for the first time in her wedding dress walking down the aisle.  She looked so amazing and beautiful.”

I loved the blue ties and fans, so much fun, visually!  Again, I’m layering this story visually, the groom, groomsmen, officiant, and wedding guests…

officiant groom and groomsmen standing at altar wearing blue ties with blue fan overlay waiting for bride

Her Other Half

Jamie shares, “We had been waiting for this moment for so long, and finally, we were getting to declare our love for one another!  I felt more love than I could have ever imagined.  I am so incredibly lucky to have met my other half.”

Here Jamie’s father gives her one final hug before she marries her other half.

bride hugging dad one last time before greeting groom at altar in black and white holding bouquet

Location. Location.  Location.

I love the personal touch of having a loved one officiate your wedding ceremony. For this photo, I wanted to capture not just portraits but **all the things** on their wedding day.  In this case, I really wanted to show off the ceremony location.

I used a wide-angle lens and got in a rather precarious position so that I could show the Estate, and outstretched tree limbs.  It actually made me think a bit about the Whomping Willow.  More on that soon…

outdoor intimate wedding ceremony bride and groom saying vows mount hope estate and winery Manheim pennsylvania wide angle photo

Personalized Wedding Ceremony

So many elements of this Mount Hope Estate wedding were personalized.  I love couples who truly embrace who they are and work it into the wedding.

In this case, even the officiant was a family member, and important to Jamie and Andrew.



They started out fairly traditional…

“Do you Andrew, take Jamie, to be your wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward through all your adventures in life together?”

black and white photo of bride and groom holding hands while saying vows during ceremony while bridesmaids smile in background

Then they added their own twist.

They smile, “We loved being able to create our own, slightly nerdy, vows!”

“With this ring…I bind myself to you…until my journey’s end.  I promise to be your navigator, best friend, and husband. I promise to honor, love and cherish you through all life’s adventures.  I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.”

Just Married

mount hope estate wedding photographer photo showing bride and groom's wedding recessional

These two are adorable and did a little “we are married dance” following the ceremony!

candid fun pa wedding photographer

What a Pair!!

Jamie shares, “Our personalities are not the same, but we complement each other in perfect ways! He brings such a calming presence – he reminds me about the big picture and what truly matters.  I keep him on track and bring him back down to earth.  I think we help to bring out the best in each other!”

She continues, “When we got married, it felt complete.  Like this promise that we have been making to each other over the years was finally fulfilled. I felt like such a princess on our wedding day!  Andrew is the most perfect prince. :)”

bride giving groom wearing glasses kiss on cheek after wedding ceremony groom wearing blue tie and flowers

All the Emotion

For me, part of what I do is capture what a wedding looks like, but more importantly, I capture what it *feels* like.

Here Jamie hugs her grandfather whom she was so thrilled to have present during her wedding day!

black and white photograph of grandfather hugging granddaughter bride after ceremony while grandmother smiles

Strangers Turned Friends

Jamie shares, “We intentionally had a small bridal party, but I definitely didn’t feel like we had a small bridal party! My bridesmaids knew each other, and Andrew’s groomsmen knew each other… but the bridesmaids and groomsmen had never met before. 

They all got along so well – I would never have guessed that they were strangers before that day!”

fun creative wedding party photo blue bridesmaid dresses blue groomsmen ties outdoors

A Pirate Ship!?!  Yes, please!!

They share, “When we found out that we’d be able to go onto the grounds of the Renaissance Faire to take pictures, we were sold.  We did not expect to be able to go onto the grounds of one of our favorite places to take wedding pictures, what an opportunity!”

It was as fun as it looks, even for me! I’ve been going to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire since I was a kid and LOVE it.  When I found out that we’d have free reign of the grounds for portraits, I was ecstatic. First on my list was the pirate ship!

best renaissance fair wedding photographer Manheim pa wedding party in front of pirate ship laughing with bride and groom

No Boring Photos Allowed!

I knew this was their request and went all-out to deliver.  No generic, stiff, or stuffy photos– just plain fun!

We opened up with a little pirate ship charades– ahoy there!

non-traditional wedding party group photos with bride and groom pretending to look through telescope in front of pirate ship

Inspired by My Couples

I take time getting to know my couples, that’s a really important part of the creative process for me.  It helps us to connect emotionally and gives me so much more to work with on the wedding day!

If Harry Potter and fun bridal party photos are their thing, I’m all-in.  I’m all-in in whatever you’d like, really, and adapt my coverage to my clients.  This is my first ever Hogwarts Battle, but I won’t at all be opposed to more!  🙂

harry potter themed wedding bride and groom pointing wands at each other black and white photo on renaissance faire grounds Manheim pa

Wands Drawn!!

It didn’t take long until things got a little hasty ;).

Jamie says, “Andrew, Sarah, and I LOVE Harry Potter so much!!” 

She smiles, “It didn’t take us long until we were playing around with wands and “casting spells”.”

fun wedding party photos holding wands Harry Potter inspired in front of pirate ship renaissance faire

Summoning their Patronuses!!

I loved that the sun looked like a Patronus here!  I mentioned it to them and they knew exactly what to do!

harry potter themed wedding vibrant outdoor wedding party photos at mount hope estate trees in background bride and groom pointing wands at sky with wedding party in background

Fantasy World

Jamie says, “The best thing about the PA Ren Faire (and part of why it’s an annual tradition for us, is just being immersed in a fantasy world.”

The battle continues– to the Human Chessboard, ladies!!!


Hogwarts Battle!

We escalated into a full battle scene, and everyone had a blast!

addThey were all in!  Jamie smiles at the thought of the whole bridal party embracing the Hogwarts Battle vibe!


At some point, it transitioned into swordplay, haha!

Fun bridal party photos, check!


Distillery Reception

They add, “The whole decor and scenery of the Estate alone was just amazing.  It was above and beyond what I was expecting .”

distillery cocktail hour at mount hope estate and winery wedding wedding guests talking and having fun with Edison bulbs hanging from ceiling

I wanted to show the movement of Jamie’s “dancing dress” (more on that later) along with the ambient light of and ceiling of the distillery.

bride being twirled by groom during dancing photo at mount hope wedding reception

Jamie shares, “I love the interior brick, the soft lighting with the Edison bulbs, and the live-edge wood table at Mount Hope Estate Distillery. The whole building just gave off some major Harry Potter/Hogwarts Castle vibes!  That was a major selling point for us.”

couple kisses in the mount hope estate distillery on their wedding day

Shots!!  (I was Down– Literally)

One of my favorite parts of photographing a wedding day is using my creativity to get unique angles.   I’ll do pretty much anything to get a great shot ;).

wedding guests taking shots together creative viewpoint angle from below

Hamilton Duet

Jamie shares, “We love musicals, and Hamilton is definitely one of our favorites!  Sarah and I were in chorus together throughout middle and high school, so we’ve done a lot of singing together. Some of my favorite memories of us revolve around singing.”

Jamie & Sarah knew all the lyrics to several Hamilton Songs!  I could totally relate as a total highlight for me was seeing the original cast of Hamilton on Broadway a few years ago, and totally know them, too!

black and white photo of bride dancing with bridesmaid during Hamilton song at wedding reception

Mount Hope Estate Wedding Cake Cutting

Sometimes the guests are so fun to watch, haha!  Don’t worry, I totally got a “safe shot” with the couple in focus, too!

artistic creative best pa wedding photographer bridesmaids having fun in background

I love this shot of the guests smiling and laughing while Jamie & Andrew tried their first bites of wedding cake.

bride and groom cake cutting feeding each other wedding cake as guests smile in background at mount hope estate

Her “Dancing Dress”

Jamie shares, “I actually had a “dancing dress” when I was little. My mom always tells the story of how I used to dance around in it all the time. It would get washed, and I’d want to wear it again right away. My mom still has it, even though it’s very worn.  That was the first thing my mom mentioned when she saw the picture of us dancing that you posted for our sneak peek!”

bride is twirled during her mount hope estate wedding day in a black and white image showing her dancing dress

Her Match

Jamie shares, “Andrew is the most kind, caring, generous person, that I’ve ever known.  I know that everyone says the same thing about their significant other, but I wholeheartedly believe it.”

She continues, “Andrew looks at the bright side of every situation – he’s definitely a ‘glass-half-full person.’  He makes me want to be a better person.  Without a doubt, I have married the most perfect man for me. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found him!”

best outdoor wedding portraits bride showing off wedding dress while groom spins her smiling at each other at mount hope estate wedding

His Match

Andrew shares, “Jamie is the most kind and caring person that I have ever met. She is very supportive of me. She always tries to help me be more self-confident. I love her so much. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with her! I want to do all the things with her! I am a very lucky person to have found someone so wonderful in my life.”

black and white wedding portrait of bride and groom smiling walking at renaissance fairgrounds

Let’s Do it Again!

That’s right, this was a micro wedding ceremony, so the full reception will be held when guests can attend next year.

I loved all the personal touches to their Mount Hope Estate wedding and can’t wait for their big reception next year!

mount hope estate wedding photographer bride and groom kissing behind fountain in Manheim pennsylvania best wedding photographer

Hungry for More?

Jamie & Andrew’s Wedding Slideshow

Mount Hope Estate Wedding Vendors

  • Venue & Caterer: Mount Hope Estate & Winery: Brenna was the venue coordinator the day of the wedding– EVERYONE from Mount Hope was fabulous!!! They are truly wonderful people, and they made our entire wedding day perfect. We cannot wait to work with them again for the reception next year!
  • Hair & Makeup Artist: Beauty by Khara: Khara is a delight! She has such a calming, gentle energy that she brought on the day of the wedding! Khara is just a genuinely kind person!
  • Wedding Coordinator: Sapphire Road: Gabriella was the wedding coordinator on the day of our wedding. I can’t say enough good things about them.
  • Entertainment: Klock Entertainment
  • Cake & Cupcakes: Sweet Confections
  • Bridal Shop: J&B Bridals and Tuxedos
  • Groom’s Suit Tailor: Bill Maloney Men’s Wear & Tailor Shop: Andrew had purchased a suit online, and it did not fit well. He took it to this tailor in Hummelstown, and they worked miracles on his suit! It fit him perfectly. They do great work, and they were wonderful to work with. We’d recommend them to anyone!

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