Farm at Eagles Ridge Wedding: Zeena & Felix

A vibrant, joyful, multicultural wedding celebration at the Farm at Eagles Ridge in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  This ceremony was rich in cultural traditions and so much fun to be a part of!  Their first look, has to be one of my favorites of all time and the party is beyond incredible— talk about a packed dance floor, wow!!   Check it out:

bride and groom in white attire during first look framed by pink roses artistic creative photographer farm at eagles ridge

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Zeena shares, “Lisa won me over with her positive vibe and her personality. I initially was drawn due to her way that she captures moments and had also “vogue” looking photos, but her friendly personality is what set her apart most of all.”

She continues, “I didn’t realize how much a photographer is with you on your special day and it felt so easy having you around, you made it feel natural like you were a friend.”

couple hugging and smiling at each other after first look standing in front of palm leaves at farm at eagles ridge creative candid best pa photographer

I love this shot of Zeena holding the wedding invitation in her hand. The simple color palette of white and gold they used is so elegant!

bride holding white and gold wedding invitation while getting ready wearing white lace robe unique wedding photographer

Finding the Dress

Zeena shares, “My mom and I probably went to six bridal dress shops and were going to settle for one because they all start looking the same at some point. Then I asked my mom to go to one last store and the owner helped us try on a few and I found the one for me.”

How stunning is Zeena in her dress?! That lace detail is everything.

black and white photo of bride standing in front of window in trumpet style lace wedding gown looking back at farm at eagles ridge

Felix’s Attire

Zeena says, “Felix wanted to wear a white jacket. He actually wore all white to his prom. I wanted him to wear a white shirt and he actually bought both white and black and decided the day of to go with a black inner shirt…..I was, to say, surprised.”

groom using lint roller on black dress shirt under white vest with white bow getting ready photo

Getting Ready

Felix says, “It was very funny getting ready with my boys. My nephew, Elijah, didn’t know how to put on his suit and when he put it on, it was all wrinkled. One of the groomsmen actually taught Elijah to iron his clothes that day! 

So handsome together!

groom and ring bearer fixing bow ties in the mirror before wedding ceremony candid natural authentic Lancaster wedding photographer

groom signing card on wedding day candid moment photographer award winning

First Look

Zeena tapping Felix on the shoulder before he turned around was such a sweet moment. The scenery at Farm at Eagles Ridge is so beautiful during the early summer months too. Keep reading to see Felix’s reaction.

farm at eagles ridge bride tapping groom on shoulder standing outside surrounded by greenery during first look vibrant authentic moments photographer

An Emotional Moment

Zeena says, “I had never seen Felix cry in my life before so it was quite touching and actually shocking how quickly the tears came out!”

best first look groom crying after seeing bride during first look while bride smiles candid emotional photographer best award winning central PA

Zeena’s Shock

Zeena shares, “When I first saw him, I was like I can’t believe this is happening. I sometimes still am in shock that we’re married.

Zeena rolls her eyes and says, “I also thought…I told him to wear a white shirt and he wore black.”

Haha! . I think the black shirt looks great under the white jacket!

bride wiping tears from eyes after groom cries during first look surrounded by trees

Best First Look Ever

Felix shares, “I was trying to hold back my tears because I didn’t want to be a punk even before I saw her.”

Trying to hold back tears didn’t work for Felix seeing his bride for the first time. Look how beautiful she is!

best first look groom wiping tears from eyes while bride stands in front of him during first look outside emotional moment

Checking out the Bride

Felix shares, “I was like ‘oh wow she did a good job with the dress’.” 

It fit her like a glove and was stunning!

groom checking out bride in her wedding dress during first look authentic candid natural fun moment best farm at eagles ridge wedding photographer

So Much Happiness

Felix says, “When I first saw Zeena in her wedding dress I thought that was the most beautiful she had ever looked so far. She was happy, which made me happy. It’s my life goal to make her happy.”

best first look reaction bride and groom laughing with each other wearing white on wedding day surrounded by ferns and greenery outside

One of the Best Parts

Zeena says, “We had a few favorite parts of the wedding, one was the first look because it was just the two of us.”

groom fixing bride's wedding dress train outdoors during first look candid award winning photographer central pa

Falling for Felix

Zeena smiles, “I fell for him because he was kind, radiated positive energy, and was humble. Felix’s character is quiet, calm, non-judgmental, selfless, and loving. I honestly don’t know anyone who can give someone so much love.”

She continues, “From the time I met Felix, I knew he was special but we grew as friends and then became partners. When we traveled, the challenges we endured I knew he had to be the one. He always puts me first, is caring, supportive, and is family-oriented.”

bride and groom hugging each other and smiling looking at camera traditional portrait during first look authentic vibrant wedding photographer Lancaster pa

Falling for Zeena

Felix smiles, “I fell for Zeena when I noticed how she treated others, her family and friends. I mean I thought she was beautiful but I was just as attracted to her inner beauty. I love the way she loves me.”

He continues, “Zeena is caring and has a big heart. She is fierce and smart but most of all loving to others and family-oriented. Her best quality is her loving nature and her curiosity. In other words, she’s nosey but in a cute way.”

bride smiling looking back during wedding portraits candid photo

Looking Toward the Future

Felix shares, “I look forward to traveling the world together, building our home into a dream home and yes a kid or two.”

Zeena shares, “I’m looking forward to our growth in our relationship, how we will evolve with each other, traveling together, the challenges that will come, fixing our home and one day growing our family.”

bride and groom holding each other during first look portraits standing in front of pond at farm at eagles ridge bright blue sky in background best award winning photographer

One Location, So Many Perspectives

There’s such a variety of locations and nature at the Farm at Eagles Ridge. Such a gorgeous wedding venue.

bride and groom kidding during wedding portraits framed with rose bushes in foreground

Rain?  No Worries!

 Zeena says, “When I saw the rain, I was like ‘oh no, just great’ but I had to remember the rain is a blessing and the sun came through for our ceremony.”

bride wearing grooms jacket over her head while it rains and groom carries train behind her best candid photographer

Life Partners

Felix shares, “Zeena is my life partner because she is what I am not. She is a social, free-spirited character, and friends with the world. She will be there for you at the worst of times.” 

groom hugging bride from behind and kissing her neck during wedding portraits after first look

Always Prepared

Zeena shares, ” I even had my bridesmaids buy clear umbrellas to be prepared.”

These cute umbrellas came in handy. Here I lit the rain and silhouetted them against the bright blue sky.

bride and groom kissing while holding clear bubble umbrellas above them silhouetted against vibrant blue sky best creative unique central pa wedding photographer at farm at eagles ridge

The Girls are Ready!

Zeena shares, “I wanted neutral colors. Honestly, my personality is more bolder colors so when figuring out colors, I went back and forth and decided to go with neutral whites as flowers and gold.”

I love the simplicity of the neutral color palette for flowers. They highlight the bride and her bridesmaids!

bride standing with bridesmaids wearing light purple bridesmaid dresses holding bouquets of white flowers and greenery colorful vibrant wedding photographer

Unplugged Ceremony

Here I got down behind the musicians to be able to silhouette them against the sky. If you look closely, you can see their welcome sign shares about an unplugged ceremony. An unplugged ceremony is an amazing option to make sure all attention is on the bride and groom and no one’s phone will ring during the ceremony.

musicians playing before ceremony with unplugged ceremony sign in background bright vibrant blue sky

Here Comes the Bride!

bride walking down the aisle with both parents carrying white flower and greenery bouquet with flowers in front of them

Second Look

Felix’s reaction to seeing Zeena walking down the aisle was just as emotional as their first look!groom reacting to seeing bride walking down the aisle while groomsmen stand next to him wearing blue suits

All the Emotions

I love this photo of Felix wiping tears away while getting emotional greeting Zeena and her parents at the wedding altar.

best first look reaction groom crying after seeing bride walk down aisle with dad and bride standing in front of him authentic emotional moment best wedding photographer

This one will look stunning printed in their wedding album, the way the light touches the tears in his eyes…

bride and groom smiling while holding hands during ceremony groomsmen stand behind

Smiles all Around

Everyone was so happy to be a part of Zeena & Felix’s wedding day. I love seeing all the wedding party smiling while listening to the ceremony.

farm at eagles ridge summer wedding bride and groom laugh while holding hands in front of flower arch during ceremony with bridesmaids standing behind them

Unique Perspectives

You can see me in the background capturing a unique perspective of their wedding ceremony. My second photographer always takes the traditional shots so I can get more creative. See below for my angle.

bride reading vows to groom during ceremony while photographer stands behind flower arch to get unique perspective of wedding day

Another Angle

Here I shot through Zeena and Felix reading their vows to get photos of the guests’ reactions.

wedding guests smiling while bride reads vows during wedding ceremony

I loved this candid moment of Zeena wiping away Felix’s tears during the ceremony after she read her vows.

bride wipes away grooms tears during vow reading at wedding ceremony emotional authentic moment captured

Felix’s dad though– smiling and crying all at once!

guests wiping away tears during reading of vows during ceremony candid moment

Reading Vows

Zeena shares, “A vow that stood out to me was “I vow to kiss you every day. In fact, if you have no hands, I’ll kiss your feet and if I cannot kiss your forehead, I’ll kiss the air because I’ll know you’re there.” 

farm at eagles ridge groom reading vows to bride while wedding party looks on during ceremony at farm at eagles ridge wedding photographer

Kiss the Bride

Zeena & Felix share their first kiss on the beautiful summer day at the Farm at Eagles Ridge! I loved getting the groomsmen’s hands clapping in this photo to show the celebration.  Yes I snapped this photo from peeking through the floral arch.

bride and groom share first kiss during wedding ceremony as guests smile and clap to celebrate outside with blue sky and greenery authentic natural emotional best award winning photographer central pa

Yin & Yang

Zeena shares, “We work well together because we are like a yin and yang. I’m more open and social and Felix is more grounded and structure.”

groom fixing bride's veil during portrait time in front of pond at farm at eagles ridge

Overcoming Obstacles

Zeena shares, “With challenges that we face, we can give a different perspective from each side allowing for our obstacles to overcome.”

I loved getting to hear about Zeena & Felix’s relationship during my time getting to know them.

wide angle photo of bride and groom kissing after wedding ceremony while standing at edge of pond surrounded by trees and vibrant blue sky

Signature Drinks!

Zeena shares, “Our signature drinks were margaritas because I love tequila and pineapple juice because Felix doesn’t drink alcohol and always drinks pineapple juice when we go out (it’s actually a joke which probably a lot of people didn’t get).”

farm at eagles ridge wedding guest holds margarita and clams and shrimp on plate during cocktail hour

Beautiful Guests

The wedding guests were stunning.  Each one had such incredible style, the colors, patterns, fabrics, textures– it was all so much fun to photograph!

wedding guests talk during cocktail hour woman wears bright green and pink dress with orange hate and colorful jewelry eccentric wedding guest style

Why Farm at Eagles Ridge?

Zeena shares, “The dad of the daughters who own the barn did our tour and we fell in love. It was “barn” but not like the other barns we saw. I picked a final 3 and then Felix and my dad came along for tours and everyone agreed with the barn. The inside is beautiful and it was even more beautiful inside on our wedding day.”

I couldn’t agree more. Such a stunning venue with beautiful drapery and chandeliers.

reception room at farm at eagles ridge with white linens and flowers and drapery throughout rustic chandeliers wood cross back chairs

What’s a Guestbook?

I custom design and print these on watercolor paper for my clients.  They become keepsakes that serve both as albums and contain all of the well wishes of your wedding guests.

custom guest book designed by photographer with signatures surrounding photos during wedding reception


Loved that the wedding party made a tunnel for Zeena & Felix to walk under when they entered the reception!

bride and groom walk under tunnel wedding party created with their hands everyone smiles

How Sweet It Is!

Zeena shares, “If you saw we absolutely loved our cake! Rosie did an amazing job and we loved the cake.”

bride and groom share first bite of cake while wearing white at farm at eagles ridge wedding reception

Haaaa Felix!!!!

groom licking icing off bride's lips after sharing first taste of cake during wedding reception fun candid photographer

Glowsticks and a Packed Dance Floor??  Yes, Please!!

Zeena shares, “When I bought those light wands from amazon a few days before the wedding, I was worried they were childish but I think they loved them as much as me!”

They share, “Our other favorite part of the wedding day was the dancing because it was great to watch our guests who had never met on the dance floor.”

Side note – I literally climbed a ladder to get this perspective!

creative Lancaster wedding photographer wedding guests dance with glow sticks during reception candid wedding photographer best central pa farm at eagles ridge

Cultural Pride and Traditions

They share, “We had flags from both of our backgrounds which were Guyana and Nigeria. Although our cultures are very different and we come from different continents, we were worried about how our families and friends would interact or even if they would dance. Our DJ and MC was probably one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day. They were able to blend our cultures and get people up to dance.”

farm at eagles ridge bride and groom wave the flag of their country during wedding reception multicultural wedding fun creative wedding photographer

Money Spraying

Zeena shares, “The money spraying is a tradition from Nigeria that they do at weddings. It’s a symbol showering of happiness, good fortune, and a display of the guest’s affection for the couple.”

wedding guest throwing single dollar bills at wedding couple as they dance during wedding reception

Group Shot!

They smile, “When the night ended we both were like this was the best wedding ever! We had an amazing time. We were nervous that our wedding was going to be a disaster but we couldn’t have been more blessed.”

This is the photo I originally needed a ladder for. It came in handy throughout the night. I loved that Zeena & Felix wanted to take one big group photo to commemorate everyone at their wedding – such a fun idea. 🙂

best Lancaster wedding photographer captures bride and groom with all wedding guests in huge group photo on dance floor during wedding reception farm at eagles ridge

Zeena & Felix’s Wedding Slideshow

See even more photos from Zeena & Felix’s Farm at Eagles Ridge wedding set to music in the slideshow below!

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