Omni Bedford Springs Engagement: Lauren & Shane

I had the best time with teachers, Lauren & Shane, during their Omni Bedford Springs engagement session. Historic architecture and incredible grounds to explore made this location super special.  We even found a wildflower field and waterfall!

omni Bedford Springs engagement photographer creative vibrant couple silhouetted against bright blue sky with omni resort in background

Lucky Shot

When I was looking for the perfect place to put their engagement ring, this stood out for sure!!  Take a closer look– you see the **4 leaf clover**?  Pretty sure that’s a first for me!

Lauren & Shane share, “We’re not Irish, but definitely think the four-leaf clover is lucky.”

central pa engagement photographer award winning artistic unique round diamond ring in bed of four leaf clovers

Chasing Waterfalls

Lauren says, “I have always wanted to go to the Omni at Bedford Springs, and wow what a place!  It was the perfect location for our wedding engagement photos because it’s a blend of Lauren’s love of fancier things and Shane’s love of the country and outdoors. The last time we went there, we bundled up for a hike and found the Springs and the waterfall was the perfect ending to our hike. Since it was a place we loved that you included it in our engagement session!”

omni Bedford Springs resort engagement photographer couple standing in front of waterfall smiling at each other

Real Emotion

This is one of my very favorite shots from their engagement session, just because it is so authentic and emotionally charged.

authentic emotional candid real natural wedding photographer fiancé kissing girl on cheek while girl laughs and smiles in front of waterfall omni resort

Healing Waters

Shane smiles, “The waterfall was definitely one of the reasons we chose Bedford Springs for our engagement pictures.”

Omni Bedford Springs has a really interesting history as a place of healing. It’s said the resort’s eight natural mineral springs have curative properties. Read more about the rich history here.

Look closely and you’ll see the waterfall in the distance…

omni Bedford Springs wedding photographer couple kissing standing in front of waterfall framed by trees

Omni Bedford Springs Engagement Photographer

While most of my photos feature Lauren & Shane prominently, the sunning Bedford Springs Omni Resort is featured in this shot.   I’m so proud to be a preferred photographer here.

omni Bedford Springs engagement photographer couple walking along tree lined path in front of omni resort hand in hand looking at each other smiling

Colorful Engagement Photos

As we looked at other photographers we noticed they had a light hazy hue of color, and yours always brought out the “real” colors in nature and the clothing your clients wore.

We had so much color to play with here– and then with that sunlight peeking through the trees– wow!!

best award winning central pa engagement and wedding photographer couple looking at each other with sun peaking behind trees in middle of forest

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Lauren says, “When we got engaged you were the one vendor we knew for sure we wanted to hire and plan our date around your availability. Your personality also helped make the decision since I got to know you. I thought you would be perfect for Shane and I since he doesn’t like his picture taken and I knew you were easy going and would help us to relax and laugh.”

I love how different these two shots below feel just because of their different expressions.

vibrant authentic creative wedding photographer couple wearing white dress and plaid shirt laughing with each other with arms around each other solar flare surrounded by forest

Incredible Grounds

Something I love about the Omni Bedford Springs Resort is its incredible architecture and gardens. Here I framed them in the entryway.

I love Shane’s smile!  How handsome!

omni Bedford Springs resort engagement photographer couple holding each other smiling in front of steps of omni resort

We Felt So Comfortable in Front of Your Camera!

Lauren smiles, “We wanted you to capture our emotions, the way we hold hands, or laugh– those little things. We felt comfortable the entire time and in our natural element. There were many times I felt like we were at our own home and hanging out together.”

She added, “The vibe we were going for during our engagement session is capturing our personalities, and just from the first picture I saw, you nailed it!!”

Can’t you see them “remaking” this photo together in years to come?

best award winning omni Bedford Springs photographer unique authentic couple sitting on rocking chairs in front of brick wall outside omni resort girl wearing white dress guy wearing blue plaid shirt

Coworkers to Couple

Lauren shares, “We met at work and we were hanging out in the same group at work. We started texting and it just felt natural, but I was afraid to commit because I thought it was too good to be true. The texting grew into hours on the phone together almost every night. As we got to talking I realized we were very similar but different in good ways. He is very patient, I am not, haha! But we both enjoy working out and our profession- teaching!”

She continues, “I have to admit, I was afraid to go on a date because I thought I could never meet someone so perfect for me! He easily because my best friend, although my matron of honor would say the three of us became best friends. My matron of honor, a co-worker who ate lunch with Shane, kept telling me the food he brought to lunch and telling me how good of a cook he was because she knew I was not so good at the cooking thing. Now, one of our favorite things to do together is cook!”

natural candid best central pa wedding engagement photographer girl holding guys neck smiling at him close up

We just Fit & Felt Right!

Shane shares, “What made me fall for Lauren was how we fit together. It is hard to describe, but everything fell into place and felt right. We started as work acquaintances, and it grew into an ever-lasting love. We enjoy just being with each other no matter what we are doing. Some of our favorite nights involve PJs and the couch with some takeout.”

creative artistic best central pa engagement photographer omni resort couple holding each other looking at each other smiling

Memorable Date Nights

Lauren shares, “Our favorite date night ever was a spontaneous shopping trip on Black Friday to the Gettysburg outlets for a few things. We then realized that we were hungry and hadn’t eaten yet. The problem was that we were a little underdressed and under-bathed for a nice dinner.  This led us to the Dobbin House Tavern, downstairs, where we felt like we were having an authentic meal straight from the 1860s. We still laugh about it to this day. And the restaurant we ate at the night after our engagement with our families, but upstairs and much more presentable.”

I love to play with light and the sun peeking through this overcast day was just what I needed.

solar flare photography sunset sky couple standing looking at each other during engagement photos Bedford Springs pa

Leading Lines to Mr. Blue Eyes

During this Omni Bedford Springs engagement session, I love the chance to be creative and play with perspective and pull the couple into the surroundings. Here the lines from the brick wall lead you right to Lauren & Shane.  I kept moving them into the light to capture the blue of Shane’s eyes.

vibrant authentic award winning engagement photographer couple leaning against brick wall girl wearing white dress kissing guy on cheek with arms around each other

Sweeping Her Off Her Feet

They share, “We met at work, Lauren teaches Business and Shane teaches Chemistry.  We spent many nights talking on the phone and when Lauren finally agreed to a date we went to a Penn State game.” 

They continue, “We feel like we just became so comfortable with each other so fast that we don’t have a lot of dating stories. Also, most of our time dating was during COVID, so a lot of time was spent just us on the couch working on school work. We were not able to go “out”, but we were able to fall in love quickly due to all of the time spent alone. This made the proposal plan what it became; takeout at our own home with Lauren’s favorite foods.”

vibrant artistic creative engagement photographer central pa guy lifting girl up standing in field of wildflowers

His Wildflower Garden Dreams

Shane shares, “I enjoy gardening and flowers, and the wildflowers are what I want to grow for Lauren in a wildflower garden one day at our own home.  We spend a lot of time outside, especially in the summer and fall, and love that so many things were able to be captured that makes nature so beautiful. There is no better backdrop than the natural beauty of nature.”

Here I’m literally **in the flowers** to bring in all of that color:

omni Bedford Springs resort photographer couple standing smiling looking at camera in field of purple and orange wildflowers

Conquering the World Together

Shane smiles, “I love how we complement each other, how important family is to her, how she is secretly shy, how driven she is, and how we can talk about everything. We each know how to calm the other down when needed and are both quick to defend each other. When we are together, there is nothing that we cannot conquer.”

I love authenticity, from real laughs, and freckles, and smiling eye crinkles, I love it all!!  It’s the little things!!

creative unique authentic omni Bedford Springs engagement photographer couple smiling at each other in front of omni resort

Perfectly Captured

Lauren smiles, “One thing I love about Shane is how he makes me laugh no matter how mad, sad or tired I am. I may be crying about something, but by the end he always has me laughing and is holding me in his arms. As I think back about the session with you, I don’t think there wasn’t a moment I wasn’t laughing or not in his arms, you captured this perfectly.”

best award winning creative central pa wedding engagement photographer couple silhouetted against vibrant blue sky smiling at each other

Lauren & Shane’s Omni Bedford Springs Engagement Session Slideshow

See even more photos from Lauren & Shane’s engagement session set to music in the slideshow below!

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