Stroudsmoor Terraview Wedding: Kelsey & Mike

Kelsey & Mike’s Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding was completely unique– from the father-of-the-bride re-creating dance moves from the bride’s childhood, to Kelsey & Mike’s one-of-a-kind wedding day transportation, riding in the back of Mike’s pickup truck!

stroudsmoor terraview wedding photographer black and white photo of bride and groom riding in back of pickup truck smiling looking at each other

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Kelsey shares, “Lisa’s photographs are the most creative wedding photographs I’ve ever seen! They also truly capture the uniqueness of each couple, even for couples that are camera shy, like us! Besides her amazing artistic skills, she is awesome to work with! Lisa is so easy-going and fun! She makes everything fun and helps it all to run so smoothly!  She literally took away our stress.  She made the entire planning process so easy and she was so helpful and flexible and organized!”

Kelsey smiles, “I swear Lisa was secretly trained as a ninja— we never even saw her when we were exchanging vows or enjoying our first dance– she allowed us to just be present and enjoy it and kept us on time, too!    I am most excited to see what surprises Lisa has in store for our photographs. Every blog she posts has so many surprising “wow” shots that take your breath away. She’s just so talented!”

best central pa wedding photographer bride and groom riding in tailgate on the way to stroudsmoor terraview from ridgecrest laughing

stroudsmoor terraview wedding party vogue styled posed in front of venue

Stroudsmoor Ledgemere Suites Wedding Preparations

Kelsey smiles, “The girls got ready in a Ledgemere Suite. My mom had decked out the suite and stocked it well with food and mimosas. She always goes over the top with making sure everything is perfect for me! She is amazing!” 

ledgemere suites stroudsmoor country inn bride looking into mirror smiling in white floral robe during Getting ready photos

bridesmaids lacing up corset back of bride's lace wedding dress in ledgemere suites

stroudsmoor country inn ledgemere suites black and white photo of bride standing in front of window looking outside holding bouquet

Mother of the Bride!

Kelsey shares, “My mom is my best friend and such a great support system. My mom was such a huge help in wedding planning. From picking out decorations to going to our floral appointment with Mike the day before the wedding.”

She continues, “I think we were both emotional on the day of the wedding because it had been such a long time coming with having to postpone the wedding due to COVID.”

I loved seeing how supportive Kelsey’s mom was throughout wedding planning. She’s also a super fan of my work and dang she’s gorgeous, too!!

bride's mom wearing purple sequin dress smiling at bride on wedding day central pa wedding photographer authentic candid emotional

bride and her mom holding hands after getting ready mom wearing diamond tennis bracelet bride wearing lace strapless dress emotional authentic moment

mom hugging bride with tears in her eyes on bride's wedding day ledgemere suites stroudsmoor pa

Daddy’s Little Girl

Kelsey shares, “I am very close with my parents. I made them each an album of pictures of me with them all throughout my life and gave the albums to them at the rehearsal dinner. There was one picture in particular that my dad loved. It was from a father-daughter dance.”

She continues, “I was wearing a dress from a wedding I was in. In the picture, we’re dancing and my dress is all flared out. During our father-daughter dance at the wedding, Lisa was able to capture the exact same moment! It was perfect. I can’t wait to put the photos side by side. They were taken over two decades apart.”

Kelsey and her dad’s first look was so special!  Keep reading to see the photo recreated at Kelsey’s own wedding!

father of the bride first look inside ledgemere suites at stroudsmoor country inn father covering eyes before bride turns around

father of the bride smiling with open arms after seeing daughter on wedding day

black and white photo of bride and father smiling while looking at photo album

The Wedding Day We Dreamed Of

Kelsey shares, “Postponing our wedding was a hard decision. We were so excited to get married but wanted to make sure that our loved ones could celebrate with us safely. It felt like we planned two weddings back to back. Ultimately we were glad we postponed so that our wedding day could be more what we envisioned.”

Unsave the date- only in 2020!!  I love that they put their engagement photos to good use and had the wedding day of their dreams!

close up detail photo of bride's hands wearing round diamond ring with gold band

detail photos ledgemere suites save the date unsave the date covid bride

Stroudsmoor Cabin Groom Preparations

Kelsey shares, “The boys got ready in my brother’s cabin at Stroudsmoor. My brother attended a wedding at Stroudsmoor in the past that had an after-party at the cabin. He insisted he wanted to have the same cabin for our wedding so that he can host the guys to get ready and the rehearsal dinner after-party.”

Kelsey continues, “I’m so grateful that my brother’s girlfriend, Kim, was there to make the cabin look nice and clean for when the guys and Lisa’s second photographer arrived”

What a great shot by my second photographer, Justin!

groom getting ready preparations in cabin at stroudsmoor country inn

Sentimental Wedding Day Gift

Kelsey shares, “For Mike’s wedding present, I gave him a leather belt with one of his grandfather’s belt buckles that he inherited. He had told me once that he wanted to get the belt buckles put on belts.”

She continues, “I knew I wanted to do something special for Mike for his wedding present so I knew that had to be it! His parents and extended family also loved the belt and the memories it brought of his grandfather. They were passing it around later at the reception!”

groom wedding day gift grandfather horse belt buckle on belt sentimental

stroudsmoor ridgecrest bridesmaid helping bride with veil on wedding day outside

Stroudsmoor Ridgecrest First Look

Kelsey says, “We really lucked out the day of our wedding. We loved the reception space at Terraview the most and really love the ceremony location at Ridgecrest best. We ended up going with Terraview.”

She continues, “Fortunately for us, there was no wedding at Ridgecrest the day of our wedding so we were able to have our first look and take couples portraits at the Ridgecrest ceremony site. The views were amazing and it was super private!”

authentic candid vibrant wedding photographer groom standing with eyes closed while bride walks toward him during first look with amazing views at stroudsmoor ridgecrest ceremony site

bride and groom smiling at each other bride holds groom's face during first look outside at stroudsmoor ridgecrest

creative unique artistic best central pa wedding photographer Stroudsmoor country inn ridgecrest first look bride and groom stand under gazebo structure overlooking pa

He’s My Best Friend & She’s My Dream Come True

Mike shares, “Kelsey is the perfect woman for me. From when we met, to our first date, to our wedding day it’s all been a dream come true.”

Kelsey shares, “I love how Mike is my opposite in so many ways and we keep each other balenced. I’m easygoing but also stress a lot but Mike is always calm and laid back. He is my rock and knows just how to make my worries go away. He really is my best friend.”

best authentic wedding photographer bride and groom smiling and laughing with each other during portrait time

best award winning creative wedding photographer stroudsmoor ridgecrest first look bride and groom standing on path silhouetted with trees behind and surrounding them


These two sure know how to travel– Mike’s truck has taken them to the Smoky Mountains, Acadia, Assateague…

Kelsey shares, “Riding on the back of the tailgate was a last-minute plan. We were deciding how to get from Ridgecrest, where we took our couples portraits, to Terraview, our venue. It became obvious that the most natural thing would be to sit on the back of his tailgate. That truck has been on many adventures with us including our engagement photo shoot with Lisa in Shenandoah National Park.”

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding photographer bride and groom riding on groom's tailgate to their reception

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding bride and groom laughing riding in back of groom's truck to venue

We Have Each Other’s Back

Kelsey shares, “Our “finger thing” as people call it, is a comfort move. It means we have each other’s backs or we are thinking of each other. Whenever I looked stressed, he puts out his pointer finger. It seems so silly but it works!”

authentic candid wedding photographer bride and groom touching pointer fingers sitting in back of groom's truck on wedding day

black and white photo of bride and groom smiling bride holding up peace sign in back of groom's truck

A Family Affair!

Having styled group photos is one of my specialties and I’ll have your family looking like celebs in no time!  All I need is a couple of chairs and a few minutes to set it up!

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding family photos vogue style

Stroudsmoor Terraview Wedding

Kelsey shares, “We chose Stroudsmoor – Terraview for many reasons. We love the outdoors and the mountains, and Stroudsmoor is nestled in the forest and mountains. The views are incredible!”

Mike shares, “We chose Stroudsmoor because it’s near Kelsey’s hometown, we love the mountains, and the view… oh and the food is amazing!”

Kelsey continues, “It was also important to me to make sure our families and bridal party could all be together for the weekend. We all stayed on site and had our dress rehearsal, day of preparations, wedding, and post-wedding brunch all at Stroudsmoor. It was great to spend time with the ones we love the most!”

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding guests gather outside before ceremony starts fountain outside vibrant blue skies

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding ceremony ring bearer walking down aisle while guests smile at him

authentic emotional candid black and white photo Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding ceremony bride and groom hold hands while groom smiles at bride during vows

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding ceremony black and white photo of groom grabbing ring from box to put on bride's hand during exchange of vows

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding ceremony bride and groom share first kiss while guests clap and cheer

Climb rocks to get the best angle?  I’m in!

Kelsey says, “Lisa is like a ninja! She is so stealthy and gets herself into wild positions to get the perfect angle. She was climbing cliffside at one point!”

As a photographer, I’m on your team and will do just about anything to get the shot.  My legs have dangled from 30 feet up in a ski-lift with the sun in my eyes and snow in my face as I waited for a couple to scale moguls together on a ski slope, so climbing up crumbling rocks in sandals for this one was a no-brainer!!  And the compression from that view, when using a telephoto lens resulted in the close-up wedding party image.

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding photographer standing in rocks to get the perfect photo and angle

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding party photos under overhang at Stroudsmoor country inn vogue style

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding party photos vogue style posed at stroudsmoor country inn

Stroudsmoor Terraview Wedding Reception

Kelsey says, “I wanted a classic, woodsy, elegant, and dark moody theme for my wedding. I wanted everything to be timeless, from my dress to the baby grand piano to the candles on the table.”

I think they captured their theme perfectly!

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding reception hands on baby grand piano elegant classy

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding reception table decor romantic pillar candles with gold bases with greenery

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding reception groom carrying bride over shoulder holding bouquet welcoming into reception guests waving napkins

Daddy’s Little Girl, Part 2

This is the photo I described earlier!  The recreation years later is perfect! Kelsey and her dad opened the dance floor with so much joy and the rest of the guests quickly followed suit!

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding reception father daughter dance

best central pa wedding photographer couples dance at Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding reception

wedding guests having fun at Photo Booth at stroudsmoor country inn

authentic candid black and white photo of man dancing crazy on dance floor at stroudsmoor country inn

It’s All About the Vision

Kelsey shares, “Lisa photographed us through a cool glass wall at the reception. I think some of our guests thought the three of us were crazy but they don’t have the vision Lisa does!”

As a photographer, I want to capture not just what the day looks like, but how it feels…  here I’m trying to get that tipsy vibe, using only elements available to me in the actual ballroom.  I certainly had fun and I had the support of my second photographer, Justin holding my lighting equipment for me:

creative artistic wedding photographer bride and groom drink together during reception at stroudsmoor country inn

Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding best artistic creative unique wedding photographer bride and groom smile at the camera with reflections around them

bride and groom dancing holding drinks in their hands during stroudsmoor wedding reception reflections of them surround the photo

Your Kind Referrals are Greatly Appreciated

Kelsey shares, “We chose Rhinehart Photography after Lisa photographed my friend’s wedding that I was maid of honor in 7 years ago. We go way back! I followed her on social media ever since (my Mom too – we both knew Lisa was the only photographer that we could dream of photographing the wedding!)”

It was such a pleasure to see Kelsey and her friend Sarah again.  I actually earned a fearless award for Sarah’s leap down the stairs, which you can see on my fearless awards blog post here.

photographer with bride and bridesmaid previously photographed at stroudsmoor wedding reception

Kelsey & Mike’s Stroudsmoor Terraview Wedding Slideshow

See more of Kelsey & Mike’s Stroudsmoor Terraview wedding set to music in the slideshow below!

Stroudsmoor Terraview Wedding Vendors

Kelsey & Mike share, “All of our vendors were amazing! They took the thinking out of everything. We really lucked out with our vendor team. They were all so supportive and accommodating!”

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