Central PA Wedding: Jenny & Nate

Jenny & Nate’s rustic central PA wedding at Heritage Resorted Farm was beautiful and a ton of fun!  From fireball shots to a joyful first look, from a grasshopper stowaway to a packed dancefloor with tons of familiar faces… I left knowing one thing it was that these folks are a ton of fun & sure know how to party!!

best central pa wedding photographer bride and groom smiling with wedding party

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Jenny shares, “Lisa took the time to get to know us. Planning your dream wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, doing this during a pandemic causes so many unknowns, but not with Lisa. She took the time to understand what was important to us and figured out how to make this happen in unique ways. She even found ‘safe places’ to photograph both wedding parties while keeping our first look a secret until we walked down the aisle.”

Jenny smiles, “She was also very accepting of me sending her TikTok videos of wedding day inspiration I had. 🙂 We are excited to see our day brought back to life, and to be able to relive these moments forever through Lisa’s photos!

central pa wedding photographer couple dancing inside heritage restored under drapery

It’s the Little Things

I love to set a scene with any unique details.  In this case, an Amish family out for a stroll and a surprise guest in a bridesmaids bouquet!

family walking along road outside heritage restored

grasshopper on rose of bridesmaid bouquet

grasshopper in bridesmaid bouquet


Jenny shares, “My emotions on the wedding day were SO calm! We had no hiccups- no bad weather, nothing was forgotten… it felt too good to be true. I used to have dreams of running around like a bridezilla, but I told myself even if it’s not perfect, it’s okay because it’s our dream wedding with my dream husband.”

Jenny adds, “And I think the fireball helped calm my nerves a little bit. :)” 

Jenny is a real fireball ;).  How sweet is this pic of her and her besties in their PJs?  I love to have fun and capture real moments from a unique angle that makes you feel like you were there.  I can almost taste the cinnamon, how about you?

bride and bridesmaid drinking fireball during getting ready at heritage restored bridal suite authentic candid real life central pa wedding photographer

bride first look with bridesmaids smiling while bridesmaids clap

Jenny’s Never-Ending Support

Nate smiles, “I appreciate Jenny’s never-ending support and love the most. She will even stand by my side even with any crazy ideas that I have.”

What a stunning bride!!

bride smiling holding bouquet best central pa wedding photographer heritage restored wedding

bride smiling surrounding by bridesmaids bouquets at heritage restored

Vogue & Bottoms UP!

I love to capture unique aspects of a venue, in this case, the mountains and incredible trees.  Along with those elements I brought out these bridesmaids’ inner supermodels!  I’m also willing to do anything for a great shot, bottoms up!

bride and bridesmaids outside heritage restored posing

creative angle of bride and bridesmaids toasting after getting ready

He’s Got Skills

Jenny smiles, “I love all qualities of Nate. I remember when Nate and I got our first apartment together, I called my mom and said: ‘OMG mom he is such a help!  He does the dishes, vacuums, and cleans the bathroom!'”

Ha!! It’s always great when your partner splits the cleaning with you!

groom smiling with navy tux and maroon tie and flower

groomsmen standing point at heritage restored

Here Comes the Bride

I wanted to capture the beautiful drapery and Jenny’s train as her father escorted her down the aisle.  Keep reading to see the happiest man and hear about Nate’s favorite part of their central PA wedding day!black and white phot of bride with father inside heritage restored before walking down the aisle to ceremony

Nate’s Favorite Part

Nate shares, “One of my favorite parts of the day was just moments before our ceremony. There was a long walk from the barn to the aisle, and I was facing away from it. At just the right moment, my best man turned me around and I got to see my wife for the first time.”

groom shaking hands with bride's father as they meet at the aisle

The Yes Venue

Jenny says, “Everything about Heritage Restored was a “YES” on my checklist. The bridal party suites, the drapery, and the beautiful backdrop of mountains, sunsets, and open fields. Each part of the day was my favorite because the spaces were so great.”

Playing with layers compositionally is one of my favorite things to do. While I love capturing everything from the string lights and blue sky, emotions like the best man wiping a tear in the next photo are what I’m always keeping a close eye out for.

best central pa wedding photographer couple standing in front of arch at outdoor wedding ceremony with guests and wedding party surrounding

best man wiping tear away during wedding reception

Unplugged Ceremony

One very special attribute to Jenny & Nate’s wedding day was that they had an unplugged wedding ceremony! All of the guests respected their wishes and enjoyed the moments off their phones. It’s also great from a photography perspective because then I’m taking photos of people enjoying the ceremony rather than taking photos of other people taking photos. 😉

If you keep scrolling you’ll see more layering, and the barn reception framing the lawn ceremony.  Lol, yes I’m like a ninja on the wedding day, running all over the place…

best central pa wedding photographer bride and groom standing at altar in front of arch with groomsmen looking on

close up of bride and groom holding hands during wedding ceremony

heritage restored central pa wedding photographer award winning artistic creative

Roses for the Moms

Jenny shares, “We knew from the very beginning of our relationship that we were going to get married. We had been dating for 4 years at the time of our wedding. Over those 4 years, we spent so much time traveling back and forth staying at each-others families’ homes doing long-distance.  For those reasons, it was so important to us that our families were honored in our ceremony.”

Jenny continues, “One of the most memorable parts of our wedding day was honoring our moms during our ceremony with a rose.”

groom giving mom rose during wedding ceremony

best central pa wedding photographer bride and groom standing in front of arch with guests sitting on benches looking on

bride and groom about to share a kiss during wedding portraits

The Best Central PA Wedding Party

Nate shares, “I think the key to keeping our emotions together was being surrounded by those who know us best, and those who have been there since day one.”

wedding party walking arm in arm outside at heritage restored

wedding party posed outside heritage restored barn creative artistic wedding photographer

Blue Sky Day

How stunning is this vibrant blue sky?  I love intense colors and enjoy capturing everything in its full beauty.  I know muted palettes are in at the moment, but I want a timeless look that will transport my couples right back to their day with colors that are authentic and beautiful.

We had the perfect weather for Jenny & Nate’s central PA wedding. I love this shot of them standing in the wildflowers smiling at each other. They are officially husband and wife, finally!!

creative artistic central pa wedding photographer bride and groom holding hands laughing with each other in field of wildflowers

bride and groom walking outside heritage restored farm barn smiling holding hands

Better Together

Jenny smiles, “Our love story is opposites attract. I come from a big city and met a small-town country boy and our lives have changed for the better. Our relationship is powered by Penn State football, beach trips, and our love for our dog, Niko.”

bride and groom holding hands smiling outside at heritage restored farm

bride and groom kissing under better together neon sign best central pa wedding photographer

bride and groom standing in field of wildflowers smiling touching foreheads and holding hands during central pa wedding portraits

Traditional Portraits, too!

While I focus on moments throughout the wedding day, we also do set aside some time for more traditional photos too.  Here are a couple of those more traditional “smile and look at the camera” photos:

bride and groom smiling looking at camera traditional wedding portrait photographer central pa

Golden Hour at Heritage Restored

Jenny shares, “When consulting with Lisa before the wedding she suggested golden hour portraits. I am so glad we were able to take this time to step away and just have a moment to ourselves.”

And not to mention, look at all the gorgeous photos we got during golden hour! The light was stunning.

artistic creative central pa wedding photographer groom kissing bride on cheek during golden hour

bride and groom portraits during golden hour groom kissing bride on forehead best central pa wedding photographer

Central PA Wedding Reception Traditions

Jenny & Nate know how to have a good time, and so did all of their guests! I loved photographing these fun wedding party entrances & traditions:

black and white photo of bridesmaid pouring beer into groomsmen mouth during wedding party introductions

best man giving wedding speech smiling at heritage restored

bride and groom smiling and laughing during guest speeches

bride and groom during first dance at heritage restored drapery and chandeliers hanging from barn ceiling

The Shoe Game!

Nate says, “The shoe game is always something I thought was fun at weddings!  Jenny, I, and our guests had a good laugh during that one.”

bride and groom playing shoe game at heritage restored wedding reception

Getting the Party Started

Nate shares, “Our DJ, Jorgan was someone I grew up with.  Jorgan said that I have been the most ‘frequent flyer’ to attend the weddings he DJs.”

dj mixing song at wedding reception

flower girl spinning at heritage restored under drapery and chandeliers

two bridesmaids dancing together at reception

A Packed Dance Floor

Jenny shares, “Everyone knew they were at our wedding for one thing: the party!  Anyone who knows a Peel or Hart has a crazy party story to tell and we sure lived up to that expectation with our reception. I knew the one thing I wouldn’t have to worry about at our wedding was getting people up dancing and having a good time.”

Jenny continues, “One of my favorite parts of the day was being able to celebrate with all of our family and friends who traveled from many different states to be with us.”

heritage restored wedding reception drapery and guests dancing

bride and guests singing and dancing during reception at heritage restored authentic candid central pa

wedding guests holding hands dancing in a circle at heritage restored farm reception

wedding guests dancing and smiling during reception at heritage restored

Shippensburg Folks Know How to Party

It was so much fun seeing so many familiar faces in the crowd– this is my community!  In attendance at this wedding were my physical therapist, painter, two Rhinehart Photography couples (one from a few years ago and one who will be married next year) and even one of my senior portrait clients!

artistic creative photographer central pa fake money flying in reception

couple kissing during wedding reception

guest pouring fireball during reception

guests dancing having great time emotional real life photographer

groomsmen high fiving holding drinks at wedding reception

guests dancing during wedding reception heritage restored farm central pa

guests drinking and celebrating at heritage restored reception

Fireball Shots!

Nate shares, “You could say the word ‘fireball’ in a loud crowded room and you would see all our friends pop up with a look on their faces thinking ‘did someone say fireball shots?’ The bottle of fireball Jenny started with in the morning was definitely gone by the end of the night. Remembering back to college, fireball was always Jenny’s drink of choice, and the song was even her walk-up song in college softball.”

I love how Jenny’s smiling in the background as her bridesmaids share some fireball!

guests pouring shots with a bottle or fireball bride smiles in background heritage restored

Sparkler Send-Off!

Sparklers always make for a fun way to end the night. I love how happy Jenny & Nate are here:

bride and groom smiling surrounded by sparklers

central pa wedding heritage restored bride and groom walking through sparklers

Central PA Wedding Vendors

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