Central PA Senior Portrait Session: Alyvia

Alyvia’s creative Central PA Senior Portrait Session included autumn leaves, purple mountains, sweet freckles, and most of all, her golden presence :).  Alyvia is intelligent, kind, and strong– my goal is to capture her inner glow in these photos, too.  I hope it shines through!

best creative central PA senior portrait photographer

girl looking at camera touching hair outdoors during senior portrait session

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Alyvia shares, “I have seen all of the work Lisa has done and was extremely impressed and wanted my senior photos to look the best they possibly can. One of Lisa’s strengths is finding all the good angles. In my photos, I’m hoping my essence is captured through the photos.”

girl sitting on ground surrounded by leaves smiling

Interesting Angles

I love to get lower or higher than we are used to looking at the world.  It gives you a unique vantage point, in this case, you could really see the gold leaves here!  Or in the following images the blue glow of the overcast sky and Alyvia’s silhouette:

girl surrounded by yellow fall leaves creative senior portrait

artistic creative unique best central PA senior portrait photographer girl silhouetted against blue sky

Her Golden Presence

Alyvia shares, “My grandma always says I have a golden presence.  I asked what she meant by golden she said that gold is a very eye-catching color and the presence I bring always catches someone’s eye. This is why she calls it “a golden presence”.”

I love that concept and set out to capture her ‘golden presence’ in a more figurative than literal way!  Also, aren’t her freckles the sweetest?

girl wearing red sweater with wavy brown hair smiling at camera

girl looking at camera with sun flare and golden sun in background creative unique central pa senior photographer

senior girl with freckles close up photo creative unique senior

Purple Mountains & Mr Z

Living in the Cumberland Valley has its real advantages.  One advantage is the incredible view of the mountains from just about anywhere, like Shippensburg, Chambersburg, Mechanicsburg, or Carlisle.  Here they almost appear purple- such a pretty background to work in and perfect for Alyvia’s central PA senior portrait session!

Alyvia shares, “I went to Elementary School at the Lab school on campus at Shippensburg University.  Gblues felt like my home as a kid which is why I chose an important teacher, Mr. Z’s house as the backdrop for most of my photos.  I’ve spent time there ever since I was little.” 

girl sitting in front of lake posing for senior portraits best creative central pa

girl walking through park surrounded by colorful leaves during fall senior portrait session

Kid at Heart

Alyvia smiles, “I have always been a child at heart which is why I chose to incorporate the playground for my senior portraits.”

girl wearing red sweater swinging at park during senior portrait session

best central PA senior portrait photographer girl wearing red sweater smiling at camera

Mirror Mirror

Alyvia says, “Incorperating a mirror was a fun part of my session.  It reminded me of how I would give myself positive affirmations in the mirror or write affirmations on my mirror to remind myself who I am.”

Keep scrolling to see a peek at the creative photos we were able to take with the mirror. 🙂

creative central pa photographer peace sign with hands reflected in mirror

girl with hand on face laying in leaves outside central PA

Ready for Take-Off!

Alyvia shares, “In the next chapter of my life I will be going to Shippensburg University to major in education for PreK-4 teaching.”

I can’t wait to see Alyvia pursue her dreams of becoming a teacher! She will be so amazing. 🙂

senior girl smiling sitting on log by lake with mountains in background

creative central pa senior portrait photographer girl reflected into water

I love photographing unique senior portrait sessions and have done so creatively everywhere from NYC to DC, and so many locations in between.  I’m available to photograph local senior portraits for students in:

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