Lehigh Valley Wedding: Bethany & Jordan

This Hollywood-inspired Lehigh Valley wedding was brimming with creativity and uniqueness.  From a red carpet entrance where guests were given press passes to a drag queen giving out Oscars during speeches to clappers, director’s chairs, custom-designed movie posters made by the bridesmen, and even a surprise guest on the dancefloor. You will not want to miss this incredibly clever wedding:

Lehigh Valley wedding

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Jordan shares, “I like Lisa’s post-production skills. She’s a great photographer, but also takes the time to make each photo shine which is hard to do when you have so many photos to edit. I had a chance to see the incredible work Lisa had done on previous weddings and I was excited to be able to see who I was getting as a photographer before hiring Lisa for our wedding.”

brides men with crazy reaction when seeing bride reflecting in sunglasses artistic creative wedding photographer central pa

Hollywood theme wedding drag green talking to guests on red carpet unique cool wedding

Lehigh Valley Wedding Preparations

The wedding morning started like most: hair and makeup & loved ones gathering in the hotel room, but wow did it take some unique twists and turns!  My motto with my couples is “you be you” and dang, they delivered!

I love to capture a mix of candid shots and portraits on the wedding day.  I hone in on anything unique, in this case, intricate lace, the mother of the bride’s joyful expression, reflections, and the bride on a red couch (a little visual foreshadowing of the red carpet to come).

black and white photo of bride admiring lace wedding dress details during getting ready

emotional natural candid mom smiling when seeing daughter for first time on wedding day

bride looking out window holding wedding dress artistic reflection in mirror creative wedding photographer pa

traditional bridal portrait bride holding bouquet sitting on red church smiling at camera

The Handsome Groom

From the moment I started talking with Jordan, I knew his and Bethany’s wedding day would be amazing!  When Jordan first reached out, he was looking for a photographer that made a wedding feel like a special day with skill and attention to detail. I’m honored a fellow photographer trusted me to photograph his wedding!

groomsman helping groom straighten tux jacket during getting ready at Lehigh Valley conference center wedding

groom holding lapel looking at himself in the mirror getting ready central pa wedding photographer

traditional wedding portrait groom sitting on chair in hotel room getting ready on wedding day

First Look at Illick’s Mill Park

Jordan shares, “The first look was amazing. Imagine every emotion all at once. It was a wonderfully powerful moment.” 

bride walking down stairs to see groom during first look at illicks park Lehigh Valley wedding photographer

groom smiling at bride for first time on wedding day at illicks park

close up photo of bride hands being held by groom showing engagement ring and French manicure


Rather than having wedding day portraits on the wedding day, they focused on group portraits and we took a ton!  Bethany had two bridesmen in matching pink tuxedos.  They are engaged and set to be married (and photographed by me) later this year!

Their wedding portraits are all here and included more of a concert vibe at the SteelStacks.  Spoiler alert: Jordan and Bethany serenaded each other to Lady Gaga / Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow”.

bride and groom high fiving after seeing each other at first look

bride surrounded by bridesmaids and brides men wearing all pink

groom surrounded by groomsmen laughing and walking at illicks park

Lehigh Valley Wedding Party

Jordan says, “We went to a local park, Illick’s Mill, to get a flavor of the outdoors. The natural light and the nature truly added a beautiful backdrop to any photo.”

They were up for anything whether it be striking a supermodel pose or trekking over a bridge.  Along the way they ran into a couple celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary, that has to be good luck, right?

creative Lehigh Valley wedding party photographer standing on bridge waving over creek

wedding party standing smiling vogue style at park with trees in background

bride posing with person celebrating anniversary at park

best Lehigh Valley wedding photographer bride and groom kissing while bridal party smiles surrounding them best central pa wedding photographer

Behind the Scenes

So many familiar faces!  I photographed Jen and Tyler’s wedding at Historic Acres of Hershey a few years ago, that is where I first met Bethany as a bridesmaid.  Since then Frankie and Chris (Jen’s brother) have signed on to work with me this October!

I feel so very lucky to have my couples recommend me to friends and family and couldn’t be happier, as you can see below :).

The second moment is of everyone getting that baby to smile!  He also totally walked in for his entrance.  You’ll have to check out the full set (next week) to see that moment.

best central pa Lehigh Valley wedding photographer standing with past couples and current couples

family members trying to get baby to smile during wedding photos

bride and groom posing with family members at Lehigh Valley conference center

A Drag Queen Interviewing Guests on the Red Carpet

Everything about Jordan & Bethany’s wedding day was so well-thought-out. I loved the drag queen they had “interviewing” guests on the red carpet with video crews. So fitting for their Hollywood theme. Keep reading to hear more about their wedding theme!

drag queen posing with orange fan and purple hair with microphone at wedding

drag queen standing on red carpet interviewing guests while crews film at Hollywood themed wedding

Press Passes for a Red Carpet Wedding

When guests arrived they were greeted by bottled champagne and given press passes.  Everyone seemed to have fun with the theme, I especially enjoyed seeing guests all dolled up.

wedding guests receive press passes when entering wedding reception at Lehigh Valley conference center

wedding guests waiting by red carpet for ceremony to start

red carpet ceremony set up Lehigh Valley conference center best western

Lehigh Valley Wedding Ceremony

Jordan’s eyes are misty when he looks at his soon-to-be wife!! I always love the chance to capture authentic emotion on the wedding day. 🙂

Jordan added, “I brought in studio lighting to really make everything look great and add to the overall Hollywood vibe.  I was big on letting the cameras (video and photo) be a part of the whole Hollywood experience rather than hiding in the background.  Overall it was a win for everyone I think!”

groom with tears in eye when meeting wife at altar best Lehigh Valley wedding photographer

camera crew set up to record Lehigh Valley conference center wedding ceremony

bride and groom standing at end of altar waiting for rings red carpet with unique lighting fixture

The Vows and Kiss

Jordan shares, “During our vows, it was great to personalize them and talk about the journey we’ve been on as a couple.”

best emotional authentic Lehigh Valley wedding photographer bride reading vows to groom during ceremony

groom putting ring on new wife's finger white flower wall with red carpet wedding ceremony

bride and groom share first kiss on red carpet Hollywood themed wedding emotional authentic candid wedding photographer

Cue the Balloons!

The Hollywood theme continued with a set tech shouting. This cued the breakdown and opened up a gateway into the cocktail hour room which had more balloons than I’ve ever seen!!

crew tearing down ceremony set up and switching to reception decor

hollywood themed wedding reception saloon clouds and theater masks guests enjoying cocktail hour

Why Lehigh Valley Conference Center?

Bethany shares, “We chose the Lehigh Valley Conference Center for two main reasons. We wanted affordable hotel rooms so that everyone and anyone who wanted to stay – could stay! We also wanted a blank canvas ballroom so we could design and execute on our perfect event.”

wedding guests talking and mingling during cocktail hour

bride talking and laughing with grandma at wedding reception Lehigh Valley wedding photographer emotional candid

guests talking during cocktail hour theater mask decor Hollywood inspired wedding

brides men waving rainbow absolut fan while guest enjoy cocktail hour food

bride hugging guest as groom looks on emotional candid authentic wedding photographer

Why a Hollywood Theme?

Jordan shares, “I’ve spent most of my working life in the film industry and realized it would make a great theme for a wedding!”

He continued, “I could also have fun set elements. It all amounted to being able to get away with really unique items while part of the Hollywood theme.”

One of the bridesmen, Frankie, designed movie posters that featured Bethany and Jordan for the event!  Such creative friends 🙂

guest pouring champagne in glass with Hollywood scene sign as table decor unique reception decor

recreated movie poster with bride and groom as actors Hollywood inspired wedding theme decor

white wedding cake with sunflowers and movie scene signs Lehigh Valley conference center

Lehigh Valley Wedding Traditions

Entrances and first dance included all the balloons and “clouds” on the dancefloor, too!

creative authentic vibrant Lehigh Valley wedding photographer bride and groom announced into ballroom cloud of balloons and balloon arch Lehigh Valley conference center

best Lehigh Valley wedding photographer bride and groom first dance with smoke surrounding them and balloons

bride and groom smiling on dance floor guests clapping and smiling

Oscar Worthy Speeches

Jordan says, “As part of our Hollywood theme, we decided to make the speeches “acceptance” speeches and do a cool twist on a wedding classic.”

I loved this unique twist they put on a standard tradition. They even started playing music if the speech went too long – ha!

drag queen making announcement during wedding reception speeches Hollywood inspired wedding theme

guest receiving balloon award during wedding reception speeches

guest holding up balloon Oscar while drag queen smiles behind during Hollywood inspired wedding

award winning Lehigh Valley wedding photographer

In Directors Chairs & A Little Magic

I love that Jordan and Bethany had their own personalized director’s chairs! What a cool way to show off the new last name!

bride and groom sitting in directors chairs listening to guest speeches

groomsmen performing fire magic trick at wedding reception

bride and groom holding balloon Oscar during wedding reception tradition at Lehigh Valley conference center

Both Parents Dancing!!

Jordan’s sentimental dance ended with a group hug and Bethany’s parents got that dance floor hopping…

groom dancing with both parents during balloon filled wedding reception Lehigh Valley wedding photographer

bride dancing with parents during parent dances

Let’s Get The Party Started!

The group was so much fun!!

wedding guests having fun dancing laughing during wedding reception

brides mom dancing with wedding guest

guests smiling having a good time at wedding reception Lehigh Valley conference center

bride dancing with brides men during wedding reception candid fun wedding photographer

A Surprise Guest!

wedding guests laughing at wedding reception Lehigh Valley

bride being twirled by gorilla costume person

bride dancing with person in gorilla costume spinning on dance floor with balloons in background

Dancing the Night Away

She put a ring on it!

bride and groom kissing groom holding back of bride's head wearing wedding ring Hollywood inspired wedding

best Lehigh Valley wedding photographer Hollywood inspired theme


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