Family Lifestyle Photographer: Elliot & Quentin

100% pure childhood— as a creative family lifestyle photographer, I love to capture children’s curiosity, sense of adventure, freedom, & play.  These boys climbed trees, picked up turtles, jumped puddles, rode “airplanes” into the sunset, played with apples, did a “smoke dance”, and ran together in the light of the moon.

I wanted to capture not just what these two looked like, but the way it feels to be them and see the magic of living life through their eyes

best central pa family lifestyle session

Why Rhinehart Photography?

John shares, “Lisa’s work is no joke. “Phenomenal” doesn’t even give it justice.”

He continues, “Our boys are the world to me, and Tiffany is my universe. When it came to choosing a gift for her, after nearly 2 years of quarantine, the best gift I could give was to have photographs of the boys being free, exploring, enjoying the wide-open, just being themselves.  Showing those moments in time of your children being free is an infinite gift for a mother that has given more than her share continuously.”

He adds, “When I showed my wife Lisa’s slideshow, only a few photos had played and I could see tears in her eyes.  It was a total surprise– she could hardly believe that we pulled this off!  Thanks to Lisa for giving us pointers on props and outfits!  She gave us such a gift.  Our boys had so much fun interacting with Lisa during the photo session.  They were free and fully themselves.  We are so very happy to have worked with Rhinehart Photography on this very important project!”

boy running through woods slow motion blur creative artistic central pa photographer

two brothers hugging and smiling at camera at orchard

creative artistic real life family photographer two brothers standing on the edge of puddle with the sky reflected into it ready to jump in

Orchard Time!

Exploring Toigo Orchard was a perfect fit for this family!  It enabled the kids to run around, get curious and just be themselves.  As you can see I love playing with reflections, capturing movement, and getting landscape shots that feature the kiddos, too.

I also play with different elements like playing up leaves or bringing in jack-o-lanterns to play up the fall vibe.

two boys sitting at base of apple tree in orchard surrounded by apples family lifestyle session

boy making silly face holding carved pumpkin on top of head

two brothers sitting on the ground in front of each other holding hands in air with eyes closed

Surprise for mom!

John shares, “The boys knew how much it would mean to their mom to surprise her, so unbelievably they kept the secret.” 

It was all John’s idea and he and his kids kept it a secret from Tiffany and pulled it off without a hitch!

boy running and smiling and jumping over log in woods central pa family lifestyle session

black and white photo of two boys laughing and smiling at each other candid authentic real life family photographer

Climbing Trees

I’m all about capturing movement and action in my shoots.  I know a lot of photographers spend a ton of time trying to get kids to sit still and listen, I pretty much do the opposite… “Hey, who thinks they can climb that tree?”  (after getting dad’s permission of course!)

boy climbing apple tree looking back at camera smiling

boy swinging from limb of apple tree in orchard authentic candid family lifestyle photographer

Goonies/Sandlot Inspiration

John shares, “The overall vibe of the session was the freedom for kids to be kids.”

John also wanted to add a cinematic element.  He named a couple of classic kids movies from the 90s like Goonies and The Sandlot and I completely understood the feeling and was 100% on board.

two boys walking with hands in air surrounded by clouds of dust cinematic family photo

two brothers laughing while playing in pile of leaves central pa family lifestyle session

Planning and Exploring

Before our session, we came up with a plan.  We brainstormed places we could shoot, ideas for what to wear, ideas of things we could incorporate, and narrowed it down to our best options.  I created an itinerary and list of items to bring to help keep us organized for the shoot.  John delivered and then some!

Layered outfits with vibrant fall colors, extras in case they get dirty, Halloween props, etc.  We knew we’d want to play in the stream and woods for the first hour and a half, and go to the orchard for the second hour and a half because the sunset would be visible from there.

Little did we know there would be turtles, a moonrise, or this smokey area that fit the feel of the shoot perfectly…

black and white photo of two boys touching heads looking at each other dust smoke surrounding them

boy looking at ground seeing two turtles

boy holding turtle in hands authentic candid family lifestyle photographer

All About Elliot

John shared, “Elliot is a total ham.  He is wild and rambunctious and his facial expressions are unreal.  Elliot loves to climb trees and run around as much as possible.  He is constantly moving and at 6 is just such a perfect “kid” age.”

two boys running through field laughing central pa

boy sitting on top of tractor with hands on steering wheel smiling

All About Quentin

John explained, “Quentin is 9 and rambunctious as well.  He is the big brother for sure and adored by Elliot.  He loves movies and games and is a big Halloween fan.  He’s smart and curious and can say the funniest things sometimes!”
two boys smiling and laughing at camera golden hour light surrounding them

family lifestyle session two boys running through grass and leaves with vests and pumpkin shirt on

creative artistic family lifestyle session boy jumping over puddle reflection of sky

Inseparable Brothers

John explained, “These two are pretty much inseparable.  As brothers, they spend a lot of time together.  They get on each other’s nerves as anyone can, and beneath it all really enjoy each other’s company and play well together.  Halloween is for sure one of their favorite if not *the* favorite time of year for them.”

I like how their shadows look *inseparable*!!

family lifestyle session two boys standing with arms around each other seeing shadows reflected on ground looking inseparable

fun halloween inspired family lifestyle session two boys holding carved pumpkins in front of their heads

Moonrise and Sunset!

The most incredible time of day was when the sun set on the west side of the orchard and the moon rose on the east side!!  It was unreal, magical, and the perfect end to our session.  No this isn’t photoshopped, both are real…

creative artistic central pa family lifestyle session two boys standing with arms out against sunset silhouetted

two boys running through field of apple orchard with moon rise during sunset best central pa family lifestyle photographer

Kurzawa Family Lifestyle Session Slideshow

See even more photos from the Kurzawa Family Lifestyle Session set to music in the slideshow below!

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