Heritage Restored Wedding: Brandy & Jeremiah

Brandy & Jeremiah’s Heritage Restored wedding had so many beautiful, authentic, natural moments!  From an Amish cart passing the venue to the most adorable kids, to lots of loving memories of the couple’s moms, a patriotic nod to all attendees who have served, and a stunning barn reception and a bouquet stuck in the chandelier, haha!

I was so honored and grateful to capture them and their blended family!

heritage restored wedding photographer

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Brandy shares, “When I was looking for a photographer for our wedding I stumbled upon Lisa’s page and fell in love with her photos. Lisa has great attention to detail and her work is simply stunning. Jeremiah and I loved working with Lisa because she was fun and made everything easy. Lisa listened to what we wanted and even helped with giving us a timeline to work with since we didn’t have a wedding planner. We believe that was a bonus because you don’t hear that benefit from most wedding photographers!”

best heritage restored wedding photographer couple smiling looking at each other outside in front of barnAn Idyllic Setting

Yes, that is an Amish buggy!  Heritage Restored not only has beautiful ceremony and reception spaces, but the area surrounding is so calming and instantly puts you at ease.

amish country setting outside heritage restored horse and buggy traveling on dirt road with farms surrounding

Meet the Bride

Jeremiah smiles, “I love Brandy for so many reasons, but one of them is her drive. She’s constantly pushing herself to be better. She completed her associate and bachelor’s degrees in only two and a half years and got a new job. Brandy’s a go-getter and a good role model for the kids, especially my daughter. She’s tough because of her service in the army and her all-around spirit shows my daughter that she can do anything she sets her mind to.”

bride in bridal suite at heritage restored smiling looking over shoulder

bride sitting smiling looking at camera traditional bridal portraits

bride with groom's daughter smiling looking at each other holding bouquet outside

In Memory of Grandma

Brandy shares, “I put out a sign to show Jeremiah, his dad, Amelia, and everyone else that Nancy [Jeremiah’s mom] was there celebrating and watching over us as we got married. Amelia’s crying made me cry. I’d like to think I’m tough but deep down I’m a softy and she brings that out of me.”

She smiles, “Amelia has a heart of gold and I’m always telling her to stay sweet. Amelia and I have a great step-mom and daughter bond.  I feel so lucky for that!”

Jeremiah adds, “You can see how much Amelia looks up to Brandy. She got a bonus mom. I loved the sign Brandy put out for my late mother.  I also cried when I saw it.”  

black and white photo of bride and daughter looking at memorial sign

black and white photo emotional authentic real life heritage restored wedding photographer bride holding daughter crying over memorial sign

emotional authentic real life wedding photographer bride wiping tears away from daughter crying

Better Together!

Brandy shares, “The sign better together definitely represents my special connection I have with my bridesmaids.”

Brandy had the sweetest things to say about all of her bridesmaids! They truly mean the world to her. 🙂

More info on their decor from Peachy Keen at the bottom of the blog post ;).

bride and bridesmaids wearing teal dresses standing in front of faux greenery wall with better together neon sign behind

Thank you for Your Service!

Brandy shares, “Three of my bridesmaids and myself all served in the military. We met at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina and have been friends since meeting. Many of our wedding guests served in the military as well so it was a great reunion.”

Jerimiah wanted this photo to be a surprise for Brandy.  It was a team effort-– me composing and directing the shot, the groomsmen holding the flag, Jerimiah’s handsome smile and the venue owner (Karlen) pulling out her own family flag for our use!

groom smiling at camera with American flag in background military wedding photographer

groom and groomsmen standing smiling at camera outside Newburg pa wedding photographer

First Look with the Kids

Jeremiah shares, “The boys told me I looked handsome and all the kids were so excited to see me. I was also overwhelmed and excited when I saw the boys. I’m excited to be both of the boys’ step-dad.” 

black and white photo of kids covering eyes before seeing dad during first look candid authentic heritage restored wedding photographer

black and white photo of kids uncovering eyes after seeing dad during first look

daughter giving dad hug after first look

Ready for the Ceremony

The kids in their wedding attire were so adorable!  And how about that flower girl twirl?

son fixing bow tie before ceremony

black and white photo of daughter twirling throwing flower petals outside heritage restored

Last Walk with Mama…

Brandy shares, “My mom passed away this past year, immediately following our wedding. I’m so happy she was able to spend the time she had left with me and my family. My mom being able to walk me down the aisle was beautiful and I know it made her truly happy.”

I was so sorry to hear about Brandy’s mom’s passing and shared some photos with her as soon as I heard.

Brandy said, “I was so overjoyed seeing how the photos of my mom and I turned out that Lisa shared with me. The look on my mom’s face was priceless. I wish my mom could see them but I know she’s watching over me and my family now.”  

black and white emotional authentic real life photo of bride walking with mom to ceremony

black and white photo of groom wiping tear away from eye as bride walks up to ceremony

emotional authentic candid real life heritage restored wedding photographer bride hugging mom before ceremony

emotional photo of bride's mom holding groom's daughter as she cries during ceremony

Heritage Restored Wedding Vows

I loved seeing how happy and emotional Jeremiah was during the wedding ceremony. It was an emotional day all around!

groom smiling with tears in eyes looking at bride during ceremony

groom wiping eyes as officiant reads ceremony

groom smiling laughing putting ring on bride's finger

black and white photo of groom dipping bride after officially married with wedding party cheeringThe Happy Couple

Brandy shares, “I was so nervous nothing was going to go right on our wedding day, but the day came and I felt at ease.

Jeremiah shares, “I felt overwhelmed and also happy that I was marrying my best friend. I didn’t care how the day went as long as we both said ‘I do’.”

bride and groom wedding portraits groom smiling looking at bride as bride looks at camera

heritage restored wedding photographer bride giving groom kiss on cheek holding bouquet

Inseparable Since the First Date

Brandy shares, “Jeremiah and I kept in touch for almost two years before I made the move and asked if he wanted to get something to eat at some point. Our first date was February 14, 2019: lunch at Chipotle, Brandy’s favorite place. We’ve been inseparable ever since!”

Brandy smiles, “Jeremiah is a good man that loves his family and would do anything to protect them. He also accepted my two boys as if they were his own.”

I try to get a good mix of traditional shots and more emotional ones like this:

bride and groom smiling during wedding portraits heritage restored wedding photographer

traditional wedding portraits bride and groom standing next to each other smiling at camera

Heritage Restored Wedding Reception

Brandy & Jeremiah share, “We loved the farmhouse from the first moment we laid eyes on it. The rustic feel was the style and wedding theme we were going for. The farm had a timeless rustic charm that you see in magazines. We didn’t want your typical hotel banquet hall with cheap carpet, and the farm was perfect in our eyes.”

Jeremiah adds, “The reception intro was a last-minute idea by Brandy. She is always a quick thinker and she thought it would be cute.”

Heritage Restored is so gorgeous! I love that the reception space leads right outdoors. The drapery is such a beautiful touch. I loved Brandy & Jeremiah’s entrance when Jeremiah pretended to propose!

black and white photo heritage restored wedding reception groom down on one knee pretending to propose

black and white photo heritage restored bride and groom entering reception space with guests clapping and cheering

Wedding Party with a Sense of Humor

Brandy & Jeremiah’s wedding party members had the funniest speeches that made everyone smile and laugh. 🙂

best man giving speech during wedding reception

bridesmaid giving speech during heritage restored wedding reception bride and groom laughing

First Dance (Interrupted)

Brandy says, “I wanted the first dance to be special, not just for me and Jeremiah, but for our kids. I was so happy Amelia and the boys wanted to come out and dance.”

Jeremiah adds, “The kids are always used to having dance parties at home with Brandy because she loves music, dancing, and making memories with the kids.”

bride and groom dancing during first dance under chandelier and drapery at heritage restored wedding reception

bride and groom kissing during first dance daughter steps in to interrupt

bride and groom dancing with kids during family first dance

Mother of the Groom

Brandy shares, “Jeremiah’s dance with Belinda, his stop-mom, was a beautiful moment. Belinda has been in his life as long as his mom has been in heaven, so she means a lot to him and it meant a lot to me to show her how much he cares about her.”

She continues, “Amelia is always crying but it’s so sweet how she is a very caring person!”

So many emotional moments during their reception!

emotional first dance with groom and his mom

bride and groom's daughter crying watching groom and his mom dance during heritage restored wedding reception

close up of groom's moms hand on shoulder during dance

bride's mom laughing and smiling during wedding reception emotional candid authentic wedding photographer

The Song Brandy was Named After

Brandy smiles, “I surprised my mom by playing Brandy by Looking Glass during the reception. My mom heard this song as a little girl and swore she was going to name her daughter Brandy, and she did. I loved dancing with my mom that was we had so much fun!

bride dancing with mom during wedding reception heritage restored

emotional dance between bride and mom at heritage restored reception

mom spinning bride during first dance at heritage restored wedding reception bride and mom smiling and laughing

Angel Wings

Brandy shares, “My angel wings were my first tattoo that my mother paid for when I was 19. It was one of many bonding experiences we had together. I love my angel wings, and now they’re one of the little things I have to remember my mom by.”

bride with angel wing tattoo dancing with late mother

Heritage Restored Wedding Reception

Brandy shares, “I loved that everyone was having a great time dancing. Jeremiah and I are truly thankful to everyone who came to our wedding and shared our special day with us.”

Their wedding guests were a blast to photograph – so fun and such good dancers!  But before the dancing– let’s satiate some sweet tooths 😉

two boys eating dessert during wedding reception

bride and guests dancing heritage restored wedding reception fun candid photographer

wedding guests dancing during reception

bride dancing with daughter during wedding reception

guests smiling and dancing during wedding reception

guest dancing on floor at reception

black and white photo of couple dancing at wedding reception

Bouquet Toss Surprise!

Haaa that’s right folks, it totally got stuck in the chandelier!

bride tossing bouquet during heritage restored wedding reception

guest waiting as bouquet is tossed in the air

heritage restored wedding reception bride and groom dancing under drapery and chandelier

Heritage Restored Wedding Vendors

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