Linwood Estate Wedding: Sarah & Matt

This vibrant, classic, autumn Linwood Estate wedding was joy-filled and authentic.  The wedding party was so much fun and incorporating handstands, money-guns and even a special delivery (bridesmaid in a box) during their reception entrances.  I knew the party was going to be incredible and it was!

Sarah and Matt’s central PA wedding had plenty of romantic one-on-one time from a first look to golden hour, to a fireside chat at the end of the evening.  You won’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind wedding.   Here are a few of my favorite shots of them alone…


Linwood estate wedding photographer

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Sarah shares, “The photos in Lisa’s portfolio were AMAZING, and we wanted photos just like that! We loved the bright colors and all of the unique shots! It was so easy to work with Lisa on our wedding day! She was able to round up everyone and was always easily accessible!”

Sarah adds, “Lisa also took the time to make sure she understood what we were looking for in our photos, and she worked very well with the videographer as well! She was always working to get the best angles!”

creative artistic unique central pa wedding photographer fall leaves vibrant blue sky couple silhouetted

Why Linwood Estate?

Sarah laughs, “Mostly it was my choice, but Matt did have some say in the venue. We chose Linwood Estate because of the beautiful mansion and ballroom, the onsite rooms that the wedding party could stay in overnight, the fire pit, and the gorgeous grounds. My favorite part was the beautiful changing leaves. Fall is our favorite season!”

Matt adds, “I really enjoyed the fire pit at the end of the night. We also loved the small touches – the glassware, the decor, and the fact that the venue seemed so private– secluded from noise and traffic.”

bride kissing groom on cheek outside Linwood estate best central pa wedding photographer

Fun-loving Groomsmen

While I was photographing the details and ladies, my right-hand man, Jim, photographed the groomsmen in all their glory!

Matt shares, “The groomsmen seem to be able to entertain themselves anywhere. They were playing pig (the basketball game) with a paper ball, then playing football later. There’s always something going on with them!”

groomsmen playing games during getting ready

groomsmen in blue suits pretending to play football outside during getting ready photos

groomsmen jumping up high fiving together outside with leaves and sun shining

groomsmen standing in a line smiling at camera outside Linwood estate

Behind the Scenes at Linwood Estate

Getting creative shots is SUPER important to me.  It’s what most of my clients hire me to do, and makes my job really interesting and FUN.  Here I found this mirror and used it to photograph Sarah’s gown and used the same technique to photograph Sarah later, too!

Lol my intensity here as I try to line up the shot:

photographer taking photo behind the scenes Linwood estate wedding

wedding dress hanging in front of window reflected into ornate gold mirror

Lovely Linwood Ladies

Sarah smiles, “I have some of the best friends I could ever ask for. They are some of the most supportive, kind, and wonderful people. I know everyone says that about their friends, but I could not have had a better group of girls to stand by me on my special day!”

bride and bridesmaid sitting in bridal suite at Linwood estate in colorful floral robes smiling at camera

bride and bridesmaids laughing smiling with each other in bridal suite during getting ready

bridesmaid buttoning up bride's wedding dress

(Here I’m using that mirror again, but with totally different camera settings!)

bride holding bouquet in wedding dress in Linwood estate bridal suite reflected into mirror creative artistic wedding photographer

bride first look with bridesmaids smiling and clapping

Perfectly Coordinated Bouquets

Sarah shares, “My bridesmaids were all BEAUTIFUL in their dresses!!! When we picked them I wanted to wear them too! Ha! The flowers were better than I could have imagined! The colors of the attire and flowers turned out perfectly!”

bride walking with bridesmaid following behind holding dress and bouquets

bride and bridesmaids posing outside with bouquets in hand smiling at the camera

First Look

Sarah shares, “It felt good to have the traditional wedding events, especially because we weren’t able to initially do that, due to the pandemic. We feel so lucky, we realize that not everyone got to have that, and we are so thankful that we did!”

Sarah & Matt had an intimate wedding during the pandemic and then had a big celebration for their wedding. Since they initially got married during the pandemic they weren’t able to do any traditional events like a first look, making it even more special on their wedding day!

Sarah, you are *stunning*!

bride holding dress train looking at camera before going to first look with groom

groom reacting to bride during first look fun creative central pa wedding photographer

groom smiling at bride seeing her during first look holding colorful bouquet

Traditional Photos & Vogue

I’m flexible when it comes to how I cover your wedding.  I take the time to get to know you and plan coverage that suits your wants and needs.  Some couples want really creative portraits with their bridal party and others want more traditional.  Sarah wanted an even mix.  I helped to custom-plan her timeline so that we could do just that!

Sarah says, “The vogue shot is the first shot in Lisa’s portfolio that really caught my eye! It’s where she gives each member of the wedding party a different pose and is so unique.  Lisa was able to get everyone aligned, which is a skill with such a large group.”

vogue style wedding party photos outside Linwood estate wedding

bride and groom posing with wedding party outside Linwood estate

Linwood Estate Wedding Ceremony

I always love to layer photos and tell a story. You can see here the woman looking at Sarah & Matt’s ceremony program and then the guests in front laughing and smiling before the ceremony starts.

black and white photo of guest looking at wedding program with other guests laughing

wedding party walking together entering ceremony

Important Ceremony Aspects

Sarah shares, “It was very important to me to walk down the aisle with my dad. It was definitely a special moment.”

She continues, “It was also important for us to have Matt’s dad officiate the ceremony and to have such a close friend read a passage.”

I love how many personal touches Sarah & Matt added to their ceremony to make it their own. Keep scrolling to see all the sweet moments leading up to their kiss!

I loved balancing Sarah and her dad with this garden statue in this frame:

bride walking up aisle with dad outside at Linwood estate fall wedding ceremony

authentic candid emotional photo of groom wiping eye during wedding ceremony

bride and groom holding hands during ceremony guests filling chairs outside Linwood estate wedding ceremony fall outdoors

bridesmaid reading passage during wedding ceremony as bride and groom look on

bride and groom holding hands looking at each other during ceremony with bridesmaids in background

bride and groom share first kiss in front of Linwood estate wedding outdoors best central pa photographer

 groomsmen clapping at conclusion of wedding ceremony

Golf Cart Escape

Sarah laughs, “Using the golf cart was fun! A bit chilly though!”

These two braved the late fall weather for some amazing golden hour portraits on Linwood Estate’s property. I always try to steal my couples away for a few minutes for golden hour or sunset portraits. As you can see below the light is beautiful:

bride and groom riding on the back of golf cart during golden hour photos bride kisses groom on cheek while holding bouquet in air Linwood estate wedding photographer

bride and groom holding hands looking at each other smiling golden ray of sun in background

black and white photo of grooms hand around bride's waist with lace details and buttons visible on wedding dress

Romantic Light & Romantic Stories

I asked what are some of the qualities they appreciate most about each other–

Sarah smiles, “I appreciate Matt’s reliability and his humor.”  Matt says, “I appreciate her intelligence and work ethic.”

Sarah & Matt share, “We met through a mutual friend while Sarah was home for the summer between undergraduate and graduate school. When Sarah moved for school, Matt visited, and we started dating. The rest is history!”

best central pa Linwood estate wedding photographer bride with hand on grooms cheek looking at him in field outside venue during golden hour

bride and groom looking at each other silhouetted against golden hour sun with fall leaves and vibrant blue sky behind creative artistic unique Linwood estate wedding photographer

bride and groom hugging in field outside wedding venue during romantic portraits following wedding ceremony

Personalized Guestbook

Most couples include a guestbook at their wedding reception, it’s a fun way to keep record of all of those who were in attendance on your wedding day!

I offer a personally designed guestbook that features photos from your engagement session.  Creating a guestbook using your engagement photos allows your weddings guests to take more of a peek into your relationship and interests and so there’s plenty of room for guests to write heartfelt messages.

It becomes a keepsake in so many ways because it is both an engagement photo album and guestbook, and has enough space for people to write personal messages as well.  Here is Sarah and Matt’s and look how eager her mom is to find her page :).

guests signing guestbook during cocktail hour at Linwood estate

guests talking and laughing during cocktail hour

black and white photo of guest and groomsmen shaking hands laughing during cocktail hour

Special Delivery LOL!

Sarah shares, “One thing about Matt’s friends is that they always try to top each other. The entrances were PERFECT! The backstory to the box entrance – Shane, Matt, and Tony all worked for UPS. Matt no longer works there, but Shane and Tony do. So they brought a dolly and a big box to act like Shane was making a typical delivery. The raining money happened because Tyler wanted to use money guns. I’m not sure how the walking on hands originated haha.”

candid authentic fun Linwood estate wedding photographer wedding party entrances in box

creative wedding party entrance inside ups box holding beer

wedding party entrances fun walking on hands entering reception

wedding party members entering reception holding money gun with fake money flying all over wearing sunglasses

Linwood Estate Wedding Reception Traditions

I loved photographing all the sentimental moments of their wedding traditions like the first dance and parent dances. You’ll notice the colorful dots in the photos (bokeh in photographer terms). Simple candles and lighting add such a unique texture to photos and allows me to get the bokeh in the background.

bride and groom during first dance smiling at each other lights in background Linwood estate

bride dancing with dad during parent dances lights and candles in foreground

groom dancing with mom during parent dance tradition

Let Them Eat Cake!

Sarah shares, “The cake and cupcakes were DELICIOUS, and Holly did an AMAZING job. Holly is a friend from college who has an amazing talent for baking. She put all of that together and decorated everything! The florist left perfect cuttings of the flowers and Holly put it all together. She used the drawers of the dresser and placed everything beautifully! Loved it!!”

cake and cupcake wedding dessert table with cute sign love is sweet

bride and groom feeding each other cake

guests clapping and smiling standing up at wedding reception

Getting the Party Started

Sarah & Matt say, “We did everything we could to ensure people were on the dance floor! We kept the dance floor near the bar, tried to play songs we knew would be hits, and made sure to encourage people to get out there!! It also helps that we have some pretty amazing and outgoing friends that love to dance and get the party going!”

wedding guests dancing fun reception photos

wedding guests dancing and singing fun reception photos

grooms mom and wedding guests dancing fun reception photos

wedding guests dancing fun reception photos

wedding guests dancing fun reception photos

Post-Pandemic Wedding

They share, “We had so much fun catching up with everyone that we have missed for so long as a result of the pandemic. Everyone we had talked to said they had a great time. Our goal was to have a party that everyone enjoyed, and we hope that happened! We certainly had a great time!”

bride and groom laughing and smiling during wedding reception dancing

wedding guests dancing fun reception photos

wedding guests dancing fun reception photos

wedding staff cleaning up broken glass on dance floor during reception

wedding guest dancing wearing sunglasses

The Gang’s All Here

They smile, “The wedding day seemed to fly by! Because we already technically were married, it seemed less stressful than it could have been. We were free to enjoy the day without the stress of newly getting married. It was so wonderful to have our loved ones together again after nearly 2 long years. We couldn’t have had a better day, and we both had so much fun and experienced so much joy!”

bride and groom with all wedding guests on dance floor smiling and laughing group photo Linwood estate wedding photographer

Light my Fire!

Sarah & Matt share, “The end of the night was a blast. We loved the fire pit, and we were so happy to have been able to spend time with our family and friends! We were so sad to see it end, but we will have such special memories forever!” 

I love playing with light and here, my second photographer, Jim is holding a light for me and in the second one I’m allowing the natural firelight to rim-light the couple.

bride and groom sitting behind fire pit during wedding reception

creative artistic unique wedding photographer bride and groom silhouetted in front of fire pit at Linwood estate wedding reception

Linwood estate wedding best central pa wedding photographer

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