Harrisburg Maternity Photography: Jen & Eric

Jennifer & Eric’s vibrant Harrisburg Maternity Photography session incorporated murals, sunset and a fun-loving couple!

Bonus, these two are my friends and I recently threw their baby shower with my friend, Sarah :).  So very excited to meet their little one ASAP!

Pregnant couple silhouetted along the Susquehanna as photographer by Harrisburg Maternity Photographer

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Jennifer shared, “Occasionally in life, there are people you meet who become close friends fast, that you connect with at a deep level. Lisa is one of those friends to me. I knew Eric and I would both feel comfortable working with her and that she would be able to capture our profound joy during this special time in our lives.”

She continued, “During our friendship, Lisa has often shared ideas she is working on for different photo sessions. Wow is she creative! She is constantly pushing herself and trying new things to capture the personalities of her clients and the locations they choose. I knew she would do the same of us!”Harrisburg Maternity Photographer photographs a smiling pregnant couple at sunset

Why Harrisburg?

Eric shared, “We actually did two photo shoots – a boudoir baby bump session with Jen only and a couple’s baby bump session with the two of us. [The boudoir session pics are just for just for us. 😉 ] So, we needed both an indoor and an outdoor location. Lisa recommended an indoor studio in the Harrisburg area for Jen’s boudoir session which had exactly the vibe she was looking for. She then suggested we move to downtown Harrisburg for our couple’s session.”
She added, “We were lucky enough to get great weather so Lisa could incorporate some of Harrisburg’s fun and vibrant murals and the beautiful sunset over the Susquehanna! It was very nice to get recommendations from Lisa. With all the preparations we have been doing for our baby’s arrival, we appreciated having one less thing to worry about!”

Fun creative pregnant couple as captured by Harrisburg Maternity Photogapher

Fun-loving Light-hearted Relationship

Eric laughed, “We especially liked that the session outside was lighthearted. In fact, there was a moment in which I was absentmindedly spinning Jen around and that ended up being part of our session. It was really perfect to capture the nature of our relationship!”

Vibrant murals in the background of pregnant couple captured by a creative Harrisburg Maternity Photographer

Their Journey to Parenthood

They shared, “Our path to pregnancy has been a long one. We experienced loss right at the start, tried for years, and had numerous failed fertility treatments along the way. We are so grateful we decided to work with Lisa to capture the happiness we have felt during this pregnancy and couldn’t be more excited to meet our little one very soon!”

So as you can imagine, I am so very happy for them, too!  Fun fact, one of our other friends and I were on a walk and saw a luna moth (like the one in the mural) right on our path!  I looked it up on-line and it said it symbolized fertility, I told her.  She said, “I have something to share with you…I’m pregnant!” Mind.  Blown.  When I saw this mural, I knew incorporating it into this Harrisburg Maternity Photography session was a must!

best Harrisburg photographer captures couple at sunset as wind blows her blonde hair

Ecclectic Mix of Photography

Variety is the spice of life!  I made sure to get plenty of it– close up, silhouettes more traditional shots, also tons of candids that show personality of course!

Jenn shared, “Beautiful and elegant. There is something really exquisite about a pregnant woman’s body. I’m not going to lie, the first trimester was miserable, as it often is for many women. But once I got past the morning sickness, I felt like a godess – strong, beautiful, and amazed at what my body could do. I wanted photos that captured that feeling!”

I hope these do…

Harrisburg Maternity Photographer

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