Willows at Ashcombe Mansion Engagement: Tim & Bradon

Tim & Bradon at the Willows at Ashcombe Mansion!!!  They made my job easy by being so much fun to work with and letting their true colors shine!!  It was also so much fun to have them dressing to the nines and having such an incredible venue!

If Bradon looks familiar it is because he is the local weatherman on Fox 43!

I got creative playing with light, color, and reflections— can’t wait to hear what you think!

Gay couple sitting together on black couch looking away from the camera with dark, dramatic lighting for this Willows at Ashcombe Mansion engagement session


Why Rhinehart Photography?

Tim shares, “We loved the storytelling that comes through in Lisa’s photos.  We certainly want some traditional portraiture, like the images we’ve viewed of our family members over the years.  We also really appreciate candid images that capture authentic moments from interesting angles.”

Bradon adds,  “The Mansion is absolutely stunning.  Incorporating that environment into our engagement photos will be very important to us!”

The Willows at Ashcombe Mansion provided me with such a spectacular backdrop!  I took a moment to show of these handsome husbands to be on the checkered flooring.

Gay couple sitting together on black and white checkered floor inside of the mansion for their engagement session with dramatic lighting

Fun Willows at Ashcombe Engagement Session

Tim smiles, “Hmmm why do we work so well together, what made us fall in love?”

Bradon shares, “I think it was our mutual sense of adventure and travel, spontaneity and the way we both really care.”

Tim adds, “We also hold true to our grounded, traditional roots of family, friends and love — sharing those most important things in common.”

Couple standing outside of the Ashcombe Mansion laughing and smiling at each other in a candid photograph for their engagement session

Why The Willows at Ashcombe Mansion?

Bradon says, “The Willows at Ashcombe Mansion serves as both a reminder of the past and a preview to our future in many ways.”

Tim adds, “The mansion sat vacant for years–those years spent with Tim passing by in wonder of the history of the venue, how it came to be vacant and what would happen to it in the future. That personal connection to it, and its uniqueness in the area, served as inspiration for the choice of our venue, and by connection the location for our engagement and wedding photos.”

I wanted to show Ashcombe Mansion in a more subtle way, here you can see it in the reflection:

Gay couple walking around the pond outside for this Willows of Ashcombe Mansion engagement session using creative photography to capture the reflection of the mansion in the pond

Creative Willows at Ashcombe Mansion Wedding Photographer

I am known for my creative photography, using interesting lighting, reflections, perspectives and more to capture unique images.

Couple sitting on the floor inside the Ashcombe Mansion holding hands and hugging each other in the corner with dramatic warm lighting for their engagement session

Traditional Portraits, too!

While I am known for my vibrant, creative, storytelling imagery, I also make sure to take more traditional portraits of each of my couples as well!

I love bringing out people’s authentic smiles and real emotion, even if it is a standard photograph.

Traditional portrait of the future husbands standing together in front of the mansion for their engagement session

Sleek, elegant & Sophisticated Central PA Wedding Venue

Bradon says, “The Willows at Ashcombe Mansion is sleek, elegant, sophisticated glitz and glamor that the mansion provides, while staying true to its roots as a stunning, unique historical venue.

Future husbands inside of the mansion with dark, dramatic lighting for their engagement session

Looking forward to their Willows at Ashcombe Mansion Wedding

“Tim added “we also want to take advantage of its well-preserved elegance with some shine in all the right places.”

Couple laughing and smiling at either in a candid photograph standing outside for their engagement session before their upcoming Willows at Ashcombe Mansion wedding

Gay couple standing face to face outside by the pond for their engagement session before their Willows of Ashcombe Mansion wedding using creative photography to capture the vibrant, colorful reflection of both the Ashcombe Mansion and the future husbands in water reflection.

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