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Meet travel blogger, Lauren, of “All Roads to Roam” as she explores her hometown of Bethlehem, PA with me a Creative Branding Photographer

unqiue, vibrant, colorful arts quest photographer, lisa rhinehart, captures lauren exploring the steelstacks in bethleham, Pennsylvania for this unique and fun portrait photography session

Girl Taking on the World

Lauren smiles, “I’ve been to 41 countries now, I mostly started traveling about 6 years ago. I started blogging during the pandemic as a means of fueling travel inspiration since I couldn’t actually go anywhere. I like to plan budget trips, visit exotic locations that aren’t seen by many Americans (such as the Republic of Georgia and Vietnam) or write about how to fit more travel into life for people who also have full-time jobs. I don’t really like to “vacation” but I like to travel. I’d much rather explore a city or do a hike than sit at a beach or at a resort.”

She continues, “I do like to purchase jewelry as souvenirs when I travel as a means of remembering the trip every time I wear it (like my elephant ring is from India).”

Sunset photo of girl playing with her hair with a bright yellow floral shirt and tan hat on taken by Creative Branding Photographer, lisa rhinehart

traditional portrait of travel blogger in her bright yellow floral shirt and feathered earrings hugging her legs as she smiles at the camera for this bethleham portrait photographer, rhinehart photography

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Lauren says, “As a Creative Branding Photographer, you are incredibly thoughtful and engaging.  You made me feel relaxed and were so full of good ideas. For my photos, I was hoping for photos that captured me in a different styles in a natural way.  I usually feel awkward taking photos and have not done anything like this before but felt much more confident with you. I obviously wanted travel and place-inspired photos.”

She smiles, “My mom is actually the one who initially found you as a photographer. You came highly recommended on her Facebook group!”

While we were in her hometown and not literally on the road for this shoot (though we could be in the future, girl ;)) we brainstormed about how to visually bring the concept of travel and exploration into the shoot.  Bringing a backpack, boots, eclectic clothes and jewelry from her world travels, etc.  Loving to see her climb here & the way her hair is blowing in the wind and her back is towards me :).  For me it makes me think of her going places and being a strong independent woman :).

vibrant blue image with the siloutte of the girl and the bridge the main focus of the photo for this Creative Branding Photographer, rhinehart photography

colorful image of travel blogger lauren walking across the street looking out towards the road in her yellow floral shirt and blue and pink floral backpack in this arts quest photographer image by rhinehart photography

Two Sides to Bethlehem, PA

Lauren says, “I chose Bethlehem because it’s historical. I wanted to showcase what the area is about, I lived here my whole life. It’s a growing area. It’s getting some more tourism. Steelstacks are cool since I like the industrial/abandoned building vibe.”

She continues, “As for the history of Bethlehem steel, I’ve grown up visiting the historic buildings or walking amongst them for Musikfest, walking along the steel stacks or seeing concerts there, seeing the city grow. I live in the historic district now and love to walk around the block, look at the old houses, take pictures, go to the library, etc.”

vibrant photo of lauren in a bright yellow floral shirt with cowgirl boots standing against a brick wall with a vine coming down the wall in bethleham, pa

unique, creative photograph done by arts quest photographer, lisa rhinehart, of lauren playing in her hair as she looks up towards to sky in her black floral shirt with a small smile on her face in bethleham, pa

These Boots Were Made for Walking

Some of Laurens’s travels have included the Bahamas, Arizona, Hawaii, and Ireland. The upper Balkans countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina) with day trips to Hungary and Italy. She also has visited the Galapagos, South Korea, and Belgium. 

She shares, “I choose locations based on where I can get a discount or travel to cheaply (I always know about the flight deals) or based on where someone else wants to go.”

Brown cowgirl boots with a unqiue pattern on them walking across red bricks in the sunset taken by bethleham portrait photographer lisa rhinehart

vibrant, creative image of lauren standing in a tan hat and yellow floral shirt with a unique building and orange tree in the background behind her, image taken by Creative Branding Photographer lisa rhinehart

creative photo of lauren walking on the other side of the road in the sunset with the crosswalk lines leading to her for this arts quest photographer image taken by rhinehart photography

About Lauren

Lauren shares, “I’m pretty shy and awkward and don’t like a lot of attention so I thought a photo shoot would be uncomfortable for me but you had tips that really helped me relax and make the photos seem more natural. I’m interested in travel so I feel like some of that was incorporated in with my backpack or exploring a city.”

She adds, “To be honest, I didn’t put a lot of thought into what I would wear. I picked what I thought could be versatile, somewhat last minute. You helped give me some ideas. I usually wear a lot of jewelry so I did that. I wore a turquoise ring that was my mom’s when she was little so it has meaning for me. I wore the cowboy boots I like but usually don’t take traveling.”

I loved seeing her come out of her shell and hop a fence here, haha!

Arts quest photographer, lisa rhinehart, captures lauren sitting on a beam in her black floral dress with black boots smiling towards the camera

unique, colorful images of travel blogger buttoning up one of her shirts with unique embroidery and several colorful and unique rings taken by Creative Branding Photographer, lisa rhinehart


vibrant, unique image of a girl sitting on a wall with one hand above her knees with the sun setting behind her in this arts quest photographer image by lisa rhinehart

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