Rochester NY Wedding: Mike & Molly

Molly & Mike’s adorable, winter Rochester NY Wedding may have been cold (below zero!!) but these two hearts had nothing but warmth for each other!

Their venues were stunning (the Lyric Theater and Harro East Ballroom).  The moments between them were so heart-felt and expressive— so many beaming smiles and happy tears.  I’m so thrilled for these two!

Unique image of the couple standing inside the church for their photos during their Rochester NY wedding

Why Rhinehart Photography?

Molly shares, “Having known Lisa since before the start of her photography career and seeing her photos throughout the years, I always knew I wanted her to be my wedding photographer. That was the one thing I didn’t want to budge on for my wedding. I’ve seen the incredible work she does and wanted to have her capture our day.”

She continues,”From our first conversation and throughout the planning process, Lisa was attentive to what made us unique as a couple and was intentional to photograph our story and play off of our personalities. There was no stress when talking with her and mapping out the schedule for the wedding day. I was confident that she would get both the posed photos and be creative with the surroundings to take advantage of the architecture and lighting to get stunning photos of us and our friends and family.

She adds, “I was able to just be myself and enjoy the moments. I knew that Lisa would take incredible pictures without me putting in any effort.” 

traditional portrait of the bride after she is ready smiling at the camera for her wedding in NY with creative photographer lisa rhinehart

Laughs and Tears during their First Look

I love photographing authentic moments like these!

The couple shares, “We knew planning a wedding during COVID would be tricky and that a lot of things could change between when we set the date and when we got married. We decided from the beginning that no matter what the situation was, we would get married on January 15th.”

They continue, “Even though our wedding happened to be at the height of the Omicron spike and many family and friends weren’t able to be there to celebrate with us in person, it was such a relief to know that at the end of the day, we would be married and that was what mattered. We had been through a lot in the months leading up to the wedding day.”

They laugh, “I think the emotions you see in the first look are the joy and relief that we finally made it and would be married just a couple of hours later.”

unique, creative photo of the bride and groom looking at one another as they stand in the stained glass windows and we see their silhouettes for their Rochester NY wedding

candid photo of the bride and groom laughing as they hug one another before their wedding in Rochester with photographer lisa rhinehart

black and white image of the groom wiping away tears before his Rochester NY wedding

unique creative image fof the couple in eachother's arms smiling at one another with their reflection in the glass before their Rochester NY wedding

Below Zero Rochester NY Wedding

Getting geared up for their Rochester NY Wedding– Molly put on her boots and I was all bundled up too! Probably the coldest wedding I’ve photographed to date at below zero degrees, but Molly and Mike are all smiles!

Mike laughs, “I’m not sure what the temperature was, but I know it was below zero. We loved the idea of walking from the ceremony venue to the reception, but that definitely wasn’t happening in that weather! (Although as a Canadian, and someone who was wearing pants, I think I could have toughed it out.)”

Molly adds, “Definitely wasn’t ideal that it was below zero on the wedding day. Given the amount of snow Rochester gets (and did get the day after the wedding) I was just glad that there wasn’t a pile of snow that guests would have to drive through to come or that I would have to hike through in my dress.”

image of the bride putting on her boots to get pictures outside in the below zero temps for her Rochester wedding with photographer lisa rhinehart

behind the scenes photo of photographer lisa rhinehart capturing the couple outside of the building before their wedding in NY

image of the couple laughing and smiling as they hold hands before their Rochester NY wedding

unique photo of the couple standing outside their venue getting photos taken before their Rochester NY wedding

Rochester NY Wedding Party

Molly shares, “For my side of the wedding party, I had both a maid of honor and matron of honor. My younger sister Audrey was my maid of honor, and my best friend Alicia who I’ve been friends with since 6th grade when she moved in around the corner was my matron of honor. I also had two bridesmaids, but because of COVID only one was able to be at the wedding. The first was Kiley, who pulled most of the strings to set us up and was the biggest cheerleader for our relationship. My other bridesmaid who wasn’t able to be at the wedding was my friend Laura, who was the first friend I made when I moved to Rochester after we met in our church small group.”

Mike continues, “My best man was originally going to be my college friend Jesse. (I was in his wedding party 11 years ago.) Unfortunately, with the state of the pandemic, he wasn’t able to join us. Fortunately, my groomsman (and neighbor) Zach was able to step in. The next groomsman is my friend Austin who I also met through our church. I’ve been leading a small group with him and his wife over the past couple of years, and we’ve gotten to know each other quite well. His daughter was also our flower girl and his son was the ring bearer. The final groomsman was Molly’s brother, Alan, who graciously agreed to do it before we had even met in person. He also gave an amazing trumpet performance during the ceremony!”

candid, colorful photo of the bride and her bridesmaids laughing and smiling before the wedding with creative photographer lisa rhinehart

traditional portrait of the wedding party and bride and groom smiling at the camera as they are outside in the snow getting their photos taking before this Rochester NY Wedding

image of the groom kissing the brides cheek while the wedding party cheers around them while they stand outside in the snow before their Rochester NY Wedding

Grace Road Church Ceremony in the Lyric Theater

The stunning Lyric theater in Rochester, NY is the home of Grace Road Church.

Mike says, “Molly and I both started attending Grace Road Church soon after we each moved to Rochester. The church recently managed to purchase and renovate the Lyric Theater in the year before our wedding. Aside from the building being absolutely stunning, knowing our faith would be the cornerstone of our marriage, having one of our pastors officiate our wedding in our church was an obvious choice.”

Molly adds, “We always planned to have our ceremony at Grace Road since we met through mutual friends there and the foundation of our community is through that church. The fact that the church purchased and renovated the building in the year leading up to our wedding and we could be one of the first couples to get married there and take advantage of the beautiful space is really special.”

Creative, unique perspective of the bride entering into the church with a view of the massive ceiling during this wedding ceremony in Syracuse NY

image of the bride and groom holding hands and looking at one another during their wedding ceremony in Grace Road Church

black and white image of the groom wiping away his tears as the bride looks at him during their wedding ceremony inside Grace Road Church

creative unique image of the bride and groom holding hands at the front of the church with the massive round ceiling the focus of the image for this Rochester NY wedding ceremony

image of the brides brother playing the trumpet during their wedding ceremony with photography done by creative photographer lisa rhinehart

image of the bride and groom kissing as their wedding party claps for them in the background during their wedding ceremony inside Grace Road Church

A Friend “Set Them Up”

Mike says, “Molly and I met about three years ago, not long after I moved to Rochester, through a coworker who is also a mutual friend. His wife had been trying to set us up for nearly two years, but it took a while for both of us to be ready for that.”

He continues, “Our first date happened less than two weeks before Molly was set to leave on a mission trip for half the summer. Fortunately, we stayed in touch the whole time. I ended up meeting her parents a few days after she got back and I bought the ring a couple of weeks later.”

Molly adds, “We went on four dates before I left for 5 weeks to lead a mission trip to Puerto Rico, and we stayed in touch pretty much constantly while I was gone. We started talking about the possibility of marriage just a few weeks after we started dating. A month after I got home from Puerto Rico, Mike proposed at the Lamberton Conservatory, one of my favorite places in Rochester. It took a little while for us to get together, but once we did things moved very quickly!” 

unique black and white image of the bride and groom embracing one another with their heads together after their Rochester NY Wedding ceremony

colorful, unique portrait of the bride and groom smiling at the camera with stained glass windows behind them after their Rochester NY wedding ceremony

Their friend who set them up, Kiley, actually photobombed them in the middle of their romantic portraits!

Molly shares, “When we got engaged and were doing our engagement photoshoot, she was over the moon excited about it and that was captured in one of our engagement photos with her photobombing in the background. We knew we had to recreate that photo on our wedding day.”

image of the one bridesmaid photobombing the couples photo together after their wedding ceremony inside Grace Road Church

black and white photo of the bride and groom hugging one another laughing and smiling after their wedding ceremony in Rochester NY

From Parking Lot to Paradise

A lot of people worry about backgrounds in photos, and they matter, but they are not my main concern.  For example, here is a behind-the-scenes pic, from the parking lot of the Harro East Ballroom in Rochester, NY.

My professional opinion is that expressions and lighting trump location every time! So enjoy the moments as a couple, I’ll help you plan the best lighting & don’t worry too much about the background.

behind the scenes photo of the couple standing outside of their venue as they get pictures taken by wedding photographer lisa rhinehart photography

vibrant image of the groom kissing the brides cheek outside of their wedding venue for their Rochester NY Wedding

Harro East Ballroom Wedding Reception

Mike says, “Our reception venue was the same place where some good friends of ours got married a decade earlier. They had a lot of good things to say about it. We also knew we wanted something in a convenient location since the winter weather in Rochester can be unpredictable.”

Image of the groom holding the mic and the bride smiling beside him as they kick off their wedding reception

image of the bride and groom laughing as their wedding party gives speeches during their wedding reception in Rochester

Black and white image of the bride and groom cutting and eating their cake together during their Rochester NY Wedding reception

image of the couple dancing as they smiling and laugh during their Wedding reception

unique image of the bride and groom dancing as all the little kids watch them from the side of the dance floor during their Wedding reception

The End of the Night

The vibe of this wedding was incredibly inclusive (of families and children) thoughtful (from the seed and plant giveaways, I still have one in my kitchen) and so joy-filled (just look at these smiles!)!  I am so happy and proud to have photographed this Rochester NY Wedding!

Molly thanks for believing in me and for following my work for all of this time!  It means so very much to me!

Groom kissing the cheek of the bride outside of the Harro east ballroom for their Rochester NY wedding


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