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Gettysburg Wedding Photographer: Tara & Tom

Rainy *outdoor* first look, father-son Harley Davidsons, and all the candid emotion were incredibly fun to capture as a Gettysburg wedding photographer!  This epic moment from their first look actually had me jogging up Culp’s Hill! Why Rhinehart Photography? Tara says, “I knew going into wedding planning that photos were a top priority for me. Although the day is super

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Gettysburg Hotel Wedding: Justin & Juliette

Christmas lights, Grandpa’s Yellow Packard convertible, and the sweetest pair of accountants you’ll ever meet– this Gettysburg winter wedding worked in the square, Majestic Theater, and the Stunning Gettysburg Hotel with a fantastic group of holiday partiers from Mount Saint Mary’s. I love being a Gettysburg Hotel Wedding Photographer and working with couples like Justin & Juliette! Why Rhinehart Photography? Justin

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Gettysburg Wedding Photographer: Kelly & Regi

Rainbow colors, authentic emotion, a heartfelt ceremony, and the blending of two families (one based in south-central PA and one based in Ghana, Africa) took center stage in this unique Gettysburg wedding at Hauser Hill Event Center! Why Rhinehart Photography? Kelly & Regi share, “We chose Rhinehart Photography because we enjoyed the style of Lisa’s photos. We both felt confident

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Bond Wedding York, PA: Natasha & Rob

Natasha & Rob’s Bond Wedding in York, PA was unique, vibrant and overflowing with emotion! They infused the day with color, from cobalt bridesmaids’ dresses to bright colorful bouquets.  I was able to continue that vibrancy, incorporating local murals in the Royal Square downtown to really amp it up! Why Rhinehart Photography? Natasha & Rob share, “We were looking for

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Gettysburg Hotel Wedding: Bobbie & Shawn

This Gettysburg Hotel Wedding has deep roots!  Bobbie and Shawn met as kids on separate trips to Massachusetts, became pen pals, and are tying the knot 30 years to the day of meeting!!  She got lost during a girl scout trip and Shawn escorted her back to the campground.  The next night and every night after that they looked for each

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Wyndham Gettysburg Wedding: Lexi & Janelle

Lexi and Janelle’s Wyndham Gettysburg wedding was a genuine, open-hearted celebration, that was uniquely them and so much fun!! This wedding featured Zelda, Star Wars, Gettysburg Battlefield and two  fun-loving brides!  Lexi’s custom gown was both a pants suit with a dress overcoat and one of the coolest I’ve seen! These women love each other and their friends and family

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Gettysburg Lodges Wedding: Tia & Andy

Vibrant fall foliage provided the perfect backdrop for this Gettysburg Lodges Wedding. Tia & Andy are creative, joyful, and overflowing with personality.  From Tia’s teal hair, to her dad’s entrance to Kesha, and an outpouring of support with guests dawning temporary tattoos of the couple, this wedding was 100% unique! Leave it to these two to make lemonade out of

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Gettysburg Engagement Photographers: Sheri & Tom

Scenic sunset views, lots of laughter and a stunning engagement ring, you won’t want to miss this sweet Gettysburg engagement session:  Artistry, Moments, & Variety Sheri & Tom shared, “We love the artistic quality of your photos.  You capture the couple “in the moment” and use different angles and get a wide variety of shots.  We knew we didn’t want

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Gettysburg Wedding Photographers: Tia & Andy

A sweet Gettysburg engagement session for a couple that shares a passion for music, literature, games, evening strolls.  They share the exact same “weirdness level” and a love that is deep, authentic, relaxed and 100% home-grown… Tia has followed me since the start of my career– her home is a mini Rhinehart Photography museum! When I first met Tia she

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