favorite moments so far...

  • Riding in a biplane around the entire circumference of Acadia with my husband
  • Jumping off a waterfall while holding my daughter’s hand
  • Night-swimming, tubing, spelunking in a muddy cave, parasailing
  • Soaking in the sun in Cinque Terre, stamping my passport a few times
  • Seeing the original cast of Hamilton on Broadway…
  • Renting a treehouse with friends to attend a music festival
  • Climbing, running, sailing is my absolute favorite
  • Adding an adorable puppy, Stormy, to our family 
  • Seeing a double rainbow under Niagara Falls, getting pampered at the spa with my friends
  • Stamping that national parks passport with the kiddos—Yosemite, OMG, those Sequoia trees…
  • Eating lunch in a hammock in the rainforest, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on top of an open tour bus
  • Snorkeling in a coral reef, staying in so many different Airbnbs
  • Live-music whether it’s a sold-out show in Madison Square Gardens or acoustic band at the local pub…


Starting a family with my best friend, staying up late at night talking about deep things with my kids and adding a puppy to our family–backyard campfires, cooking together, watching the seasons change…


I read about a book a month & spent years working as a children’s librarian at our local library, photography was my side hustle. When I left the library to pursue photography full-time, they dedicated the children’s collection of library books in my honor! I love museums, play pub trivia with my friends & enjoy board games with my husband– my latest obsession is Wingspan.


There are 20 lakes and hundreds of hiking trails within an hour drive of my home in Shippensburg, PA.  We also live in a small university town with several local colleges nearby so there are some great options in terms of food, art, entertainment here.  We love taking day trips to all of the places nearby—we are roughly 2 hours from Washington DC and Baltimore, 3 hours from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and 4 hours from New York City.